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    Given that our three-years ongoing VtR game will be rocking characters with 90+ Experiences when we fully convert over to the B&S rules update, I'm toying with the idea of continuing on with the Danse de le Mort demo chronicle I had started a while back, updated for the new system. This should give us a less jarring transition to the updated systems before jumping into the deep end. With that in mind, I've started converting characters over to the new system and thought it could be interesting to see what others might come up with if they were doing the same.

    If you're interested in participating, but don't remember the characters or Chronicle at all, it is available from the link below:

    I'm updating the character sheets from "Mary's Child," building them as if from the ground up using B&S, using the first page of the B&S character sheet and a demo style write-up on the back. Most of their statistics will remain unchanged, but areas for consideration include:

    Here I'm putting little effort, I plan to give each character two primary Aspirations, (1) Find their sire, and (2) Discover why they (collectively) were embraced. I may give them a different set of individualized Aspirations for "Prelude: Last Night" and let the players choose a third Aspiration of their own at the start of fury. Of course any changes, suggestions, and ideas are welcome.

    These I feel are by far the biggest change to the tone and theme of each character, and the one area where I would love to see the most attention paid. I might have left them alone if I wasn't trying to give my group as much hands on experience with the new systems as possible. These are sort of where I'm leaning as of yet:
    Louis Maddox: -/Scholar
    Tina Baker: Competitor/Survivor
    Becky Lynn Adler: Conformist/Idealist
    Jack McCandless: -
    Edward Zurich: Courtesan/Hedonist
    Another area I might have left out if I didn't want my group to practice with them. Because isolating the characters from their past lives seems a salient aspect of this chronicle I've tried to stick with elements the characters brought with them. This approach has lent itself to a notable number of objects over people, which I find good for maintaining a tone of isolation, but feels like I'm straying from intent. So far I have:
    Louis Maddox: With life as he knew it jarringly ended and thrown into chaos, Louis has found his Apartment (Safe Place, Haven) is the one place where he can ground himself in his old daily routines and if even for just moments each night remind him he is still himself.
    Tina Baker: Cut off from home, lost in a foreign city, and unwilling to expose those friends who came with her to New Orleans to her new reality, Tina has latched onto her friend and college mentor Dr. Montrose (Contact). No matter the time or distance, as long as Tina has a phone to call with, the professor has answered, listened, and offered advice and encouragement when she needs it.
    Becky Lynn Adler: -
    Jack McCandless: Living a life constantly on the move, Jack never feels more himself or more human, then when he is behind the wheel of his old Van taking in the sights and sounds of the Big Easy. Like him it is not much to look at, but its reliable and he's never had a problem with it he couldn't fix with a little sweat and elbow grease.
    Edward Zurich: The life of drifter has left Edward with few friends or possessions, the one constant has been his Guitar. Where ever he goes his guitar has been his connection to humanity, it opens doors, encourages conversation, earns him companionship, and wins him his bread.
    Like the character's other statistics I'm trying to keep as close to their original merits, swapping outdated merits with new variants when necessary and updated costs. I also have three additional merits to account for. Which do you think are most suiting for each character? Do you have any suggestions

    Vampire: The Requiem Demo Full -   Danse de la Mort   Your Requiem Begins Here This PDF gives you and your friends everything you need to p

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    Little late in seeing this. I would suggest that Becky's touchstone be the act of making herself up before she goes out each night. As a southern belle type, perhaps the act of putting on make up and selecting an appropiate outfit, whether that be stylish or casual could keep her in touch with her human side.

    I would suggest for Louis Maddox's Mask Guru.

    Jack's Mask and Dirge are trickier. I think Social Cameleon would be a decent Mask, since he was a courier in life and presumably couried packages for all types of people. As for Dirge, maybe Spy? Its a bit generic but the first thing the group do is try to find out secrets.

    Just some ideas. I think this is a cool idea.

    Edit: Perhaps for Jack, Perfectionist could be his Mask. Since he might toy with trying different routes across the city until he gets a "personal best" time. Then Social Cameleon could be used as a Dirge potentially.
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      Well, I'll be leaving to host the game in about five minutes, and I am really looking forward to how it turns out. I'll try to post my solutions in the next couple of days.

