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    Originally posted by Doc Lumbago View Post

    1, I think that tying the Bane to the Ascencion of the Methusaleh is a very good concept. Maybe you could consider it to be a behavioural Bane.

    Ideas: Cannot ignore a personal challenge-Cannot leave a task unfulfilled-Cannot touch a priest of a specififc religion-cannot enter certain places (jails, courtrooms, churches) - Must help a child in danger - Must tell the truth if asked ....
    I thought about that, but that is more suited to individual banes (They're still getting the normal 3 on top of the large spanning bane related to their death. I wanted the bane to be something that debilitates them, and associated with the anti-thesis of how they became Methuselah. Mind you, some of them can include behavioral banes, and often are, they also suffer from these issues due to the associated symbology.

    There is a BIG reason I wanted them to be broad. Being able to basically come back from the dead so long as a bane isn't presented and you take moderate measures is pretty offsetting.

    2. I like the idea of storing diablerized souls and special powers fueled with them very much

    One suggestion (as replacement of the 3 souls storage) : The M. not only sucks the soul like a common Vampire, he s able to absorb it wholly,
    thus gaining knowledge not only of the Disciplines but also the memories of his victim. He may this way learn new esoteric Rituals, languages and other mental skills.

    This comes with a risk. Every time the M. diablerizes one victim there is chance, that the memories and personalities of himself and
    his victim mingle. With every soul stored in his body, the chance increases that he gets a Bane or a severe psychic condition up to
    Multiple Personality Disorder. Also, his Aura he is more likely to be detected by people with a sense for the supernatural

    Rulewise, every time a M. commits Diablerie he must make a roll to savely absorb the soul.
    The roll should get expotientally difficult with every soul stored in his body. Using the souls reduces the risk again.
    Thus, it is relatively safe for a M. to have 1-3 souls in his body, he could theoratically store more but would put his sanity in grave danger.
    While you liked it, many did not. I am going to be changing the section on diablerie, I did not write it as I intended. What I meant to write was that the vampire that stores the soul does not gain the other benefits of diablerie (No skills or disciplines).

    The rest is just excessive mechanics. I'm not a big fan of too many mechanics associated with it. Increasing difficulty rolls in a system when 1 success is success is not a good thing. I don't intend on increasing target numbers, or adding penalties. Mummies few mentions of shit like that has gotten people up in arms on the old forums. I don't want Methuselah's to have a mechanism where they basically have to use their dramatic capabilities associated with souls either, that is why I put the cap at their blood potency. It is generally enough for them to have several souls if they want, (To boost WP, Vitae, Heal, Elder Disciplines) but such that they won't be slinging elder disciplines frivolously.

    Also, it isn't OWoD, Sanguinary Animism is a delusion in Requiem, and as a Condition would be more appropriate to those that weren't above those they are devouring.

    Right now I'm considering alternatives to souls/diablerie altogether though.
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