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    I think they would serve better in either a solo game, or as enemies. Having to drag somebody back home every time you need a drink could become problematic for their coterie.

    I'm in the process of working on an amphibious bloodline for the Gangrel who live underwater. They originate from the age of pirates, specifically the time when France, Britain, and Spain were in a free for all.


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      Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post
      I think they would serve better in either a solo game, or as enemies. Having to drag somebody back home every time you need a drink could become problematic for their coterie.

      I'm in the process of working on an amphibious bloodline for the Gangrel who live underwater. They originate from the age of pirates, specifically the time when France, Britain, and Spain were in a free for all.

      I think the Mara are a pretty safe go-to for that one? Unless there's something more to it.

      I am no longer participating in the community. Please do not contact me about my previous work.


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        Name: Sea Reavers

        Quote: You want to pick a fight with me? I've just spend the last 3 months at the bottom of the sea. Do you have any idea how heavy the water pressure is down there?

        Bloodline Information: The Sea Reavers trace their origins back to the golden age of Piracy. A time when Blackbeard, Edward Kenway, and other legendary names terrorized the seas. It was a time in which the New World was being discovered, and with it came new possibilities. The first of the Sea Reavers was a young sailor by the name of Frederic. Although his last name has been forgotten as was the case with many criminals at the time, Frederic had a strong love for the sea and never enjoyed being on land for too long. In an age where sailing was considered a rough and dangerous profession filled with dangerous tribesmen, the warring factions between French Brittish and Spain, and the ever looming threat of pirates, Frederic's devotion to the wilds caught the attention of clan Gangrel who were impressed by his survival talents.

        It was in the dark of night, as vampires are often want to do, that Frederic was embraced after restocking his supplies from his latest trip out to sea. After getting thoroughly drunk and partying on the beach, he stumbled away from the party, only to be snatched up by his future sire and dragged off into the wilderness, being too disoriented to tell what was going on. When Frederic awoke the next night, he discovered he had been forcefully conscripted onto a pirate vessel, one that happened to be captained by a Gangrel, and crewed by her childer, along with a plentiful supply of Ghouls.

        Frederic was understandably surprised to find a woman acting as the captain of a pirate crew, but even more surprised to find out he was now a vampire. As he looked around, he found that the hull of the ship had been modified into a save haven for the vampires in the crew, while the Ghouls slept above them. Frederic's sire had intended to make him the latest member of her crew, but found something was noticeably different about her new childe. Frederic was drawn to the sea harder than any other Gangrel she had met. She would occasionally catch him leaping overboard and swimming alongside the ship.

        Initially his sire and crewmates attributed it to simply being him testing out his Protean abilities, or perhaps he was taking longer to adjust to his new Gangrel heritage. But over time, his connection to the sea increased, rather than diminished. When his crew was preparing to attack a passing vessel, he would dive off the ship and swim the distance, leaving his captain to take care of the bombardments. While his crewmates were busy fending off cannon fire, he climbed the side of the enemy ship and took the crew by surprise!

        Eventually as with most pirates, his crew was brought down by pirate hunters, who just so happened to be vampire hunters in disguise. Fortunately for Frederic, this was during one of the times in which he was off the ship, exploring the sunken treasures of a nearby reef. When he looked up and saw his former ship sinking to the depths, he hid inside an underwater cave, rather than surface and risk exposure. This started Frederic on his path to transformation, for he was so far away from any known islands that it would take weeks of travel by ship, not to mention having to manually swim there. And so Frederic remained in the depths, feeding upon the blood of the sea creatures he was able to catch. The blood of whales and sharks were his most favorite prey, for they were the only such creatures who offered any real sport. After weeks of living in such a habitat, he slowly began to develop abilities that made it easier to thrive under water.

        When sea creatures no longer provided him with sustenance, he would attack passing ships in the night, climbing aboard their vessels and devouring the crew. When pirate hunters arrived thinking they would encounter a vampire owned pirate ship, they were shocked to find that no trace of such attacks could be found. The attacked vessels were almost completely in tact, save for the occasional damage to the deck, but the rest of the crew had been torn apart. Frederic had returned to the depths after his hunger was satiated, making him impossible to hunt with the technology that existed at the time. He became known as the Sea Reaver, a blood thirsty scourge of the seas!

        As the age of piracy began to draw to a close, Frederic realized that survival was becoming more difficult. Crews were better trained, ships were better fortified, and trade routes were less chaotic. If he wanted to continue existing, he would need help, and so he began to sire others. These childer were selected from the ranks of pirates who were faced with the prospect of having their careers ended, and so they vanished beneath the waves with "Captain" Frederic to escape the hangman's noose.