      Gravitas Man, I really like some of your suggestions, and would loved to put them to work, more so than some of mine. I hadn't thought to make an activity a touchstone (albeit, Louis' could be his routine instead of his apartment). I certainly thought about using Becky Lynn make-up bag, instead I decided that she had previously volunteered at a treme district soup kitchen and made a friend there calledSandy Joe, serving both as a touchstone and a way to tie her a little more firmly to the district... we'll see how it works out Thank you for speaking up, I love getting creative feedback.

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        I would be interested in reading about how your game goes! Danse de la Mort was my first intro to Requiem. Only finished the first part in the end but everyone enjoyed it and it prompted me to buy the corebook so it did its job.


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          Last nights session went well, as I may have mentioned above, this was technically our second session of Mary's Child, but the first using Blood and Smoke. We started off re-familiarizing ourselves with the characters and their new abilities. Louis' player was still not thrilled with his character despite the changes (I also changed his back story and role playing hints to make Louis a little more interesting; Took him in the direction of a Lisbet or Hackers type cliché). Fortunately, it caught another player's eye so she swapped Becky Lynn for Louis. Before we started I had mentioned Gravitas Man's Touchstone suggestion, and after some discussion switched Becky Lynn's Touchstone to a silver compact mirror in her makeup kit that had been past down from mother to daughter for a coming of age present since her great-great grandmother.

          The story continued with the PCs waking in the Prince's cellar, with Becky Lynn having a bit of a shock waking up buried under the earth (This is how she learns about her Unmarked Grave discipline). The confessions to the Prince were interesting, Becky Lynn's was well played (beat), Louis, suffering from the Bestial condition, refuses to answer and is mind probed.... Otherwise everyone answers truthfully, events of the night are largely glossed over for brevity.

          Back at the park, Jack and Becky Lynn are pulled to the grave yard, Tina and Louis refuse to play along and head for a nearby internet Cafe. At the cafe Louis finds information about the police investigation into Tina's accidental kill from their awakening the night before, including a description of Mary spotted in the area and wanted for questioning. Alas his research into vampires is frustrated by a glut of useless information. A call from Alexander intimidates the two enough to catch a bus, getting to the grave yard only a short time after the other two.

          Becky Lynn and Jack have time to look around the graveyard. Though Becky Lynn's connection amounts to little here, she does feel an unfamiliar sense of emotions that leads her to the back of the graveyard. This is where the players start to grasp a notion of blood sympathy and their relationship. They do find the blood splatter, but were unable to read anything into it. They do get some leads when they start asking around; a vagrant does have a description of Mary and after a reward, points them in the direction of a particular casket at the back of the graveyard.

          On their way to the casket, they are accosted by a group of gang bangers who saw Becky Lynn paying the vagrant. I feel I missed an opportunity here to threaten Becky Lynn's touchstone, but that's a minor detail. Things continue in an uneasy state, until the other two arrive and pounce on the unexpecting mortals. Here I wish I had used the down and dirty rules instead of the full combat rules as the fight actually stretched on longer than I would have liked. Tina pounces on one banger, while Louis, still suffering from the Bestial condition, stabs at another. Becky Lynn sinks into the earth causing the mortals to panic, one unloads on Jack, only to accidentally shoot one of his companions. Jack responds with a well placed shot on the shooter. Becky comes out of the earth grabbing one of the injured bangers. Louis takes another stab at his opponent scoring an exceptional success and resolving his bestial condition (beat). Tina attempts to feed from her opponent but fumbles (beat) and he manages to flee. The rest of the bangers are allowed to flee thoroughly beaten. There maybe future consequences for a masquerade breach, after this fight. Both Jack and Becky Lynn had felt a change in the emotions they were sensing when the banger shot at Jack... Who ever it is has a connection to Jack.

          Investigating the casket turns up the clothes and Jack receives his phone call. When Alexander arrives they share what they find. This eventually leads to the meeting with Maldonado and the start of there investigations into Mary. Jack and Becky Lynn talk to his Police contact while Louis searches the internet, and Tina arranges meetings with Alexander and Father Marrow. The group are able to find effectively every piece of information and after a conversation with Savoy they head for the old palm reader's place.

