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  • Lost Clan: Grettir

    so lately I've thought a lot about this Clan, so I've made my own version of it. Hope you'll like it

    Clan Grettir

    the Cold Ones

    Something dead approaches. A chill goes through your spine as you see it. Its eyes are as sharp as broken ice. It knows everything about you- when you were born, what you ate last night, when you threw salt on that poor frog. It doesn't judge you- it doesn't care about you. It simply know it, together your every little secret and weakness you ever had. You can see its white snow, perfect skin. No flaw can be seen in it- it is perfect, like a glacier, yet its beautiful perfection doesn't lure you. You can see how powerful it is- its steps are like thunders, his movements like lightning. You can see its strength like an aura of force, like a winter blizzard. You have no chance against it. The snow would fall, and no one would find you body.

    The Clan called as Grettir is considered to be lost by anyone who knows about the subject. The only information about them comes from the deepest libraries of the Mekhet, hidden under dust and cubwebs. According to the very few information left about them, the clan was populated the Northern Europe and practice a weird variation of the Embrace- in order to make more of their own, they drained the target until death, then buried in deep in the ground and poured their Vitae on the fresh grave. Sometimes, the ritual failed, for the ground was too cold and the blood froze before coming to the dead body. On others, the blood did came to the future child, but he was too weak to free himself from the ground. The sires didn't helped free them, for only the strongest were allowed to survive. They left them to starve and moved on, searching for a more powerful child.

    Being a clan of warriors, they fed almost exclusively upon the strongest among man. Viking were their preferred target, and they belived that by drinking from the strongest men they would become stronger then any other Clan. In order to make sure that the blood they drank was strong and potent, they selectively bred certain families, making them into the best warriors there is. Eventually, they only embraced from those certain families. Other then being warriors, the Cold Ones (as they were called) were passionless creatures, feeding upon the emotions of others in addition to their blood, and the humans in the area named them as Draugers.

    When Rome grew in power, the Grettir, already being a small Clan, kept on a low profile. However, time has changed when a clan of African vampires crossed the sea and traveled up to the far north. Sharing the other Clan's ability of extending their senses, the two has started to work together. Lacking a driving passion of their own, the Mekhet quickly made them into mercenaries, breeding their families as their own and using them as elite assassins. Slowly, the Clan was absorbed by the Shadows, until nothing has remained of them but a single bloodline who even lost its fangs.

    Today, almost everyone agree that the Clan has died out. Some, however, whisper that perhaps they are still around. Maybe someone has dug up one of the starved childs by mistake, awakening her into unlife. Some even whisper that perhaps the Clan was never really gone, and that instead it is a plot of the Mekhet to hide their "secret weapon". Yet, there is no proof on the subject. They are myths and urban legends, nothing more. And those who dwell too much on the subject, tend to vanish in the snow, leaving no traces behind.

    Why You Want to Be Us
    You are the perfect warrior. You can see the cracks in the armor of your opponent- both the physical and the mental. You are strong, destroying anyone who even thinks about standing in your way. Your very existence strike fear in those who know about you. Lacking passions of your own, you allow yourself doing things others would think twice before even considering them. You are cold as the winter, and no one can stop you

    Why You Should Fear Us
    The Cold Ones are murderers. Fighting and killing is what they do the best. They lack remorse, lack mercy. You can't bribe or charm them. Once they decide to kill you, they will find a way to do so. It is nothing personal- they actually don't care about you. They will come in, cut you to pieces in front of your family and friends and leave. Nothing is important to them- especially you.

    Why We Should Fear Ourselves
    Other clans may be dead, but they still have a drive. Something makes them move on, wake up in the night and actually do something about themselves. The Cold Ones don't have that luxury. They are empty, easily letting others to decide what is good for them. That was what made their clan fall in the first place. Nihilism is everywhere. Anything is doomed to rot and freeze. Even the sun would die out eventually, and the eternal winter would cover the world. Maybe then, they would find some hope.