        Throughout the ages, the Sea Reavers have been closely linked to the sea, to the point where they have developed a sort of power fetish with it. When preying upon ships became too difficult, they would attack the beaches and ports, sneaking onto shore at night and dragging people from their homes to devour them, before once again returning to the depths where none could follow. Even to this very day, hunting a Sea Reaver is a daunting task, for they are nearly invincible in their aquatic domains. Hunters have thus been forced to use shore line communities as bait, hoping to draw the monsters out of hiding, and then slay them before they can get away.

        The largest known crew of Sea Reavers in the modern age is located in the Bermuda Triangle, where they are believed to be the source of disappearing ships who are foolish enough to enter their territory. According to some rumors among the Gangrel, this is Captain Frederic's original crew, still operating after all these centuries. But nobody has gained the courage to confirm such legends. Smaller crews of Sea Reavers can be found scattered among the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Somalia

        Parent Clan: Gangrel

        Nickname: Pirates, Tide Hunters, Corsairs

        Covenant: Living out at sea, they have very little to do with any covenant. Some of them may not even realize covenants exist! The vast majority of Sea Reavers are unbound, pledging their loyalty only to their own kind. Their inability to survive out of water for very long limits their ability to partake in court functions anyways. However, because of their hardened and violent existence, there are some who find themselves inexplicably drawn to the call of Belial's Brood, taking on the mantle of demons of the seas who terrorize the coastline each night.

        Bloodline Gift: The Sea Reavers have become amphibious from their constant exposure to the sea. They gain the ability to see clearly underwater (including salt water) and can swim at twice their running speed. This gift may also be manifested in their appearance, explained below.

        Appearance: When one encounters a Sea Reaver, they may initially mistake them to be some form of Nosferatu. Their amphibious nature has caused these bestial vampires to develop traits resembling those of sea creatures. Their skin might be replaced with scales that allow them to easily slide through the waters, they may have a second pair of transparent eye lids, or their digits may be webbed like fins. Some might have pointed noses like a shark, or protruding maws. Some may even be devoid of body hair to make them hydrodynamic, but others have the scruffy beards and chest hair popular among the hardened sailors of the time.

        Haven: The Sea Reavers have chosen the perfect location for them to hide from their enemies. The bottom of the sea! Whether it's underwater caves, murky reefs, a shadowy trench, or even the sunken remains of an old ship, very few creatures have the ability or the technology to fight them in their domain. Most creatures are too slow or suffer a loss of mobility when underwater. Most also need to surface for oxygen, while the undead pirates do not breathe. The fact they have to be on the look out for schools of sharks, moray eels, and other deadly sea creatures provides a further distraction. All it takes is one scratch from the Sea Reaver's claws, and your blood will attract the feeding frenzy within the hour! Mankind's technology simply hasn't been designed to handle fighting humanoid creatures underwater, but is instead focused on combating other ships and submersibles. So when they do encounter a Sea Reaver, they are woefully unprepared.

        Their Havens are also located within swimming distance of the shore line, where they have access to mortal communities once sea animals are no longer able to sustain them. Of course what constitutes as swimming distance for a vampire may be quite far away from a human's perspective. Because of the shifting currents and the presence of animals who might think a sleeping vampire is a tasty snack, it is common for Sea Reavers to use Protean to merge with their environment while they sleep through the day. Infusing themselves with the coral, the rock, the sand, or even the water itself if they're feeling brave enough.

        Background: Sea Reavers, as the name suggests, come from a line of sea fairers including the ranks of fishermen, explorers, relic hunters, and the always famous pirates. Like most Gangrel, they look for those who possess a talent for survival, and so those who are willing to brave the treacherous seas are more worthy candidates. In fact, some Sea Reavers trail a ship that is caught during a terrible storm in the night. If the ship sinks, but a passenger manages to survive, he or she may be "rewarded" for their durability with the embrace. Besides, finding help when you're trapped on a deserted island is going to take months. So really, giving them the freedom to swim back to safety is an act of mercy on their part.

        The seas are dangerous, any change in the weather can mean the difference between smooth sailing, and a catastrophe. Sea Reavers value Physical and Mental skills the most, while placing very little emphasis on Social skills. After all, when you're spending weeks out at sea cut off from human civilization, one's social etiquette begins to fade away.