          The group finds and utilizes Mary's entrance and approach her without disturbing her. After some dithering Tina impatiently gets Mary's attention, then Jack was able to talk her into answering some questions, why she chose him, revealing the blackmail, and that they will be seeking four other sires (hints of a fifth neonate), and that the blackmailer is a she perhaps. For finding his sire, Jack receives a beat for completing an aspiration. We ended the session with the PCs still having to decide Mary's fate... They wanted time to think on their choice.
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            Hey, I hope you will continue to write those adventures up and you'll post them up here on the forums.

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              I'll try to stay on it... Admittedly I tend to loose steam pretty quickly... I suspects it shows in that last write up.

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                If you find you lose steam, feel free to focus on cool character interactiosn, impressions of the new blood and smoke rules and deviations from the demo :-) I too am interested in seeing how this progresses. Cool read. Out of curiosity have Mask and Dirge come up much since you've played the game? This is a change to Blood and Smoke I am not 100% sold on, but havent had a chance to run a game sufficiently to really play around with it.


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                  As a storyteller Mask/Dirge is an aspect of Blood & Smoke I have difficulty grasping in play. Notably, I think I need to acknowledge it more often in each scene/chapter. I see that they have a much greater potential for regaining Willpower, at least if I were to remember to acknowledge them. Overall, every PC regained at least one Willpower this way last night and Louis, with his alternate personality (I gave him Rebel as a Mask) and suffering from the Bestial condition most of the session, pulled in willpower effectively every scene, or would have if his player had spent more, which she certainly did later in the session. So that said, I think I am off to a good start, as things get edgier and more dangerous I hope to see them come up more often.

                  Another problem I may have is I don't really distinguish between Mask and Demeanor, in other words, I don't think I make the connection between Mask and Masquerade (general and personal) apparent. I don't know if that statement makes any sense?

                  As with Louis, I have had progress in encouraging my players to spend more willpower, and if I can stay on it, Mask and Dirge should become a more natural part of our sessions. I say this because when the session started everyone was still at full Willpower, this made trying to reward use of Mask/Dirge difficult . . . this was the time when they most experimented with the rules no less.

                  As a player I think I could easily run with Mask/Dirge as expressions of my character. I think I would try to work references to my mask or masquerade into descriptions when role playing, as well as dirge or desires or nature, when I feel these aspects are playing a part in the scene. I'll try to encourage my players to do the same in future sessions, and try to make it almost habitual.

                  Talking of Anchors, I liked seeing references made to Touchstones during play. Last night it was mostly Becky Lynn, who would often use her silver mirror when trying to steady herself and stop from panicking. Also there is Jack's continually expressions of anxiety over the absence of his van for much of scenario. I hope to encourage that behavior as well, I've even considered rewarding players with willpower for such behavior when it seems appropriate.

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                    Tomorrow I'll be running the Prelude, Last Night, and will likely play it pretty close to how its written, instead of printing off the character sheets I'll let the players know which merits and attribute point they no longer have (along with any resulting changes). I'll give each an aspiration or two to help push them through the scenario, and for the most part give them virtues and vices the same as originally held, but play them GMC style.

                    Because I can only really spare one session for this scenario I'll likely gloss over and briefly narrate the less salient elements of the story. Unfortunately this will likely ruin the lingering pacing that is encouraged and restrict opportunity for role play, but I have a very limited time to complete the chronicle. This may be the case with many of the other scenarios as well.

                    One change I was considering was instead having the players roll at the end to see how many details they will remember, to instead let them remember a detail for every beat they earn through the scenario.

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                      Overall this session went really well, I had overestimated the length when I last posted so I didn't need to force the pacing when we played, despite starting an hour late. Alas, its been almost a week since we played so my memory isn't what it use to be.

