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  • Updated Bloodline (the Lynx)

    I'm going to be honest, I've not got the book the originals are from, so this is perhaps more of a 'spiritual successor' cobbled together from summaries on the wikis. I think a bit of the Wannabes got in there too, because this version is tailored to a player of mine; regardless, perhaps you'll find a use for it. (Devotion design is hard, you guys. The costing - in blood and XP - is the thing I'm least sure about.)
    The Lynx

    Disciplines: Auspex, Majesty, Celerity, Obfuscate

    Clan Gift: Well-Connected: The Lynx see everyone as a wealth of potential networks. Once per chapter, they may convert a Mentor, Retainer or Allies merit into equivalent dots of relevant contacts for the rest of the chapter. This may only be done if that merit has not already been used in that chapter.

    Bane: Network Junkie: Each Lynx has one network they are obsessed with and must check in on every night, at least for a few minutes, to see what’s new. Being prevented from doing so is a Frenzy trigger at +0; the threat of being cut off from that network altogether is a Frenzy trigger at -2.

    The following Devotions appear to be unique to the Lynx.

    The Web (Auspex •)
    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Roll: None
    Action: Reflexive
    With this power, the Lynx may expend a little Vitae to identify links and networks when they engage Auspex. Social connections appear as delicate golden threads, blood sympathy as ties of red and blood bond as heavy chains. They may ask questions about these links; suggested questions for Auspex • and •• are listed below.

    Auspex •
    • Who is the best-connected person in this room? A glittering spiderweb of networks centred on one person.
    • Who doesn’t belong here? A lacuna in the sea of connections.

    Auspex ••
    • Who is this person in Thrall to? An image of their Regnant(s), holding their chains.
    • Who does this person hold in Thrall? Chains wrapped around the throat of an image of their Thrall(s).
    • What network is this person closest to? The smell of sweat and semen at the swinger’s club. The sound of soft choral music. The crackling of a ham radio.

    The Lynx may also target two people when using Auspex ••. If so, a single question will lay bare all of the links they share.

    Cost: 1xp.

    Infiltrate (Obfuscate ••••)

    The Lynx may spoof their victim’s place in one network – natural or unnatural. The Lynx must have access to the blood of their target to make this switch – at least 1L worth for a mortal, or 1 Vitae for a Kindred. By smearing this blood on their skin, and their own blood on their target’s, they exchange places in one another’s networks.

    Cost: 2 Vitae
    Roll: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Obfuscate – victim’s Resolve (resistance is optional)
    Action: Instant (Resistance is reflexive)

    Roll results:
    Dramatic Failure: The Lynx gives up one of their networks (their Allies, for example, or all of their Thralls) for the night, and receives nothing in return.
    Failure: The Lynx cannot forge their victim’s connections.
    Success: For each success, the Lynx may exchange one of the following:

    • Their Blood Sympathy
    • All of their Blood Bonds
    • All of their Allies merits
    • All of their Status merits
    • All of their Staff merits
    • All of their Contacts merits

    This effect expires when the sun next rises. The switch is not noticeable to anyone except for the two vampires involved, or any True Friends they may have; everyone else accepts their new positions without question.

    Exceptional Success: The spoof lasts for a number of nights equal to the Lynx’s Blood Potency, and may be dismissed at any time.

    Cost: 3xp

    Dead Voices On Air (Majesty •)
    Cost: 5 Vitae
    Roll: None
    Action: Reflexive

    Effect: By consuming vast amounts of precious Vitae as they activate it, the Lynx may extend the effects of Awe beyond their immediate presence. They may Awe anyone who sees them on live television, or hears them on live radio – or even the telephone, though it’s rather a waste. People watching the broadcast will be glued to the set, and will not touch that dial. They can’t induce people to come over who aren’t actually there, but they can make particular people they know are watching call in to the show.

    Cost: 2xp

    Down the Lens (Majesty ••)
    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Roll: None
    Action: Reflexive

    Effect: By activating this power alongside Confidant and spending the extra Vitae, the Lynx may use it over any two-way connection, so long as they can be seen or heard and see or hear the other person – text alone is not quite enough. As the Lynx often maintain networks with people from all over the world, they find this power very useful indeed.

    Cost: 2xp

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    shh you can't stop the mekhet bloodlines okay

    Disciplines: Obfuscate, Celerity, Auspex, Cattiveria
    Gift: Dead Reckoning
    The Sangiovanni can automatically tell when there is a corpse within their Blood Potency+Cattiveria in metres. This does not tell them where or how many, but requires no cost and no roll.

    Bane: The Sangiovanni have an unhealthy obsession with corpses. If confronted with a chance to claim, investigate or otherwise gravitate towards a new corpse, they must roll their humanity as a pool, penalised by their dots in Cattiveria, or indulge the impulse, no matter how inappropriate this may be. Detractors of the Sangiovanni claim this unhealthy obsession goes much further; if so, this is the unique perversion of individual Sangiovanni.