        Bloodline Disciplines: Protean, Resilience, Vigor, Animalism

        Note: Because it is highly unlikely that a wolf or a bat will be much use in the water, Sea Reavers favor taking the forms of more aquatic beasts when using Protean. The form of a shark or an eel are popular choices.

        Weakness: The Sea Reavers have spent such extended periods of time in the water, that they have developed a power fetish with it. Being separated from water for long periods of time causes them to grow progressively weaker and eventually fall into torpor if they are not careful. For every hour the Sea Reaver remains unsubmerged, they lose 1 on their Physical dice pool, excluding the use of Disciplines. In order to replenish their dice pool, they must once again submerge themselves. For every 30 minutes they spend underwater, they regain 1 on their dice pool that was lost from being out of it.

        Organization: The Sea Reavers live in packs, which they refer to as Crews. The leader of each Crew is known as their Captain, and the rest of the Crew are their childer. Only the Captain has the right to decide who gets to join the Crew, and so anyone wishing to become a sire must either challenge the Captain for their title, or leave their Crew behind and start a new one.

        Sea Reavers remain connected to their Pirate roots, and choose to attack passing trade ships and coastline communities. They are also fond of plundering wreckage from these ship wrecks, and it is believed they use this plunder to barter with others when they feel the need.

        Concepts: Shipwrecked survivor, Modern age pirate, Deep sea explorer, Shark Wrestling Champion, Terror of Mermaids and Sea Nymphs
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          That sounds interesting, but unlike the weakness of needing to feed in a safe place (which can be mostly solved by having a ghoul retainer or a couple dots in herd), needing to be submerged really can create problem for mixed coteries. Otherwise I think its really interesting. Why did you give it a bloodline gift though? I thought you made 1E bloodlines.


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            Also, here is a bloodline I created based on the idea of a whole boat getting embraced at once.
            The Red Silk Company