                      I gave each character a simple Aspiration to encourage them, and help the players move forward with the story. Overall Aspirations have been, as a storyteller, my favorite new aspect of the rules since the GMC came out. It has offered a tool to help me guide the characters in the right direction by way of the player's own decisions. I also look forward to using them as a guide to pursue the players interests as the story unfolds. Here is what I came up with; I was not subtle with them:
                      Louis - Make a connection (with a person, in person).
                      Tina - Have a good time.
                      Becky Lynn - Have a new experience. The player would elaborate on this some more, above and beyond experiencing Mardi Gras for the first time, Becky Lynn was especially interested in experiencing her first kiss.
                      Jack - Make some cash.
                      Edward - Find a "warm bed" for the night.
                      Before play started, Becky Lynn's Player and I fleshed out her two Chaperons
                      Charles Hannibal Mayhew III - Charles is a promising young man with excellent prospects and good breeding. Becky Lynn's father sees him as a prospective suitor for his daughter and has encouraged them to spend time together. Charles is amenable to the idea, and has pursued a relationship in a way Becky Lynn's father would find acceptable.
                      Henry Bonneville (french pronunciation) - Also from a promising family, Henry is a law student looking to impress himself on Becky Lynn's father in hopes of advancing his career. Very attractive, Henry has caught Becky Lynn's eye, to his mild annoyance as he himself has developed a bit of an eye for Charles.
                      Note: A lot of these scenes are mixed in with scenario's read aloud text... if you want the full description its best to read along in the scenario booklet, particularly for the last scenes.

                      We opened up with Jack who had the farthest to go. His meeting with Sarah goes smoothly, grabbing the parcel that he is to deliver. When she proposes that he pick up some people and bring them to Louis Armstrong Park, he is reluctant, but assurances that his passengers will be coming of their own free will and promises of a substantial payment (Aspiration) change his mind. He departs after talking Sarah into paying him 20% up front. Jack arrives at the internet cafe where he was to find his passengers only to find them lacking, he decides to wait for them to show.

                      Earlier at the cafe, Louis is gazing out the window when another patron asks for his help fixing his laptop. Reluctant, but feeling lonely, Louis agrees to help out this stranger who seems willing to chat. Thankful for his help Nethaniel invites Louis to join him and some business associates at Didi's Jazz Club, and the two head off, just missing Jack who fails to spot them bypassing the line on their way to Didi's.

                      Meanwhile Becky Lynn is taking in the sights and sounds of Mardi Gras with her two chaperons, Charles' advances generally being ignored in favor to Henry's indifference. When Charles thinks he sees an old friend in a restaurant, Becky Lynn is more than happy to go wait with Henry by a delightful water fountain. Until Charles return, Henry points out the sights, including a creepy living statue looking like a bronzed reaper, to distract Becky Lynn. On his return, Becky Lynn does notice Charles to be a bit more absent minded, but generally passes it over in light of her interest in Henry, and she is especially please when he suggests going to a Jazz club.

                      Tina on the other hand is heading straight to Didi's Jazz Club when she spots a young sandy-blond haired man in an ally gesturing in a threatening manner before he vanishes, this unnerves her enough that she reconsiders the direction she is traveling. Her new course takes her past a group of street musicians performing along a crowded street. One of their number, Edward, spots this attractive young women looking like she could use some reassurance, deciding to play the gallant hero he grabs his stuff and follows, offering to look after her and offers companionship. Unfortunately for him, Tina was more creeped out than he realized, and she projects her feeling of disgust and fear onto him, rebuffing his advances. Wanting to get rid of him before she reaches the club she asks a passing police officer to intervene and after brief defense of his actions Edward admits defeat and decides to try his luck at that Jazz club down the street. Unfortunately for him, his attempt to convince the doorman that he is part of the band fails and unwilling to wait inline he wanders off into the crowd.

                      Around this time Becky Lynn and her escort arrives at the club, and she manages to use her looks to convince the doorman to let her and her chaperons into the club. Unknown to her Edward had spotted her in the crowd and sees another attractive, inexperienced prospect, and despite the escort decides to follow. When Becky Lynn is admitted to the Club, Edward successfully blends in with the two chaperons, sneaking past the doorman. Across the street, in the internet cafe, Jack spots Becky Lynn, one of his passengers, going into the club. Realizing he'd never talk his way past the doorman and would have to stand in the ever growing line, he decides to use his strengths and heads to his van to grab an undelivered package.

                      Thinking that Edward had given up his attempt to enter the Jazz Club, Tina decides it is safe to head on in, making her way easily past the doorman.

                      Inside the club, Louis is pleased to learn that Nethaniel has a table reserved and the two strike up a conversation. Becky Lynn is recognized by the hostess and is given a table of her own. Thinking how to make his move, Edward heads to the bar to grab some drinks. Tina surprised to see Edward at the bar and none of her friends in sight, head out to the dance floor in hopes of still having a good time.

