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  • 362) A Strix has shown up, it's taken up residence in a female reverent but has offered to vacate if anyone wishes to uplift her. The Strix doesn't seem to have any agenda but will converse with the kindred of the city about kindred and Strix nature, the reverent's body is sometimes damaged but such damage seems not to bother the entity within.


    • 363) Standard Dungeon Crawl #11496
      The Nosferatu have dug too deep. They have uncovered a series of artificial caves and ruins beneath the city. Carbon dating shows the ruins as millennia old. Way older than the anthropological record says that humans or Kindred would be here. Worse, all the adventurous Kindred wanted to see what the fuss was about and one of your coterie members or and NPC was taken down into the depths by some sort of lizard like monster. The bad news is that the Prince wanted the depths mapped anyway so you've just volunteered. The good news is that there seems to be strange creatures in the depths, that are able to sustain Kindred. Almost like a full ecosystem.
      Basically Dungeon Meshi with vampires.


      • 364) The Carnival is in town, and the Prince is trying to get rid of them. Even worse, The Carnival wants a Daeva character to join them!


        • 365)
          The local Ordo messed up- as part of their experiments, they have tried to create a perfect weapon: a Kindred tailored to destroying his own kind. The found a homeless veteran, embraced him, and put him through a tight regime of training, scales, more training. They succeded all too well.
          They didnt expect him to overcome His guards, hunting down kindred and Going On a Diablerizing spree that even the sheriff, despite being an elder, could not hold off against. Sure, the enhancements, scales, potions Etc are going to wearing off in a few days, leaving him just a moderately-powerful Fighter With A Lot Of Experience, but no one knows this except for a few Defiant, and who knows who he will target meanwhile?
          And will the Coterie use this Situation to garner favour with the powers that be, or are they seeking a Revolution? What will they do when they find the recipe to unlimited physical might?


          • 366)
            The Prince has forbidden cellular phones from Gatherings after a few neonates have gone "missing". The cacophony whispers that they didn't disappear, instead their cloths and phone were found dusted with their own cremains. Rumors say the last image on their phones were selfies in the same spot and cloths as their cremains were found, and that the phone had a new camera app called "Nite Owl Pics", a camera app which claims to be optimized for poor or artificial light, "Perfect for Immortalizing your Night Life" is their slogan. The juiciest and most insane whispered detail is the phone had an Aura, and that aura had Diablerie stains!! The Keeper of Elysium has been treating phones as weapons since these incidents have occurred, and several Elders have nearly gone mad with technophobia, purging their havens of anything electronic and "dining in" as possible. No one is sure if a Strix has an Embodiment or Dread Power which allows it to Diaberize vampires through the app (though that is the most popular speculation), it is technological Devotion, Scale, Miracle, or Sorcery.

            Coincidentally the rate of Spontaneous Embraces among night-club goers has risen, especially since a few seemed to have died in their sleep without blood-loss, and after investigating deeper those Spontaneously Embraced happen to be of the same clans as the vampires which died under those strange circumstances. The mortals also took selfies the night before they died in their sleep without blood-loss, and the selfie has the same minute on the timestamp and was taken with the Night Owl Pics app. The selfies stand out enough to be noticed because the person's eyes appear glowing yellow with dark black iris slits. Even after this is all discovered and pieced together, it only raises more questions....

            The App is available for free for download in Google Play, with a 3.4 star rating and over 90,000 downloads. Its icon is a shadowy black cartoon owl winking with a smile, with the letter of the apps name spelled with pink neon lights. The app's company is de Vil LLC, a privately traded company based out of PO box in the isolated town of Rachel Nevada, and an IP address in Nigeria...
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            “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
            "Virescit Vulnere Virtus" ~ Stewart Clan Motto


            • 367)
              A new vampire whose never been your city before. He goes by the moniker "Doctor Zlato" and is a strangely mannered Mekhet Ordo Dracul, who according to the cacophony was originally an Alchemist in 17th century Prague. Currently he is known for three things: Being quite an expert of supernatural sites, having a network of haven safe houses around the world that he loans out as favors, and has has the connections to make secure discrete vampire or relic transportation between cities and countries. Those interested in leaving their current city or acquiring exotic mystical relics from afar are often drawn into his circles of influence because of these two latter traits.