            The air is cold on the ocean night. A sailor looks over the edge of the boat while on break. They must be confused or sleep deprived. A man cannot walk on water.
            Sailors become afraid of the stories of ghost ships. Who hasn’t heard of the monsters that board a ship and devour all on board. The cook cowers beneath the counter. The lookout loses their voice when seeing the creature. The captain cries in a corner.
            Parent Clan: Ventrue
            Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Majesty, Resilience
            Nicknames: Merchants or Sailors (Friendly), Cheats (Insult)
            Bloodline Weakness: The original Merchant lived on the ocean for decades. Keeping a fresh stock of humans stuffed in storage while only feeding them to keep them alive has made this bloodline’s attachment to humanity grow weak. They keep the Ventrue bane where there first touchstone is attached to Humanity 7.
            Many Merchants believe they have been cursed by a water spirit or god. This is most often thought to be the Chinese Mazu, considering the bloodline’s origin on a ship leaving Gaungdong. Others perceive it to be Poseidon, or maybe even Tiamat. Regardless of the origin of the bane, vampires of the Red Silk Company take damage when fully submerged in water as if they were in direct sunlight.
            History and Culture: In 1788, John Meares landed on Vancouver Island, near the Nootka Sound. While the details are fuzzy, he claimed that he bought land around there in order to build his ship. The men he claimed to buy the land from eventually called him a liar, but that happened much later. The ship was built with a mixture of Chinese and English workers, and was the first non-indigenous boat built in the area. With his fleet he traveled across the Pacific in order to trade furs and other goods. Although he visited some islands, including Hawaii, he ended in Guangzhou. While staying in China he sent several of his ships to travel back to Vancouver Island and trade some of the goods he found in China.
            One of the boats never made it back to Vancouver Island. The other ships were convinced that the boat was lost due to a large storm that they barely missed, but the truth was significantly darker. Desheng, who claimed to be four generations away from Shaoqiang, was able to get on board. The cities in China had large complex webs of politics that made it hard for a vampire embraced in the countryside to breach. While he was certainly old enough to be a Prince, he had now political base to build on. So, he went to the Far West.
            Accounts of what happened on the boat have never been confirmed, and in fact, almost every vampire that claims they were the first one turned on it. What can be confirmed is that several ships within the Pacific went missing for 30 years. One ship that was able to escape told a story about a ghost ship. The ship would sail close, and then about a dozen people would leap off of the boat and start walking on the water towards the attacked ship. The lookout did not believe his eyes at first, but when the first vampire jumped onto his ship he finally yelled for the crew to pull away quickly. Even with only one vampire on board, half the ship was slaughtered.
            After thirty years missing, the ghost ship finally docked. Most of the humans they were using as food had eventually died of starvation or suicide. With a vampiric crew of only 20 people, the ship became harder to manage, especially during the day. When they docked, they were asked to identify their organization. They called themselves The Red Silk Company.
            Some of the vampires left the ship in order to spread across the country, but Desheng found his domain, the oceans. He recruited several ghouls and vampires to man his ship, and set sail. While sailing he wrote a series of treatises that many of the Red Silk Company consider to be of religious importance. Many of them feel that they can learn his trademark devotions simply by reading the text. Unfortunately, when the text became compiled on the internet, it became clear that there were over a dozen variations, and no one knows the original. But every copy does start with the same introduction, “If the Water Rejects Me…”
            Reputation: The isolation of the sea provides a nice cozy distance from prying eyes. Combined with the mystical exploration of the devotions and shifting nature of the blood, this provides a common push for the Merchants to joining the Ordo Dracul.
            While on land, the covenants tend to be of little importance to them. They are most often interested in seeing the interconnectedness of the political structures. This means that they often belong to several covenants or none at all. In this regard they are commonly perceived as intermediaries and messengers. What they prefer the most however is buying goods and information from one covenant and selling it to another. This makes them a sort of information broker or black market operator.
            Becoming: Social attributes are the most popular among these vampires, with mental attributes quickly following. This often leads to physical attributes being their weakest. They are still Ventrue however, so no one should assume that they can easily be killed.
            Since many of them end up building vast trade networks between cities or even inside of them, they often have multiple instances of the Allies and Contacts merits (GMC: Page 166).
            Bloodline Gift: The Merchants gain access to a unique set of devotions known as Tricks of the Trade. In addition the gain the first devotion, If the Water Rejects Me, for free.
            Tricks of the Trade
            If the Water Rejects Me…: Desheng feels personally attacked by Mazu, and therefore intends to insult her. If she says that he cannot enter water, then he plans to obey that, by walking on it instead. With this power the vampire may walk on water by spending vitae per turn as a reflexive action. This power can drain a vampire rather quickly, so the vampire often must have a plan or escape strategy. In addition, if the vampire suffers damage equal to or greater than their stamina in a single turn, they lose their footing and fall into the water. This is not so bad if the water is too shallow to fully submerge the vampire, but otherwise it is incredibly dangerous. The vampire has to roll strength+athletics in order to get back on top of the water. If the water is moving, then using this power requires a dexterity+athletics check in order to stay on top of the water that needs to be rerolled every turn. If the water is moving quickly or the water is choppy, consider adding a penalty to the roll from -1 to -5. If the penalty should be stronger than that, such as during a hurricane, the power cannot be used.
            If the Mind is Malleable...: The Merchants are known to make trades that shouldn’t make sense. The rules for the exchange are based on the devotions they know, except two consistent rules: every trade must be fair, and every trade must be agreed upon. This power allows the vampire to give up dots in the mental attributes in order to gain dots in another mental attribute. So they may trade their dots in Intelligence in order to gain dots in Resolve or Wits or maybe in reverse. This may change derived traits. The first rule is that each dot they receive must be made up by a dot they give. So a vampire may trade 2 dots in Resolve with another vampire in order to gain 2 dots in Wits or 1 dot in Wits and 1 dot in Intelligence. Neither side can give up so many dots that their attribute reaches zero. The second rule is that the vampire’s trading partner must agree to the trade as well. This power can be used to trade mental attributes for physical attributes if the vampire also has the devotion If the Muscle Can Grow. This power can be used to trade mental attributes for social attributes if the vampire also has the devotion If the Flesh can Change. This power costs 1 vitae and is an instant action. This trade can only be done between vampires, and it lasts for a scene.
            Prerequisites: Dominate 3
            Experience Cost: 2
            If the Muscle Can Grow…: This power allows the vampire to give up dots in the physical attributes in order to gain dots in another physical attribute. So they may trade their dots in Strength in order to gain dots in Stamina or Dexterity or maybe in reverse. This may change derived traits. The first rule is that each dot they receive must be made up by a dot they give. So a vampire may trade 2 dots in Stamina with another vampire in order to gain 2 dots in Dexterity or 1 dot in Dexterity and 1 dot in Strength. The second rule is that the vampire’s trading partner must agree to the trade as well. This power can be used to trade physical attributes for mental attributes if the vampire also has the devotion If the Mind is Malleable. This power can be used to trade physical attributes for social attributes if the vampire also has the devotion If the Flesh can Change. This power costs 1 vitae and is an instant action. This trade can only be done between vampires, and it lasts for a scene.
            Prerequisites: Resilience 3
            Experience Cost: 2
            If the Flesh Can Change…: This power allows the vampire to give up dots in the social attributes in order to gain dots in another social attribute. So they may trade their dots in Presence in order to gain dots in Composure or Manipulation or maybe in reverse. This may change derived traits. The first rule is that each dot they receive must be made up by a dot they give. So a vampire may trade 2 dots in Composure with another vampire in order to gain 2 dots in Manipulation or 1 dot in Manipulation and 1 dot in Presence. The second rule is that the vampire’s trading partner must agree to the trade as well. This power can be used to trade social attributes for mental attributes if the vampire also has the devotion If the Mind is Malleable. This power can be used to trade social attributes for physical attributes if the vampire also has the devotion If the Muscle can Grow. This power costs 1 vitae and is an instant action. This trade can only be done between vampires, and it lasts for a scene.
            Prerequisites: Majesty 3
            Experience Cost: 2
            If Anger is Replaceable…: Sometimes not everyone needs to know about a deal in order to be affected by it. This power manipulates the Frenzy of two different vampires. The way it works is that it switches the motivation of two different frenzying vampires. So one vampire may be frenzying out of hunger and another out of fear. This power makes them switch. This power however cannot be used on themselves, because being in Frenzy makes them unable to think of it.
            • Cost: Vitae 1
            • Manipulation+Animal Ken-Highest Composure
            • Action: Instant
            • Dramatic Failure: Dealing with the anger of vampires makes the Merchant touch the concept of Frenzy. This makes the Merchant risk Frenzy.
            • Failure: The vampire is unable to make the negotiation between the beasts, nothing happens.
            • Success: Everything about the cause of the Frenzy is switched between the two vampires. If one was frenzying because someone killed their touchstone, then now the other wants to slaughter the killer. If one suffered a dramatic failure while trying to resist a frenzy, now the other one is unable to control their frenzy. This does not change the bonuses the two vampires get from their blood potency nor their order of frenzying. This lasts for the rest of the frenzy.
            • Exceptional Success: The Merchant better understands the minds of the two vampires. They gain +1 to use devotions on them for the rest of the scene.
            Prerequisites: Animalism 4
            Experience Cost: 2