                      While having their conversation, Louis finds himself uncomfortably alone when Nethaniel inexplicably seems to panic and run out the exit. Unsure what to do now, he decides to use his laptop to look up information of Nethaniel Dubois, especially in light of his behavior. Left uncomfortably alone in such a social setting he considers leaving before he is offered an invitation from a gentleman over at another table. The night already taking on a surreal aspect, Louis decides to accept the offer when he notices that a similar offer is made to a young lady at another table.

                      Becky Lynn, pleased by the attention of this attractive stranger and growing somewhat frustrated with her attractions towards Henry, accepts the offer, and decides to leave Henry behind to watch the table. Both are quickly pleased with the manner and interest of this gentleman, and his offer of drinks in exchange for their company. Becky Lynn, please not only by the attentions of the gentleman John Harley Matheson, is also entertained by Louis' encyclopedic knowledge of cheesy pickup lines and icebreakers.

                      Seeing an open table, but his chances with another inexperienced lady quickly shrinking, Edward decides to act. He grabs an order of drinks and head in the direction of John Matheson's table, but as he passes the dance floor he is startle as a fight seems to break out; a young sandy-blond haired man is attacking a women with a knife, and setting down his drink tray leaps to her aid, never shy about using his knight in shining armor routine. Tina, already on the dance floor, seeing this same fight, and recognizing the man who had threatened her., also jumps to the woman's aid. It is Tina's attack that sends the man staggering backwards, while Edward fails to disarm him. The man recognizing the forces set against him grins and disappears into the crowd. After the two check to see that the woman was okay, she asks Edward why he helped, he replies "it was the right thing to do." Pleased with this answer the woman heads off into the crowd too, and Edward wanting to maintain his image, continues on his way instead of making any moves on the two. This impresses Tiny, making her acknowledge he may not be as big of a creep as she thought.

                      Edward's and Tina's gallant actions gains the attention of John Matheson and invites for both, which Edward quickly accepts, playing on the impression he had just formed with this new crowd, Tina, still a little too paranoid to sit at the same table with Edward remains out on the dance floor.

                      Soon after Jack makes his way into the club, after approaching the rear entrance with an over-sized package. Getting the doorman to give him a hand to get the over-sized package through the door, Jack had an easy time convincing him that it was a legit deliver. Out of sight, Jack sets the package down and heads into the club proper. While scanning from the bar, Jack is pleased to find two of his passengers at a table together. Before he goes to meet them he receives a photo text with an image of Tina on the dance floor stating she was his "4th pssngr". Oddly a scan of the dance floor reveals the picture was just snapped, but no evidence of the photographer is in sight.

                      Taking the forward approach Jack heads to the table and states that he's their to pick them up. To his pleasant surprise, John Matheson admits he was hoping to bring a bunch of new and interesting companions with him to a exclusive party and had a friend arrange a ride if he hadn't the room in his car. When questioned where the party was, John admits it to be at the classy Madame De Pompedour's, an exclusive playground for the wealthy and influential of New Orleans. This disturbs Jack, because he was told to take them to the park, but decides to play along. Becky Lynn has heard of this place, and knows her father has frequented there, but she has never been invited. Hearing that it would be a most spectacular masquerade, she agrees to come along, hoping to please John. Louis too, unwilling to call the night quits, agrees as well. Edward, acknowledging that this sort of thing just doesn't happen, agrees to come along too, this pleases Jack who just received a text indicating that Edward is his third.

                      Unsure how to get Tina to come along, Jack is spotted looking at her image on his cell, by the group at the table. While Jack avoids answering why he has her picture, John turns the conversation in the direction of her heroic actions and suggests inviting her along too. To that end John suggests Becky Lynn should go and invite her, supported by Jack who wants her to come if he wants to get paid, as well as Edward and Louis who would both like at least another girl along for the ride. After a short discussion Becky Lynn agrees and heads over to talk to Tina while John volunteers to fetch Henry from the other table.

