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[A "Strix"] The God of Shadows and Nothing

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  • amechra
    started a topic [A "Strix"] The God of Shadows and Nothing

    [A "Strix"] The God of Shadows and Nothing

    After a half an hour, Jack stopped running; if he still had to breath, he'd be panting - but non-existent fatigue didn't stop him. Neither did the lack of light; he had become used to that. No, he stopped because his Beast was growling. Not frenzying, not hunting... it was acting like a dog would if you stuck it in front of a bear. And then he noticed the other oddity.

    The sewers were quiet. Too quiet.

    The rats didn't squeak, the waters ran silent and black. His footsteps weren't echoing - it was like he walked into somewhere sound just didn't exist.

    He had a feeling that he'd be safer back with the Prince.

    The God of Shadows and Nothing

    The maybe-Strix that calls itself the God of Shadows and Nothing lives deep inside the sewers, down where sunlight never penetrates. There, it eats sound and waste and soaks in the sacrifices made to it by a heedless populace. The Prince has given orders that no-one approach the monster, but orders are ignored; a small cult to it grows within the Circle, and it is willing to trade favors for horrid favors. It's everything that the Kindred believe the Strix to be.

    But it isn't Strix; a cousin, maybe, or another predator from that nightmare-place the Strix call home. While it shares many properties with the Strix, it is not an Owl, and has no desire for a body - what it desires is worship. It feeds on it, supping on it like the Kindred sup on the blood of mortals - or like a junkie gets its fix.

    Or maybe it is a Strix, an old and odd one.

    Or maybe it doesn't exist, a fairy-story told to keep the neonates in line. After all, you can't believe everything you hear in Elyseum.

    Can't you?

    Name: The God of Shadows and Nothing
    Vice: Ineffable
    Shadow Potency: 9
    Attributes: Power 6, Finesse 7, Resistance 7
    Skills: Academics ••••, Athletics ••, Brawl ••, Occult ••••, Persuasion ••••, Socialize •••, Streetwise •••
    Corpus: 12
    Willpower: 10
    Size: 4
    Speed: 12
    Defense: 7
    Initiative: +14
    Embodiments: Shadow Form, Possess Corpse, Possess Revenant, Possess Kindred, Possess Living, Synthesis, Materialize, Enter Twilight, Shadow Jump
    Dread Powers: A God's Hunger [Unique], Command the Lost, Indomitable, Kindred Disciplines x2, Preservation, Shadow Infection, Soul Bite, The Worshipping Void [Unique]
    Disciplines: Coil of Divinity •••••, Quietus (Out of Space) •••••, Subvolo •, Umbra (Plunged into Darkness) ••••• All Coils and Disciplines can be found in the Requiem Homebrew Hub.
    Vitae: 50 / 10
    Banes: Abjuration, Bells, Fire, Invitation, Sunlight, Symbols

    A God's Hunger: The God of Shadows and Nothing possesses this unique power; if any being - mortal or Kindred - says a prayer to it while within the same city, they take 1L damage and the God gains 1 Vitae. If the prayer involved is particularly heinous (a prayer qualifies if the actions it involves could be used as Hard Leverage while Social Maneuvering), the God regains additional Vitae equal to the numbers of Doors that action would be able to open.
    Damage taken due to this Dread Power manifests as stigmata or tears of blood; it always carries with it a taste of religious ecstasy, and can both sate and cause Vitae Addiction as if the worshipper had drank one Vitae.

    The Worshipping Void: The God of Shadows and Nothing possesses alternate versions of the Coil of Divinity, Quietus, and Umbra disciplines.
    • The God's version of the Coil of Divinity is restricted to Ghosts, Twilight-Form Strix, and Kindred using Twilight Projection, rather than Spirits.
    • Their version of Quietus is far stronger than the hypothetical version the Kindred possess; the God takes no penalties to the activation roll until they cover an area equivalent to a two-story suburban home - and then take a -1 penalty for every two-story-house-equivalent area they cover. In addition, the Kindred Senses of all Vampires are unaffected by the Quietus... and neither are any of the God's senses.
    • Their version of Umbral Fingers deals damage to Strix as if it were a Bane, and they may use Command the Lost on any Strix while Shadow Play is active.

    The God of Shadows and Nothing usually stays in its natural form, a 4ft tall vaguely humanoid figure, infinitely black and eyeless, made of shadows and silence. It is continually surrounded by a thousand arms of shadows, which it shapes and changes to it whims. When it deigns to take a body, it prefers wearing a corpse; if it does choose to possess a human host, their bodies do not suffer the normal changes due to Preservation, they instead begin to warp like a photograph that's been overexposed; hair and nails fall out as everything becomes paler and paler, until the host is left an impossibly white silhouette.

    Here's a little "WTF" to throw in there. Unlike one of the Strix, the "god" is not immediately hostile.

  • amechra
    True enough; you can just ignore the "unique" then (I felt it was at least appropriate for The Worshipping Void, given how utterly specific it is.)

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  • Griautis
    Looks nice, I just dislike the usage of "Unique", I much more prefer "New Dread Power"

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