            Tell me what you think.


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              Originally posted by TheDiabadass View Post
              That sounds interesting, but unlike the weakness of needing to feed in a safe place (which can be mostly solved by having a ghoul retainer or a couple dots in herd), needing to be submerged really can create problem for mixed coteries. Otherwise I think its really interesting. Why did you give it a bloodline gift though? I thought you made 1E bloodlines.
              I do, but I tried to take ideas from the bloodline sheet you've been submitting, since I think it sounds like an easier way of explaining how the bloodlines work without having to come up with entirely new powers for them. I was actually struggling whether to create a brand new Discipline that was focused on aquatic shapeshifting, or if Protean could be adapted to it. Ultimately, I decided to just go with a bloodline gift to make it so they could survive as such. Also, while they do need to get back into the water, they can last a few hours or so before it becomes a serious problem, depending upon how high their abilities are. When they start to feel faint, a dip in the bath tub or river bank should perk them up.

              Of course, they could always be used as a villain bloodline, since they are drawn to Belial's Brood. Something to scare the kindred who decide to travel over seas for whatever reason.

              One of the powers I had in mind for the new Discipline was called Man-o-War, which allows them to sting people with their fingers, like a jellyfish.


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                Yeah, I took some details from the original bloodline set up in the 1E corebook and shifted it for my needs. I'm running a heavy home-brew game and wanted 25 bloodlines for my players to choose from, so I came up with a format (5 are conversions of old bloodlines, 20 are straight up new).

                Also, as a side note, Edward Kenway is not really part of the golden age of pirates. Also, plenty of women were actually pirates, but those are just complications with the history of the bloodlines. I like it otherwise.


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                  Well I was more referring to the point that back then, it was considered "bad luck" to have a woman on board. Frederic was a tad sexist, but that was common in his day.

                  When I made this thread, I didn't intend to make the number of bloodlines that I have. But once you get started, it's hard to stop, isn't it?

                  There's also some old world clans / bloodlines I'd like to bring over. But I don't think I can do them justice, and from what I've seen on other fan sites, people have already beaten me to it.
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                    What do you think of the Red Silk Company bloodline


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                      I'm sorry for not replying to you before Diabadass, I think those changes are good.