                      Tina, who is having doubts about remaining at the club after she hears a creepy, disembodied whisper, “If this was your last night, what would you do differently?” Is pleased to have Becky Lynn approach her, and pleased by an offer to leave this place thinking perhaps the night could still be salvaged. After some last arrangements, Jack's van is brought to the entrance where the group gathers outside. Unfortunately the endeavor is almost shattered at the sight of said van. Jack, a delivery courier bought himself an old UPS van, and everyone's suspicions are turned up at the sight of such a vehicle to take them to an 'exclusive' party. John, showing signs of great disappointment states that he expected his friend Sarah to have arranged a better choice of transportation. Having a valet bring out his car, a tasteful 1950s Cadillac sedan, John states he has enough room for everybody if Becky Lynn's chaperons would be willing to follow behind in Jack's van. Placated by the sight of John's car and his explanation, they eventually crawl into the automobile. John explains to Jack that would like to stop off at the park on their way out to meet his friend Sarah. This pleases Jack because it was the location everyone is suppose to reach and he has been reassured that Sarah will pay him there.

                      At the park the party meets Sarah, warning bells going off in all their heads, where she unleashes their sires on them. John Harley Matheson tares the throats out of the two chaperons. Tina and Becky Lynn run hand in hand. Andrea summons Edward away from the violence where she quickly embraces him with her short explanation. Mary pulls Jack into the safety of his van, where she tearfully embraces him. Louis, seeing Nethaniel anxiously calling him behind the sign, follows this tenuous connection (Aspiration) and like the others meets his end.

                      While fleeing Tina sees Lucas suddenly appear in front of her, she lashes out at him, striking him harder than she has hit anyone, but it doesn't seem to phase him. Impressed by her fighting spirit, he takes her down anyway. Becky Lynn shocked at the violent end of her chaperons and the savage attack on Tina, heeds Tina screams to flee. She cuts into the park towards the noises of Mardi Gra. In a secluded bowl of the park. John Matheson steps into sight. Crying and with no way past, she demands "why?" Lulled, tearfully by John's explanation she accepts his hand, and in his arms she experiences her first kiss (Aspiration).

                      The characters are carried to where Sarah directs, and while they struggle to regain their senses and mobility, the scene plays out. When regaining his motorfunction, Louis writes a brief note and hides it in his bag "Miss Opal will help you" (exceptional success). Tina struggles to get her footing, when she does, she lashes out at Lucas on last time. She hit him unawares, but he overpowers her one last time.

                      After the session came to a close, I found we had largely ignored using game mechanics for almost all of the session, this included the awarding of beats, which meant I didn't really see using them as a means of determining what details people remembered so I went with a roll. Jack retained the most details, while Louis remembers nothing (I'm pleased the player thought to write that note when she rolled that exceptional success).

                      Overall I found this was a very atmospheric and interesting session, I was very pleased. Sorry I didn't include a lot of that in the description, but including all that read aloud text would be murder.

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                        It was interesting, it went totally different then my first game using this storyline

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                          New session tonight, Fury!

                          For rules, I'll try to reemphasize the use of Mask, Dirge, and Touchstone for regaining Willpower via risk, and encourage the use of Dramatic Failures as a means of gaining Beats too. The most important aspects of B&S I want to focus on will be the use of Predator's Aura (particularly Lashing Out), and Frenzy, both of which hold a prominent place in the scenario and can help with the Theme (risk) and Mood (fury), as well as the related rules (Riding the Wave, Resisting) and conditions (Bestial, Tempted, etc). There will also be further demonstrations of disciplines, notably Nightmare.

                          Character specific notes, I want to encourage Becky Lynn's player to accept a Dramatic Failure on her attempt to resist Frenzy, thus encouraging her to hit a Breaking Point and potentially introducing her clan Bane. Having recently been affected by the Bestial condition, Louis is immune to it this session. Edward is immune to the effects of Andrea's Nightmare (a narrative element), I'm also treating Edward as Andrea's Touchstone.

                          Well lets hope I don't kill everyone. . . (This could go so wrong, lol)

                          EDIT: Alas, the game was a no go, I had 3 no shows out of 5 players . . . guess I have an extra week to prepare, lol
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                            Before getting started with Fury, the group finally decided Mary's fate . . . run and hide . . . Mary thanked them and left. The coterie let Alexander know that the Palm Reader's place was empty and that Mary must have fled before they got there.

