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    Hey folks! So seeing as how I play on a Blood and Smoke MUSH, one of the bloodlines I was asked to write up for the game was a conversion of the Baddacelli Nosferatu bloodline from Bloodlines: The Chosen. It was pretty fun all told, I tried to give them slightly more than the standard, 'Bloodline powers to devotions' bit. In the same vein as many other fan bloodline writeups, they have a bloodline gift and four devotions. While strictly speaking this isn't entirely the same as the new philosophy of having devotions, a gift, or something even more strange like the three heads of cerberus merit it certainly fits the philosophy of the game this was made for. And with that, the baddacelli rewrite.


    Bloodline Gift (Sight Unseen): The Baddacelli, unlike their nickname are completely and invariably blind. Because of this, they have developed a fantastically sharp sense of hearing much the same as humans have developed more powerful senses to compensate for mundane blindness. As a result, while they are unable to see traces of blood in the dark, their blood potency is considered to be two dots higher for purposes of hearing heartbeats and smelling blood. Likewise, they do not lose their defense in the face of blindness unlike a normal human or kindred.

    Bloodline Bane (Morlock's Curse): The Baddacelli have taken an interesting path of development. Rather than gaining incredibly sensitive sight after living for millennia underground, they have instead lost their sight entirely and relied on their other senses to get by. As a property of the blood for them rather than an individual affliction, all Morlocks permanently gain the Blinded tilt, which cannot be cured through healing or other methods. However, as noted in the bloodline gift they still apply their defense against attacks due to exceptionally powerful senses beyond sight.

    Disciplines: Auspex, Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor


    Sometimes called simply, 'Mimetismo' or, 'Mimicry' the devotions of the Baddacelli focus on the manipulation of sound and the reproduction of certain voices and tones. Occasionally however, more modern members of this bloodline have referred to these devotions as, 'Il Concerto' in reference to the psychological manipulation that hearing a friend or loved one's voice often accomplishes. Regardless, the particulars of these tricks are indeed potent even if they are indirect in nature.

    Vertigine (Nightmare **)
    The ears are an interesting variety of organ. Particularly, they serve as the sensory organ for two particular senses all at once. For the sense of hearing as is most obvious, but also for kinesthetic sense or the sense of balance. Manipulating this through a combination of auspex's sensory focus and nightmare's inflicting and externalized focus, the baddacelli can induced a sense of dizziness and perhaps even nausea in their target if successfully used.

    Cost: 1 vitae
    Dice pool: Intelligence + Expression + Nightmare
    Duration: Instant

    Dramatic Failure: The sound rebounds towards the morlock instead of assailing their target, turning the attempted disorientation against them. Take the, 'Stunned' tilt as a result.

    Failure: No effect, the individual present fails to be stunned at no cost to the morlock other than waste vitae.

    Success: The target is thrown off-balance, and loses a number of dice from actions involving physical coordination equal to the morlock's successes, for a number of turns equal to the morlock's dots in nightmare.

    Exceptional Success: The morlock also inflicts the stunned condition.

    This devotion costs 3xp to learn

    Maschera (Obfuscate ****)
    When one cannot see, they simply rely on sight. Indeed, the sound of someone crying for help yet unseen or the sound of incoming danger and threats from afar can be potent weapons in the dark. Manipulating the target's psyche through mimicry is the most potent application of this devotion, yet it may also be used for disguise purposes rather than attempting distant coercion.

    Cost: 1 vitae
    Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Obfuscate
    Duration: Instant

    Dramatic Failure: The morlock lets out a cacophonous burst of sound, pinpointing their location without harrowing or otherwise harming their target.

    Failure: The morlock does not in fact, produce any sound at all.

    Success: The morlock creates the illusory sound successfully, in the range and scope intended. In the event of attempting to mimic a particular target such as, 'The individual's child' then it may be performed but will only fool the target if the number of successes exeeds their resolve. The range at which the morlock may attempt this is listed on the table below.

    Exceptional Success: The morlock's illusion is particularly convincing, and the individual is considered to have a resolve of one dot lower for the purpose of determining whether or not they are affected.