                      As an aside, something I've sort of considered was how I remember reading Claire Redfield's Environmental Tilt suggestions, which I thought were appropriate for vampires in general. The other thing I thought about is that the merit gift that the Kerberos got is very focused on doing stuff and being active. I think that's a very fun way to do it.

                      I think the Bloodline as-is is good and doesn't necessarily need further modification, however I propose that the Gift offer them blanket immunity to the side effects of all those cold based environmental tilts, then refocusing the dots devoted to the negation of negative tilt effects into active actions they can attempt in the snow. Since they're a supernatural power, they can be active stuff, but I recommend not going the full devotion route. Just some stuff to make those other dots more interesting, so a player can look at it and say "I want to be able to do that!" rather than looking at each dot like a stepping stone to the next.

                      All that said, not sure what I'd suggest for it.

                      I'll give your other bloodline a read through now.

                      Okay, so first off, I have to say that I don't love the weakness for the Ghost Witches. It feels just sort of random and like something that any Nosferatu would suffer, rather than someone specifically blighted with the blood of th Ghost Witches. While I feel a more interesting weakness requires more examination of what the psychology of the Bloodline is, my first suggestion based upon your nickname is that they be unable to use the Blush of Life, ever. That might sound like it's not a big deal, but when you consider how much harder it can make passing for human be and how penalties from not using it could mount with their Clan weakness, it's easy to see why the Witches might be feared and unable to enter people's homes and the like. They always look like corpses.

                      I think their Bloodline gift should include some kind of immunity to the effects they can produce. I know that sounds familiar, but honestly not being washed away in your own deluge is a fairly important part of the image of the fearsome witch washing away your village. Just getting their first discipline dot for free doesn't seem interesting enough. If it helps, maybe they have to spend a willpower to be immune to them for a scene.

                      Next, I'll admit I'm not sure what to think about the Discipline. I do think the powers are distinctive enough to warrant being a discipline rather than devotions. That said, I'm feeling like the first level power isn't cool enough and should involve some additional benefits. At the very least, on an exceptional success, the devotion should do the Knocked Down Tilt. I think another thing it could do is push things around with harsh winds (maybe an effective strength equal to Discipline Dots + Blood Potency? Or just Discipline dots.) Maybe on living people getting hit by the harsh winds can impose penalties on dice rolls. It could inflict a penalty equal to Discipline Dots for the turn it hits.

                      If you were to go with my suggestion, I'd suggest when it's not used on humans that it doesn't cost Vitae, although using it to lift an object that's heavy enough (exceeds your dots in the Discipline for strength requirements?) would probably require Vitae and a roll. This both helps minimize book keeping and gives players access to a great atmospheric power for their vampiric weather witch.
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                        So I took in most of your suggestions, but I don't think there is anything about Nosferatu normally being worse at noticing things. I like this effect because it deals with the fact that in the mythology Skadegamutc always look like frost-bitten corpses, which lose ears and noses and lips fairly quickly. I made it harder to activate blush, and it doesn't affect ugliness. Still can eat or stuff.

                        The Yuki-Onna merit I also changed. and added to its gift.

                        I wanted to give my players for this game a ton of bloodlines to choose from, so I was kind of rushed. For all of the ones who had unique disciplines I gave them a gift of a free dot. I plan on changing that before I put the whole document on here at some point, but the grand majority are still that way.

                        Anyway, thanks for helping me hammer out these details for these. Its a great help that I don't receive that much in my play group. I'm the only mechanically focused in my group. Everyone else is really just roleplaying focused (which I really dig don't get me wrong).

                        TL;DR: what do you think of the changes I made.


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                          Originally posted by TheDiabadass View Post
                          What do you think of the Red Silk Company bloodline
                          I like the idea of them being unable to touch water, especially since there are some legends which state any water (not just holy) is lethal to vampires. Among these being the Legacy of Kain, and Blood Rayne where touching water was like being dipped in acid. When I looked up the legend about running water, I discovered vampires are hydrophobic. They believe that if they die while in physical contact with running water, their souls will be trapped inside it for eternity.

                          I also like that they're free sailing merchants. Maybe they could encounter the Sea Reavers from time to time? A bloodline who can't stand the water VS a bloodline who can't live without it.


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                            This is probably obvious, but maybe the Followers of Set could be a Mekhet bloodline that's aligned with the Crone. Assuming, of course, that they haven't already been reinvented or translated by somebody else.