    Clan Origins

    - They stood in the lowest world, as the corpses of thousands surrounded them. When they were attacked, they didn't fought back- instead, they pleaded, begging for mercy. Now, they pleaded again, but not in front of mortal men- but before Hel, the Queen of the Dead. "Please" the screamed "Give us another chance! This time, we would do it right". Hel looked at them, her living face is clam while her dead one was smiling with evil. The chill of her realm froze the poor souls to their bones and she kept her silence, hearing them begging and crying. Eventually, she replied "If I'll give you another chance, are you willing to be like me? Half living, half dead? Would you give up on the half which makes you who you are- in exchange for getting a new chance in Valhalla?" the warriors agreed, and Hel kissed each. As she kissed them, she devoured their burning passion for life which made them surrender, leaving behind only cold void. Fighting their way back to earth, they rose again. This time they'll die in the right way.

    -The blizzard was harsh. The snow separated the small village from the rest of the land. Water froze into ice. Resources ended quickly. It didn't took them too much time to turn upon each other, stealing food and drink. As the storm kept going for days upon day, there was no more food to steal. Acting out of hunger and desperation, they have started to feed upon the dead, seeking the warmth of their blood. But that bodies lack that warmth, and so they came upon the living. One by one they fell, until only a few were left behind as finally, like acting out of shame, the snow covered the horror forever. Frozen in time, their heart stopped beating- but they still were alive. They dug their way out of the snow and kept walking, searching after new, warm blood to keep the cold away.

    -Once upon a midnight darkly, a mirror stood on the highest tower. It knew the answer for every question asked, being able to see across both space and time. The queen came to the mirror and asked it a question, and the mirror, lacking any will of itself, answered only truth- but truth was not what the queen wish to hear. In her anger, she shattered the mirror into pieces and through them over the window. Scattered in the wind, the pieces pierced the eyes and hearts of the queen's servants. With their eyes cut open, they could see more clearly then before. With their heart cut open, no longer they had desires of their own. They became of the queen, obeying to her every command- until one day, a girl came back and left the queen to melt in the sun. Without her will to guide them, they stayed outside, letting the snow to cover them, and so they stayed- coldly ever after.

    Favored attributes: Stamina or Wits
    Disciplines: Resilience, Auspex, Vigor
    Clan Bane (the Nihilistic Curse)- the Grettir's sense of self is lacking. They care nothing about the world because they lack caring about themselves. The coldness in their heart stops them from fulfilling themselves- let others think what they want about us. Let them be afraid of us. Nothing of that matters. Because of that inborn nihilism, many of the Grettir are suicidal, searching for thrills in combat and danger. With their Humanity to remind them who they are, they quickly loose their will to exist. No Grettir may gain more willpower from her Dirge or Mask then her Humanity, seeing both sides of herself as a lacking, empty shell. That weakness does not effect gaining Willpower from other sources.

    Check my STV content, Or My Homebrew

    "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

    I now blog in here

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    This reminds me so much of my original Clan Einarr, I like it a lot!


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      No Bloodworking? I half-expected them to have it, considering previous source material on them.


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        Well, the explanation is actually simple- the Mekhet Bloodline was actually a Grettir Bloodline which was absorbed by the Mekhet, similarly to how Julii Bloodlines were absorbed by the Ventrue. Bloodworking is cool and all, but a bit too exotic for a Clan Discipline IMO.

        Check my STV content, Or My Homebrew

        "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

        I now blog in here


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          Originally posted by LostLight View Post
          Well, the explanation is actually simple - the Norvegi Bloodline was actually a Grettir Bloodline which was absorbed by the Mekhet, similarly to how Julii Bloodlines were absorbed by the Ventrue. Bloodworking is cool and all, but a bit too exotic for a Clan Discipline IMO.
          Corrected for you, because the sentence was kind of funky before, though i got what you meant.
          I can see what your point and it's pretty valid, though Protean might be said to be even weirder i guess.