    1 success: 1 yard
    2 successes: 2 yards
    3 successes: 5 yards
    4 successes: 10 yards
    5+ successes: 30 yards

    This devotion costs 3xp to learn

    Cacofonia (Nightmare ****)
    It's not terribly often that such a manipulative and clever bloodline as the morlocks come into direct combat and the need for more than a quick escape. But when they do however, they are as terrible as any other cornered predator and will lash out bringing the full power of their bloodline's art to bear. This particular devotion allows the morlock to make a sonic attack against all individuals in the area, causing them to simply suffer harm from the loudness and sharp frequency of the sound. Often, particular elders of this bloodline can topple those around them with a well-placed shriek causing kindred and kine alike to bleed from their ears and glass around them to shatter.

    Cost: 1 vitae 1 willpower
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression + Nightmare vs Stamina + Blood Potency
    Duration: Instant

    Dramatic Failure: The morlock's attack rebounds towards them, and they take lethal damage equal to half their dots in nightmare in addition to gaining the stunned tilt.

    Failure: A loud sound is produced making it obvious what may have just been attempted, but it is nowhere near harmful enough to cause damage or even disorientation.

    Success: The morlock deals bashing damage to all those in range, equal to the threshold of their successes over anyone within range.

    Exceptional success: The morlock also inflicts the stunned tilt.

    This devotion costs 3xp to learn. What's more, a version exists requiring vigor *** which deals lethal damage and costs 4xp to learn.

    Chiarezza (Auspex *** Vigor **)
    It's all well and good that the baddacelli can hear and smell more keenly than the average kine and certainly moreso than the average kindred. However, the fact remains that they can still take their own attempts at perception to greater heights than usual. Hence, this devotion meant to impart unparalleled ability to detect scenery and individuals around them.

    Cost: None
    Dice Pool: Wits + Survival + Auspex
    Duration: One Scene

    Dramatic Failure: The morlock does not in fact, enhance their ability to perceive the world around them but makes their ears ring with a quick burst of sound. This renders their own ability to perceive dampened, and causes them to apply only half their defense in the face of attacks as though blind in one eye.

    Failure: The increased sensitivity to the world around them simply fails to manifest

    Success: The morlock adds a number of dice to their perception rolls to detect the world around them equal to their dots in auspex. What's more, they also gain the ability to, 'See' through barriers that can conduct sound at a range equal to their own (Successes x Auspex) in feet. However, materials may modify their effective auspex rating as per the chart below.

    Exceptional Success: The morlock's auspex is considered to be two higher for purposes of determining penetration range.

    Crystalline: +1
    Metal: 0
    Stone or Brick: -1
    Soundproofed: -2

    This devotion costs 2xp to learn

    If anyone wants me to write up something else in a similar vein, let me know! I've got a rewrite of the Amara Havana in the works so if anyone wants me to do stuff for their games then fire away!
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    Everything is cool over here. And In my opinion, these follow the standards for the new bloodlines pretty closely.Except these issues I have found:

    Why everything costs "XP Beats" to learn? Especially with powerful effects. Why not just follow the normal devotion pricing rules?
    Vertigine - Why Auspex is needed here?
    Machera - Why Auspex is needed here? It seems much more fitting if it were replaced with Nightmare.
    Cacofonia - Similarly to others. Why Auspex is needed here? Why you don't need Nightmare 4? This looks to me like auspex should be dropped and replaced with Nightmare 4. Even then... What's up with Obfuscate? As written this power even shows you up, why is Obfuscate here? Seems like Nightmare only devotion to me.

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      Got some points. Also the XP Beats thing is a spelling error, and the auspex thing was thinking more along the lines of, 'Affect single-target psionically'. Still not used to the, 'Devotions can be one discipline' thing that we have in Blood and smoke. That having been said, I'll take your suggestions.

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        Nightmare is pretty king nowadays on Illuions. Perhaps Machera should use Nightmare one for Illusions part, Obfuscate fortricky nature of them? (Changing requirements from Obfuscate 4, to Nightmare 1, Obfuscate 3).

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