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                              Back to Requiem v1 I wrote a french ventrue bloodline named Mérignole which focused on blood/vitae tasting and preservation : with their Hematology discipline they can extract, analyse and bottle blood and vitae (as a reliquary). They furnished the courts and the princes over the world with the rarest and tastiest blood (and they were the starting point for an investigation on a suspicious bottle of Mellissidae blood... that was a good game ^^)


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                                Alright, I tried to translate them as best I could, given Requiem's setting. I couldn't find any rules depicting the way Serpentis works in terms of dice, so I didn't know how to translate their mechanics.

                                Name: Followers of Set

                                Quote: Why does everybody assume we're supposed to hiss when speaking to them?

                                Bloodline Information: Tracing its lineage back to the time of ancient Egypt, the Followers of Set worship Set, the god of chaos and storms. They have a very strong relationship with serpents and over time, they have been known to develop snake-like characteristics. Scholars who know about Egyptian mythology (and aren't afraid of the Lancea Sanctum's response), speculate that this connection to snakes may have something in common with Apep, the serpent of chaos who (under Set's intervention), was kept at bay from Ra and his solar boat.

                                In the time when Egypt was in its prime, the Followers of Set had two caste systems. Mekhet filled the role of Priests, embracing from the ranks of spiritual leaders and those revered as holy beings. The Ventrue filled the role of nobility, lending their financial support to the cult's activities in exchange for the priest's services. Over time, the Followers of Set became a joint bloodline combining the Mekhet and Ventrue together.

                                In the modern nights, the Mekhet continue to serve as the religious leaders of the cult. They conduct worship ceremonies and sacrificial offerings. The Ventrue, on the other hand, take a more physical role in their society. Using their financial resources and extensive network of connections, they support the cult's activities as well as keep a look out for potential converts. Their worship of a god of chaos earns them a distrusted and feared reputation among kindred society. Many believe that without the Ventrue's support, the cult would have long been destroyed when Egypt began to convert to Islamic beliefs.

                                A great many Setites are feared and mistrusted, for their religion suggests that Set is destined to return to the world. Either as a ruler or a destroyer, so a cult dedicated to worshiping him is perhaps not in everyone's best interest. Despite this, the Followers of Set take pride in their beliefs and many of them are aligned with the Circle of the Crone. If the members of the Circle value creation and change, then the Setites are the agents of destruction who will bring about that change, and allow the world to be born anew.

                                Parent Clan: Mekhet + Ventrue

                                Nickname: Setites, Mesu Bedshet

                                Covenant: The Followers of Set are found almost exclusively within the Circle of the Crone, who's devotion to ancient pagan religions is the only covenant where they can feel truly welcome. At first glance, you might ask how a cult that worships destruction and chaos would be welcome among a covenant who values creation. But upon deeper meditation, the answer becomes clear. Chaos is the physical manifestation of change, it is the death of the old and the birth of the new. The Circle of the Crone, lamenting the stagnant nature of the kindred state, are therefor quite happy to welcome them into the fold, as long as they don't let their destructive impulses grow out of control.

                                No Follower of Set has ever joined with the Lancea Sanctum, for very obvious reasons. Mekhet and Ventrue who seek to join the bloodline must abandon the Lancea Sanctum before an Avus will agree to perform the rite, and upon doing so, they never look back.

                                Those who choose to join a different covenant have been known to join on with the Carthians, for Mesu Bedshet translates to "Children of Rebellion" and what better suits them than the neonates who wish to be free of their oppressive Elders? Unlike most Carthians who seek a political change, however, the Setites take a more active hand in overthrowing the current regime. When unified, they can incite riots and open rebellion!

                                Appearance: Being descended from Egypt, most of the elders of the bloodline are of middle eastern ethnicity, but over the centuries they have acquired others while branching out into world. When in the privacy of their Temples, the Followers of Set prefer to wear garments harkening back to their golden age, but their public outfits can fit almost any society. The Mekhet family prefers to dress in comfortable attire, often wearing cotton in the styles of ancient Egyptian priests. Male Mekhet commonly shaved their heads bald, and both genders are known for branding themselves with ceremonial tattoos.

                                The Ventrue members of the bloodline dress in the flashy, elegant attire of their ancestors, which consists of luxurious silk and excessive jewelery. Ornate headdresses are a common sight among their females, while finely groomed facial hair appears on the men.

                                In both cases, these outfits look like they were designed for life in the desert, exposing much of the skin around the lower legs and upper torso. There are even cases of Setites walking around completely shirtless inside their temples!

                                Haven: The Mekhet side of the Setites choose to live together within the same haven, which they refer to as the Temple. It is in this haven where their religious ceremonies are conducted, and is often adorned with decorations from Egyptian culture. The walls of these temples are updated with hieroglyphics periodically, which tells the history of the cult and the Temple for that region. These updates are usually following a major event, or after a certain number of years have passed.

