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  • Thorbes
    started a topic Blood and Smoke Bloodline Disciplines conversions

    Blood and Smoke Bloodline Disciplines conversions

    This thread is for all of us to post our own conversions of the multiple Bloodline Disciplines that were published over the years to update them to the Blood and Smoke rules and paradigm.

    I'll start by cross-posting this conversion of Cachexy from the old fora:



    The Vampire is a walking plague, every time she interacts with a mortal there is a chance he gets infected. The disease is not natural, it is an extension of the Curse that weakens and drains life.

    Cost: None

    Dice Pool: none, this power is not rolled.

    System: Whenever a mortal (meaning any living being, but not other vampires, Promehteans, etc) gets into direct contact with the vampire, she can decide to try to infect him with the disease. Open wounds or contact with the blood of the vampire increases the chances.

    The potencial target must make a reflexive Stamina+Resolve roll as usual, penalized by the vampire's Cachexy dots in case he has an open wound or comes into contact with her blood. On a Failure, the target gets the Infected Condition.
    An Exceptional Success makes him immune to further uses of this Discipline for the rest of the day.
    On a Dramatic Failure he also suffers one point of damage as appropiate for the Condition.


    Your character has catched a wasteful disease.

    He suffers a penalty to all rolls due to nausea, weakness or general malaise equal to the vampire's Cachexy dots.
    Each day afterwards he must succed on a (Stamina+Resolve)-Cachexy roll or suffer a point of Bashing damage (two on a Dramatic Failure).
    Damage from this Condition cannot be healed by any means while the Condition is still in effect and damage can roll over as Lethal as usual.
    Regular medical treatments only provide half its usual bonus to the roll to fight off the disease. Medical treatment from a supernatural source provides its full bonus.

    Resolution: a number of succesful rolls to resist the disease equal to the vampire's Blood Potency are made (Exceptional Successes counts twice).
    After this Condition is discarded the penalties to all rolls disappear at a rate of 1 per day.
    You are immune to this Discipline for as long as you keep the penalties.

    Beat: if the penalties from this Condition brought you down to a Chance Die and you failed as a result, gain a Beat.
    To be able to reap the Beat, the penalties from this Condition must represent at least half of the total penalties applied to the roll. Rolls to resist the damage from this Condition are excluded.

    ●● Contagion

    Cost: 1 Vitae

    Dice Pool: none.

    System: For the rest of the Scene, anyone getting within (Blood Potency x Cachexy) yards of the vampire may be afeccted by Infection.
    Potential targets must roll to resist upon entering the zone and every turn afterwards until they either leave or get the Infected Condition. The vampire is free to move around or perform any other action while this power is in effect.

    ●●● Patient Zero

    Cost: 1 Vitae.

    Dice Pool: none, improves Infection or Contagion.

    System: if the vampire pays an additional Vitae when using either Infection or Contagion any target that fails the roll may get the Carrier Condition on top of the ususal effect.

    You can transmit the Infected and Carrier Conditions to others you came into contact with. Use the rules for Infection. Anyone failing the roll gets both Conditions from you.
    All penalties and target number of rolls to discard the Conditions are calculated using the original vampire's Blood Potency and Cachexy dots.
    Resolution: when you discard the Infected Condition, discard this Condition too.
    Beat: everytime you spread both the Infected and Carrier Conditions, gain a Beat.

    ●●●● Black Death

    Cost: 1 Vitae.

    Dice Pool: none, improves Infection, Contagion or Patient Zero.

    System: For each additional Vitae paid when using any of those powers she can choose one of the following effects:

    Vampires and other undead (or Prometheans and similar para-living creatures) can now also be affected by any of the previous powers of this Discipline.
    Any living beings gaining the Infected or Carrier Conditions from Black Death or such a Carrier has the damage from those Conditions upgraded to Lethal. Furthermore, the number of succesful rolls needed to discard the Infected Condition becomes equal to the vampire's (Blood Potency+Cachexy) dots.

    ●●●●● Pandemia

    Targets that die while under the effect from the Infected or Carrier Conditions may raise from the dead to keep spreading the disease.

    Cost: None

    Dice Pool: none, improves Infection, Contagion, Patient Zero or Black Death.

    System: When a victim dies while under either the Infected or Carrier Conditions, roll once again the victim's (Stamina+Resolve)-Cachexy. On a failure, the victim discards the Infected Condition and raises the following night as a free Larva with the Carrier Condition.
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  • Master Aquatosic
    Can I suggest that the Blood Tenebrous's Resonant Sight power only work on Spirit-attuned Twilight, given the themes of the discipline?

    Is this the right thread of this? I'm not sure
    Last edited by Master Aquatosic; 03-28-2018, 08:32 AM.