    Aside from these, the blood of a Sangiovanni is streaked with sticky black and white fluids, the ‘ectoplasm’ with which Sangiovanni operates.

    Mortician’s Appraisal •

    The Sangiovanni exploits her unique bond with death to analyse a corpse at a single glance. The signature use of this power involves looking deeply into the eyes of the corpse, and seeing the last image the deceased ever saw, burned into the retinas. This may be used only once per scene per corpse. This is not exactly Auspex, the information is filtered less through the lens of the Beast and more through a sorcerous lens.

    Cost: None.
    Roll: Wits + Medicine + Cattiveria
    Action: Instant

    Dramatic Failure: The player asks a question as though he had rolled a success. The Storyteller should give false or misleading information.
    Failure: The corpse remains silent. No further attempt may be made to examine it in this scene.
    Success: The corpse yields up its secrets. The player may ask one question per success, from the sample questions below, or other appropriate questions (such as the Auspex lists)
    Dramatic Success: The Sangiovanni gains a +1 bonus to all subsequent Cattiveria rolls when applied to this corpse.

    Suggested questions:
    What was the last thing this person saw?
    What was the cause of death?
    Has the corpse been moved?
    How long has this corpse been dead?
    What did the corpse look like before its death?

    The Shuffling Porter ••

    Cost: 2 Vitae
    Roll: Presence + Medicine + Cattiveria
    Action: Instant

    The Sangiovanni have a long habit of employing undead servitors. By forcing blood into its mouth, they can raise a corpse to a crude mockery of life. As long as the body is whole, dead tissues will swell and shattered bones will knit to allow it to function. If the body is not whole, individual parts may be animated: a These wretched husks retain the physical attributes they had in life, but all mental and social attributes are reduced to 1. They will carry out any simple command given to them to the best of their ability until told otherwise, rolling only their Attribute rating if a roll is called for. They have no spark of intelligence; they can only parrot set phrases, and do not react to their surroundings. Unless ordered to flee a burning building, they would simply stand and burn.

    Unlike vampires or ghouls, these shuffling porters have no access to Willpower nor Vitae and cannot store or use either, nor can they gain access to Disciplines. Like vampires, however, they take only bashing damage from most sources, have no natural way of healing, and take aggravated damage from fire.

    Roll results:
    Dramatic Failure: The body violently rejects the blood, bubbling and blistering in a hideously unnatural way.
    Failure: The blood fails to take, and the corpse remains still.
    Success: The corpse arises, ready to serve its master, as described above. It will remain for a number of nights equal to the successes rolled.
    Exceptional Success: The corpse remains active for a number of nights equal to the vampire’s blood potency times five.

    Corpses raised with Cattiveria can be subject to the second through fourth dots of Obfuscate as normal.

    Ectoplasmic infusion •••
    Cost: Varies
    Roll: None
    Action: Instant The vampire may open a wound which, instead of bleeding, oozes a smoky, Vitae-infused ectoplasm which can bind wounds at a touch. With this Discipline, they may heal other vampires, their own servitors or other living corpses simply by touching them and spending the necessary Vitae.

    The Predator’s Gift ••••
    Cost: 2 Vitae
    Roll: Presence + Medicine + Cattiveria
    Action: Instant

    With this more potent power, the vampire may infuse a corpse or a Shuffling Porter with something of their own essence. The process is the same as for the Shuffling Porter, but the corpse gains access to the vampire’s social and mental attributes, skills, and physical Disciplines (Celerity, Vigor and Resilience) at one dot fewer than the vampire possesses. They may hold vitae past the two points spent to raise them, up to their Stamina, to use for these disciplines only, but still have no access to Willpower. Unlike shuffling porters, they can think, speak and reason, though they cannot – and do not wish to – disobey. Their personalities are grim echoes of the vampire who raised them – if left to themselves, they may even follow that vampire’s pursuits. Most would find this chilling; the Sangiovanni find it thrilling.

    Once a vampire has attained this level of prowess, sustaining lesser servitors becomes a trivial affair. Measure the survival of Shuffling Porters in weeks, rather than nights.

    Night of one thousand Eyes •••••

    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Roll: None
    Action: Reflexive

    Effect: The Sangiovanni becomes one with their servitors. By spending vitae, they may hop to one of their servitors – at any distance – and possess them, using their mental attributes, skills and even disciplines, drawing from their own blood pool. Their own body is left animated by the same crude force as a shuffling porter, and they have no particular awareness of it. A vampire with this power can become a terrifying legion, as long as they have Vitae to spend. Returning to their own body is free, and they are forced back into it if the sun rises or they are forced into Torpor. Legends persist that if they suffer final death while out of their bodies, their minds are unshackled and trapped in their horde... but these are only legends, of course.
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