                                The Ventrue side of the Setites are more prone to living alone like normal, but they visit the Temple regularly to maintain attendance with the religious ceremonies. With the aid of their wealth, they modify the Temples to have intricate booby traps and puzzles that thieves and intruders must navigate, or meet with a very gruesome demise for their insolence.

                                Background: The Followers of Set are a cult, and as a cult, they have more lenient policies on who can and can not join their bloodline. Anyone who shows proper devotion to their religion is welcomed to join its ranks, provided of course that it doesn't interfere with the vampire population control. Unfortunately in the modern nights, most Setites are converts, rather than natural believers. A Follower of Set might initially join the bloodline as an initiate, being gradually introduced to the tenets of their religion. Or they might be enslaved and forced to convert out of fear. When the mortal (or vampire) proves themselves to the Followers of Set, they are offered a full (and permanent) place within the cult.

                                This lenient policy of Embrace was perhaps adopted by the Mekhet who are already known for being liberal in who they choose to sire. But even still, the Ventrue side of the cult retain a semblance of their pride, and only choose to sire those who are beneficial to the cult's activities, such as those who offer large donations, or can rally the community to serve the cult's needs. A public speaker or social organizer is more important to them than the CEO of some major company, unless the company's products can be used to the benefit of the Setite faith.

                                Bloodline Disciplines:

                                Mekhet - Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate, Serpentis

                                Ventrue - Dominate, Resilience, Animalism, Serpentis

                                Serpentis: The unique style of magic which holds deep religious significance to the Followers of Set. They swear up and down that it was a gift directly from Set himself, and become quickly hostile towards anyone suggesting they abandon its practice. Unlike most Disciplines which only have 5 tiers of mastery, Serpentis has a multitude of different pagan rituals and spells, and some pagans attribute it to being an Egyptian variation of Cruac. Many of Serpentis' abilities are grant shapeshifting effects, particularly dealing with snakes, but other Egyptian rituals are also blended in. The level of mastery determines the level of spells and rituals a Serpentis user may acquire. Below are just 5 types of spells that can be performed with the use of Serpentis.

                                Level 1 - Eyes of the Serpent: The power to hypnotize has been attributed to snakes for decades, if not centuries. With this power, the user gains the ability to immobilize their prey with a gaze.

                                Level 2 - Temptation: The god, Set is lord of chaos and violence, and his followers have learned how to spread his power to the masses. With this spell, the Setite can tempt others into committing evil actions!

                                Level 3 - Skin of the Adder: With this spell, the Setite shapeshifts their skin into hardened, monstrous scales, providing additional levels of armor, but becoming a serious masquerade risk.

                                Level 4 - The Form of the Cobra: With this spell, the Setite is capable of transforming themselves into a giant, venomous snake. Their loss of arms and legs greatly reduces their ability to manipulate the world in this form, but they gain the benefits of fighting as a snake.

                                Level 5 - The Heart of Darkness: A very macabre ritual in which the Setite extracts their own heart and stores it inside a burial urn. Upon doing so, the Setite becomes immune to attempts to stake them, but also becomes highly vulnerable. If the heart is located and destroyed, the Setite will die immediately, so it is wise to keep it heavily guarded.

                                Weakness: The Followers of Set share the inherent weaknesses of both the clans who comprise it. Upon joining the cult, the Ventrue discover they are more vulnerable to sunlight, and grow uncomfortable when exposed to intense lights, with some of them entertaining the idea that they would feel more comfortable living in an underground temple than a family estate. The Mekhet become prone to insanity, as they spiral deeper and deeper into religious fanaticism under the weight of their spiritual obligations and pagan rituals.

                                Organization: The Followers of Set operate like a cult, as you can probably imagine. The Mekhet are the priests and spiritual leaders, while the Ventrue are the public representatives who use their wealth and connections to ensure the cult is able to flourish. Much like the ancient Egyptians, the Setites are fond of keeping slaves in the forms of Ghouls and Blood Dolls. These slaves tend to the minor chores the proper Setites can't be bothered with. There are typically only two ways a Setite slave earns their freedom. They either prove themselves worthy enough to be inducted into the cult as a full member (Mekhet or Ventrue), or they become a ritual sacrifice to Set, their freedom coming in the form of death!

                                Concepts: Archeologist, Snake Charmer, Museum Curator, Graffiti Artist, Idol Sculptor, Religious Anarchist