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  • Aspel
    Apparently I never shared these.
    The Mystery of Life (mostly a conversion of Mystery of Blood)
    Vicissitude, not that any more conversions of that are needed; this one is primarily treating it as a bunch of Protean Devotions. I had a Tzimisce to go with it, but they need retooling and I still haven't thought of how to make them less "double ventrue".
    I do find it funny that Chiropteran Marauder is a capstone level effect for Tzimisce, but in 2e you can do that with Protean 4.

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  • Ben Quo
    Someone did a Despond conversion a while ago.
    Here's the thread.

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  • Laraqua
    Any chance for Zugovny or Despond to get a write up?

    I get the feeling that Zugovny (from the Vedma) can pretty much stand on its own and be largely the same though it seems more fitting as a sequence of devotions as each is pretty distinct from the other and thus don't lend themselves well to a ladder of increasing potency. I'm not sure what the fourth discipline would be, though. Nightmare? Celerity? Obfuscate? The latter makes thematic sense but I like Witch Cloak and it's a little usurped by Obfuscate.

    I've no idea where to go with Despond.

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  • Ben Quo
    Oh, I think the note is fine.
    I was thinking of Wanton/Bestial/Competitive too, with their little "if you let the Condition fade naturally you don't get a Beat as it doesn't count as Resolved" notes. I caught what your original intent was, just wanted to provide an editors eye since the entire conversion is already quite brilliant.

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  • Thorbes
    I added a note though I don't know if the wording is understandable. Maybe just flat out say, "you don't get a Beat for this" instead of trying to explain why? I can't seem to find the right words.

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  • Ben Quo
    Yes, that is what I mean. I assume it's put in as a friendly reminder that "you didn't choose this so you didn't get a beat."
    For, you know. People who need friendly reminders.

    But I'm being a mite pedantic; I enjoy this conversion immensely and only asked if you'd add that because I'm keen on using it.
    Last edited by Ben Quo; 12-08-2014, 05:30 PM.

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  • Thorbes
    No idea why. Not all Dramatic Failures give a Beat, only those chosen on purpose and in this case you have no choice on the matter.

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  • Ben Quo
    Should you add the obligatory line about how "these Dramatic Failures do not award a Beat" under Animalism Optional Rule? I feel like I see that line a lot for a reason.

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  • Thorbes
    More Morbus stuff:

    Optional Rule: Morbus Animalism
    Morbus have an (un)natural affinity for the plague-carrying vermin and beasts.
    Rats, bats, and other animals are traditionaly asociated with disease. When using any Animalism power on one of those creatures or any animal actually sick (like a rabid dog), the Morbus scores an Exceptional Success on 3 Successes instead of 5. On the other hand uses of Animalism on healthy animals automatically count any Failures as Dramatic Failures*.

    *Note: as this optional rule automatically turns certain Failures into Dramatic Failures, the player doesn't get a Beat for that change.

    Optional Rule: Morbus as a nascent (or former) Clan
    Morbus may fill the niche of the vampiric archetype, vampirism as a contagious disease.
    Morbus Discipline spread becomes Animalism, Cachexy, Vigor
    Their Clan Bane becomes:

    The Plague Curse
    All Morbus carry a consuming disease. This disease is an extension of the Curse that devours the blood of the living.
    Everytime a Morbus feeds or shares blood with a living being, roll Humanity. On a failure they get the Infected Condition.

    Cachexy as a Discipline: the devotions become the levels of the Discipline in the following order: Contagion, Horrid Wasting, Patient Zero, Black Death, Pandemia.

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  • Thorbes
    Thanks to you. If it weren't for your comment I've never have written it down, up until then it was just a mish mash of ideas in my head. It is a very rough draft, but I'm glad you liked it.

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  • Charlaquin
    Man, that is awesome!

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  • Thorbes

    Go on, look down on me. Call me pest. Call me plague dog.
    You are a disease, same as I. We all are.

    The Morbus are a strange lot. For the Mekhet from wich they descend they are both an enticing mystery and a source of embarashment. On one hand their reputation as disease carriers paints them as unclean and a danger to any domain they happen to be in. On the other hand, there are rumors.
    The Morbus are an ancient bloodline. Most records point towards the age of the Camarilla of Rome as the time when the bloodline came into existence. These confusing documents mention a certain Tascius Hostilinus, also called Pestilens, and blame him of the creation of this infamous line of Mekhet. Rumors abound, however, that point to an even older origin, one that is lost to history.
    As some of the more mystic Morbus claim, the disease they carry is nothing else than the purest and first expression of the Curse, the consuming hunger for life that made the first human corpse rise from the embrace of death so many ages ago.

    Background: Morbus oficially originated back in Rome with Tascius Hostilinus, one of the greatest leaders of the Lancea et Sanctum of its earlier days. He used his “divine blessings” to extend the plague among the sinners, kindred and kine alike, and was pivotal in the survival and expansion of the covenant in those first years. Later he was betrayed by his own covenant and left for dead. Morbus seemed to vanish for a long time (or maybe just laid low) until the time of the crussades, when new records of an afflicted Mekhet that extended a plague that killed hundreds reapeared.
    Nowadays whispers are traded between Mekhet, afflicted or not, about the Plague Angel. Some think it is the founder of the bloodline, returned from torpor to punish the covenant he helped flourish only to be stabbed in the back by those he called his brothers and sisters. Others say its an actual angel, a servant of the god of the Old Testament using the kindred in the same way he used locusts and rains of frogs against Egypt, as a weapon of his divine anger.

