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    Filhos Des Bruja

    Sons of Bruja

    A bar fight broke out in Southern Arizona. Someone spilled a drink, someone said something about someone else’s mother. The details are irrelevant. What is relevant is that one of the fighter’s blew a clean hole into the chest of another, but he didn’t stop coming.
    Now one gang is fleeing in terror, but they are being followed. They just don’t seem human. One of the bikers leaps from her bike, and clings onto the back bumper of a van. She is drug behind for almost a mile before she gets enough control to climb onto the roof. Finally she punches a hole through the roof and rips off the driver’s head. After the car spins, flips over the barrier, and lands in a ravine, she climbs out from the smoking wreckage with only a few scratches.
    Parent Clan: Gangrel
    Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience, Vigor
    Nicknames: Rabble (Insult), Brujas (Bloodline)
    Bloodline Weakness: Control over the bestial nature of the Gangrel is now weaker among the Brujas. They in fact keep the Gangrel clan bane and have their rolls to resist frenzy capped by humanity.
    Their beast is even stronger than most Gangrel, and it is a hungry beast. Whenever a Bruja sees an open wound on a mortal, or if they have 4 or less vitae, they are unable to spend willpower to resist Frenzy. This restriction does not apply to riding the wave.
    History and Culture: Carlos Saavedra was a dirty punk in the late 40s. Feeling rejected from the powers that be due to his heritage, he often fought against their institutions. This was not out of any feeling of a higher calling, so much as an angry impotent rage. Despite how many of his friends would eventually be caught or imprisoned, hurt or killed, he always got away by pure luck. Because of his mile long luck streak he became nicknamed “Hijo de Bruja” or the “Witch’s Boy.” The nickname eventually was shortened to “Bruja.”
    Eventually he was drafted into the war. His luck in the states stayed true in the sense that he never was shot or hit by shrapnel, but eventually he was caught for being too damn drunk. He was kicked out of the army in disgrace. When he got back to the states he joined a biker gang known as The Booze Fighters.
    A Carthian Gangrel found Carlos, and was convinced that he could become the weapon the vampire needed to take down the Prince of the nearby City. Stories differ on the name of the city, some say he wanted to take down the Prince of LA, others Mexico City. Some fools even think it was somewhere up in Kansas. No one but Carlos is really sure.
    Carlos however wanted none of that. His goal after being turned was to get back to his gang and give them all a new gift. They split off away from the Booze Fighters and formed the Filhos des Bruja. When the sire tried to come back and convince Carlos to come back, the vampire arrived with a force of his own. Carlos and his new gang jumped him and diablerized the whole coterie.
    What started as a small group of seven troublemakers has been slowly expanding and grown worse. This has spread their usual pastimes of assault and vandalism to murder for hire and drug dealing. By this point, some Princes worry about a wide and glaring breach into the Masquerade due to their violent interactions with the FBI and other authorities.
    Carlos became disturbed with his own gang. For a while he attempted to get them to calm down, keep their blood potency low, and feed in low impact ways. It made sense, because causing too much of a ruckus made it more difficult to have fun. He has gone missing, however, and no one is absolutely sure why. Some think he left out of disgust. others think that some neonate diablerized him to get him to shut up. A few think he joined the Ordo Dracul in order to find a way to transcend his past.
    Reputation: Talking about a reputation with the Brujas is somewhat of a confusing idea. Most cities have never even heard of this bloodline as they are too small to be that relevant. Those who know about them, however, either hire them as muscle or attempt to kick them out of the city. This marks them as either feared or valued highly by the Carthians.
    The Bruja themselves are most interested in the Ordo Dracul due to the rumors about Carlos. They think that Carlos won’t come back to the gang until they find someway to transcend the condition.
    Some of them find themselves attached to the idea of joining the Circle of the Crone. They argue that the name of Bruja has to have some sort of relevance to their purpose.
    The one thing that is certain among their relationship to the covenants is that not a single one has intentionally and without brainwashing ever joined the Lancea Sanctum or Invictus.
    Becoming: Very few Brujas are ever embraced in the first place. Many of the gang don’t really intend on spreading the gift unless their nearby chapter has lost a member. The few that do join are mainly chosen for their ability to kill or not die. Some are shown to be incredibly charismatic, but few if any are ever shown to be quick thinkers.
    Bloodline Gift: The Brujas gain access to a few unique devotions called The Witch’s Gift. They also gain the Lucky devotion for free.
    The Witch’s Gift
    Lucky: The Bruja are known for being lucky and unkillable. This is because of a certain twist in the blood. Whenever a Bruja rolls a chance die, they roll two instead, and take the better die roll as their result. This means that if two 1s are rolled, they suffer a dramatic failure, but if a single one lands on 10, they succeed.
    Iron Muscles: Strength is just another form of Stamina. With this power the vampire is able to add their dots in Vigor onto their dots of Resilience for a scene. This power costs 2 vitae to activate. While this power is active, your dots in vigor are treated as zero until you deactivate it.
    Prerequisites: Vigor 1, Resilience 1
    Experience Cost: 1
    The Blood Flows Strong: The blood of the Bruja is stronger than the blood of any other bloodline. When the going gets rough, the blood gets flowing. Whenever the Bruja is suffering wound penalties the cost for healing damage is cheaper. They can heal 3 bashing or 2 lethal damage with 1 vitae, or 1 aggravated damage with 4 vitae. Any other restrictions on healing still apply, such as aggravated taking one day’s sleep to heal. If the vampire is able to pay for it, all damage may be healed this way in one turn, before the wound penalty is gone, therefore making it incredibly cheap for the vampire to heal.
    Prerequisites: Vigor 3
    Experience Cost: 2
    Unnatural Monster: The Brujas are known to be vicious predators that have a mastery of strong-arming their Beasts into submission. With this devotion the Bruja may have an additional Unnatural Aspect at any point in time. When spending the additional vitae to activate Unnatural Aspect, the vampire can choose either of their aspects. If they spend a third vitae, they may activate the second aspect as well.
    Prerequisites: Protean 4, Vigor 2
    Experience Cost: 3
    Can’t Stop Me: The Bruja frequently get into violent interactions. This results in them often getting extremely hurt. A Bruja can shrug off a shotgun blast to the chest. This is because they can regenerate aggravated damage. This power still requires 5 vitae to heal a point of aggravated damage, but instead of it taking a day’s sleep to heal, it takes as many turns as it takes to spend the vitae. Like healing bashing or lethal damage, if the vampire can spend the vitae, they can heal multiple points of aggravated damage a turn.
    Prerequisites: Protean 4, Resilience 4
    Experience Cost: 4
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    Wait a minute, wasn't this bloodline already converted in the core book? With the information being quite relevant to yours? Or is this an updated conversion for Second Edition?


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      This is a conversion for second edition, from first edition.


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        I think there is a typo in the bloodline's disciplines, TheDiabadass.


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          Why did they get Dominate instead of Animalism?

          I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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            Wow, you are correct. I have a player even using this bloodline, and it hasn't come up yet. Like, we somehow just instinctively knew it was Gangrel+Vigor. Good catch guys. the proper disciplines are there.


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              I am glad to have been of some help to you, TheDiabadass.