              In this particular visit he came to town bearing mystically useful gifts well suited for all the right people to gift to, and authentic letters of introduction vouching for him from vampires with meaning connections to elder vampires of this city. Many are suspicious of him but he gains favor with others. After he has procured a few haven spots for his travel network, he begins questioning younger less prestigious vampires about modern urban legends of the supposedly haunted or cursed sites. He doesn't seem particularly interested in ghosts themselves, though the history at the actual site that interest him. Following him is quite difficult due to his mastery of Obfuscate, but if he was able be followed to his haven he simply use a Devotion that appears similar to Unmarked Grave but can be used indoors without enough space to meld into and doesn't emerge from a location which can be be found.

              Since he has arrived he's never been seen hunting, but whispers from Kindred whom keep apprised of the of homeless community spin tales of vagrants squatting in abandoned structure disappearing has increased to a rate which implies supernatural feeding devouring a while person each night, even if a night or three are skipped later a similar sized group a vagrants will disappear all at once.

              He has the Devotions Embrace to Genius Loci and Go to Nowhere. He has a Hungry Doorway To Nowhere with him, which he uses for safe haven in the day and freely gluts himself on the vagrants it collects for him so he can leave each evening. He is looking for a Strange Place which has the Awakened Environment so he can make another Hungry Doorway To Nowhere for one of his many Childer in Eastern Europe, but is also happy to extend his research into other supernatural location based Devotions.

              If the domain of Seattle isn't already defined within your Chronicle, might I recommend several of Doctor Zlato's childer be involved in the Ordo ruling council of Seattle, and he has has contributed in their research to make the Memory Biopsy Devotion there, and that Doctor Zlato is intending to gift the Hungry Doorway To Nowhere to his Elder childer there instead of Europe?

              Anyway, this turns into a story in several ways, the PC could want to deal with Doctor Zlato, or perhaps they object to the increase of disappearances of the homeless and blame him without enough status to accuse him without solid proof which is very hard to get. Perhaps the PCs are in a horrible situation and you can use Doctor Zlato and his Hungry Doorway To Nowhere to allow them escape the city when that seems impossible assuming they PCs are willing to bring human sacrifices so he can have they egress to Seattle and have Memory Biopsy remove their knowledge of how they got there due to Doctor Zlato's connections.

              “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
              "Virescit Vulnere Virtus" ~ Stewart Clan Motto


              • 368. One or more Strix have decided to get into the holiday spirit. Re-enactments of the nactivity and their own take on Santa and Christmas songs have been arranged to torment the kindred of the city. Will it end after the 12 nights of Christmas or do they wish it to be Christmas every day?


                • The local Ordo is pretty sociable, compared to the stereotype: they throw parties and are somewhat involved in politics - mostly kine politics, and usually focused on acquiring property, though. They have worked hard to establish malls, parks, homes, even brothels and clubs (reasoning that those are prime hunting grounds), a hospital (perfect for experimentation and blood acquisition), and more. What is weird is that they do not contest these areas as they should: they're fine with sharing hunting grounds, use ownership of buildings as bargaining chips in deals, and even gifted a beautiful park to the Carthians ("Perfect for summernight conventions, parties, community meetings and the like!"). Some Kindred joke that the Ordo Dracul is filled with people who like to build toys and then throw them away to start on a new project, being more interested in the act of constructing than poessesion.
                  The true reason for this behaviour is known only to the highest-ranking and oldest of the Defiant and a scattering of their Sworn: they had gotten their hands on some obscure and ancient geomantic formulae some decades ago, and since then ceaselessly worked on their 'Testrun'. They essentially shaped the city over the years to change flows, connect Dragon's Nests, even create new ones. And finally, their work bore fruit - unexpected as it was.