    The Becoming: Morbus are of either one of two kinds. Some don't even know what they are until is already too late, developing the bloodline through trickery on part of their Avus or adopting their latent heritage completely uncounsciously. These poor souls quickly learn to hide their unclean nature or are the target of the enforcers of the masquerade. Others adopt the bloodline as a badge of honor and no little zeal. These Morbus see themselves as veritable divine punishers, gravitating towards the Lancea et Sanctum like the founder did so long ago.

    In the Danse Macabre: Morbus have a hard time feeding as most of their victims tend to die due to the consuming disease they carry. Many Morbus adopt a practical aproach and drain their victims dry everytime they feed or keep to feeding on animals for as long as the necesities of their bodies allow, droping to torpor when this is no longer viable.
    Most self acepting Morbus end in the Lancea et Sanctum, becoming some of the more fanatical adherents to the teachings of the church of Longinus. More mystically inclined Morbus find their place among the Dragons, finding in their inherent disease the key to understand the way the Curse works.

    Nickname: Carriers

    Clan: Mekhet

    Bloodline Bane: All Morbus carry a consuming disease. This disease is an extension of the Curse that devours the blood of the living. Everytime a Morbus feeds or shares blood with a living being, the victim or imbider must roll Stamina penalized by the number of Vitae taken in the same Scene. On a failure they get the Infected Condition.

    New Condition: Infected
    Effect: The character has been infected by a Morbus. While in combat the character suffers the Sick Tilt (see God Machine Chronicle p.212, this disease is considered grave).
    Every day at sundown the character suffers Lethal damage equal to the infecting Morbus Blood Potency, each success in a reflexive Stamina roll reduces this damage by one.
    Resolution: the character dies or three consecutive days pass without suffering any Lethal damage due to this Condition.
    Beat: Everytime you get damage from this Condition on one of your 3 last Health boxes, get a Beat.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate


    With Cachexy the Morbus can turn their greatest weakness into their best weapon. Cachexy is a series of Devotions based around extending the ability of their innate disease to spread and flourish to devastating effect.
    Though Morbus start with no knowledge of any of these Devotions they can develop them on their own without need of training or teaching as long as they meet the prerequisites. The cost of these Devotions is calculated as usual.


    The disease carried by the Morbus can became airborne. By paying 1 Vitae everyone in an area of 1 yard per point of the Morbus Blood Potency that breaths the diseased air exhaled by the vampire must succeed on a reflexive Stamina roll or get the Infected Condition. The Morbus can pay additional Vitae to increase the area by 1 yard per point or to penalize the Stamina roll.
    Prerequisite: Obfuscate 2

    Black Death

    The disease carried by the Morbus is usually only a problem for the living. With this Devotion they can pay 1 Willpower so their disease can infect their fellow Kindred. Vampires can add their Blood Potency to the reflexive Stamina rolls to resist the infection and the nightly effects of the disease.
    The Infected Condition has the same effects in a vampire as in a living person except for the following: the disease is considered moderate with respect to the Sick Tilt and Vampires lose points of Vitae instead of suffering Lethal wounds due to the Condition.
    Prerequisites: Animalism 2

    Patient Zero

    Normally the disease can only be passed by a Morbus, those infected only suffer the disease but cannot transmit it. With this Devotion that changes, as those infected also became carriers. After getting this Devotion anyone getting the Infected Condition also gets the Carrier Condition.

    New Condition: Carrier
    You have become a hub for the Morbus disease. Contact with any of your bodily fluids risk infection as if your character were the original Morbus. If the Morbus also had the Contagion Devotion then that vector of infection also applies to your character.
    Resolution: when you discard the Infected Condition, discard this Condition as well.
    Beat: Everytime you spread the Infected Condition, gain a Beat.

    Prerequisites: Animalism 4

    Horrid Wasting

    With this Devotion the Morbus can acelerate the symptoms of the sickness they caused in others. Pay 1 Vitae reflexively to make the penalties of the Sick Tilt increase every turn instead of every other turn and make the damage Lethal instead of Bashing for the rest of the Scene. The Morbus must be present to use this Devotion against a target and must be the one that caused the Tilt (as part of the Infected Condition) in the first place.
    Prerequisite: Celerity 2


    With this Devotion, the Morbus can make sure that one infected will came back as one of the dammned. By paying 1 Willpower when infecting a living person it is asured they will raise as a Revenant with the Morbus Bane if they died due to the Infected Condition.
    Prerequisites: Animalism 2
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  • Charlaquin
    If you're cool with that, I'd love to see your version!

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