                  A huge section, nearly a quarter of the whole city, is extremely dangerous to Kindred: their Vitae grows inert, leaving them sluggish, weak and slow. They cannot feed there, and are incapable of using their vampiric abilities. Essentially, it strips them off all their power - and it affects mainly the Lancea et Sanctum.
                  While the city's other Kindred have no idea how or why this happened, they try everything in their power to find out and use that knowledge to extend their sphere of influence. The Ordo, meanwhile, tries to hide their involvement, while furiously taking notes of the effects. They can easily hide their fervent interest under the mantle of their Covenant's bread and butter for now, but how long will that last?

                  Worst of all: the area slowly, but surely grows. No one has noticed this yet, but once they do, the city's Kindred are sure to freak out - and the Danse will be more deadly than ever.
                  Your Cotiere is sure to be affected one way or another: maybe their herd is within the area, maybe without access to their (Discipline of Choice, e.g. Majesty to influence Kine) one of them cannot do the tasks they were given and cease to be of worth to their sire, maybe their haven is on the fringe of being affected. But maybe the political turmoil is good for their own powerplays by using the climate as a smokescreen, hiding their schemes from sight and getting away with violations of the traditions due to everyone's preoccupation. They are free to clean up after old mistakes, or to force rivals' hands in the chaos. Then again, it might be bad for their own goals as others try to stake them for the relatively safe position of their haven, use them as guinea pigs, or an outlet for their own panic.

                  Should they decide to try to solve this problem (no doubt for the power that would give them, as whole coteries, perhaps even Covenants would owe them a debt), they might be tricked into just dissolving the geomantic structure via demolition of a high-profile place like a city hall or a place a Covenant (or different Splat!) considers holy/important, which certainly would lead to certain fallout, political or otherwise.
                  They also might stumble upon the Ordo's involvement: how are they going to use that knowledge? Hold it over their heads, strongarm the Ordo into doing what they want and basically order the Covenant around via blackmail? Or use it to run them out of the city, maybe even eradicating the Covenant wholesale in this city?
                  That would certainly leave a power vacuum - and with the system thrown of balance that heavily, everything might seem possible now...

                  Background information: This is basically a testrun of what can be done to the Ordo. Among other possible applications the Ordo considers using this to figure out how to 'ward' a place from Strix - less for safety, and more for future experimentation. Alternative plot hook: Will the effect persist or run out after a while, and will the Ordo end the experiment when they have their data, or will they utilize this weapon they've created to eradicate any opposition to a claim for power?
                  The underlying magical rules could well be Infrastructure (doubtlessly drawing the interest of Demons and the G-M alike) or it could be ancient Irem magics (going to draw the interest of Mummies), Chthonian in nature (surely throwing the Ghosts, Bound and Reapers out of balance), or stranger yet. Maybe it is a sort of large-scale Scale, maybe a blood magic rite based on 1st Editions Gilded Cage or Domus Disciplines. As always, go with what feels best.

                  Mechanical ideas: Every Kindred (and Ghoul) entering the affected area is treated as having Blood Potency 0 and looses access to all Disciplines and Vitae-fueled abilities. Feeding is impossible, as they can draw in new blood, but it remains inert and useless to their body. On top of that, every Kindred and Ghoul suffers the Fatigued Condition.
                  People right outside the area can be fed upon normally. Upon leaving the area, the Kindred reacquires their abilities and sheds the Condition within an hour.

                  Other ideas for the testrun's results:
                  - Silencing the Beast within the area, leading to Kindred flocking to it more and more.
                  - Infusing Vitae with Sekhem
                  - Sending out a call for help to Reapers, who within that area treat Kindred as Ghosts
                  - Sinking the area into the Underworld's Upper Reaches
                  - Messing up the G-M's Infrastructure
                  - Completing the G-M's Infrastructure
                  - Open Avernian Gates at random
                  - whatever else fun stuff you can come up with.