                            Not wanting to delay the scenario with a feeding scene I decided to do something different. Starting Vitae was 1d10, with starting Willpower points at half of starting Vitae (round down, capped by max Willpower). If they wanted more I assumed hunting was successful, but they had a choice in the vain of the scenario's theme - Risk - They could gain 1-2 Vitae at no risk; Heavy Feeding: 3-6 Vitae, 1 Willpower, and 1 Beat, but risk a Breaking Point at 4 dice; A Kill: 7 Vitae, 2 Willpower and 1 Beat, risking a Breaking Point at 2 dice. I'm encouraging my players to write up the events of their feeding scenes between sessions.
                            Louis: Killed his prey - Passed his Breaking Point
                            Tina: Injured her prey - Failed her Breaking Point - Suffering the Wanton Curse now [EDIT: She says she fed on a child . . . might cultivate as a touchstone . . . certainly a candidate for a dependence]
                            Becky Lynn: Chose not to risk it - took 2 vitae
                            Jack: Killed his Prey - Passed his Breaking Point [EDIT: still has body in his van]
                            Edward: Killed his Prey - Passed his breaking point.
                            The events of Fury takes place a week after the PC's embraces. While meeting in an old diner, Jack receives a call from his cop contact, There seems to be something going down at Corpus Cristi and since Jack mentioned having a friend there, his contact thought he ought to know. The coterie discuss it for a bit then finally decide to head down and see whats what.

                            Meanwhile, Edward staying at Andrea's tenement, sees the cops pull up to the church where he knows Andrea is working on her 'major breakthrough.' He attempts to sneak into the church, but is unable to get past the cordon. Upon arriving at the church, the coterie spot Edward and recognize him as one of them, Becky Lynn miss-identifies him thinking he was one of their attackers (Dramatic failure). Edward tries to run when Becky Lynn puts up a fuss, but Alexander stops him with a startling demonstration of Celerity.

                            The PCs Join the discussion between Videl and Savoy, and it is decided that they could try to prove themselves by helping with the Church problem. The PCs agree, though Becky Lynn is reluctant to work with Edward, who was reluctant to admit that Andrea was in the church. [EDIT: Edward was spotted on the way into the church - tabloid stories - combined with surviving gang bangers from the first scenario, I think the Treme district may be getting some hunters soon]

                            In the Church, Alexander demonstrates Protean's higher abilities when he manifests claws, and a body better suited for speed (Becky Lynn resists Frenzying; Tempted). The group decides to inspect the basement. Here they find Marrow's Torpid body and they deduce this was where Andrea first lost control. They consider reviving Father Marrow, but decide it might not be a good time, instead they have Jack use Obfuscation to take Marrow's body out of the Church.

                            The rest continue upstairs into the main area, finding Andrea waiting (I used LED lighting strips to turn the game room red! players shocked!). Andrea uses Nightmare on Alexander (Frightened), He flees the room. The others resist frenzy (Tina/Louis, exceptional success; Becky Lynn, Tempted), Tina seeing a challenger, immediately charges and grapples Andrea. Edward, remembering that music had seemed to calm Andrea as she prepared for her experiment tries his guitar. Becky Lynn throws a cross at Andrea, and actually hits (chance die). Louis tries to dominate Andrea unsuccessfully.

                            Tina and Andrea struggle around the room tripping over pews and other debris, surprisingly Tina gets the upper hand, and manages to get her opponent in a hold, then eventually restrains her with a curtain hanging they had torn from its rings. Edward and Louis mostly attempt to calm Andrea through this while Becky Lynn retrieves the cross she had thrown.

                            To everyone's surprise Andrea begins to tear through the hangings restraining her, Tina attempts to restrain her again, but is overpower, Andrea tears her into Torpor with a single vicious bite to her throat (7 lethal damage). Becky Lynn Tries to beat Andrea over the head with the cross (Before she breaks free), but Edward jumps in the way to protect his sire, stopping her from hitting (Dramatic Failure). Becky Lynn slips into a Frenzy of her own, attacking Edward. Jack returns gun at the ready shoots Andrea with his pistol (Describing the scene as Jack enters was just beautiful). Louis tries to talk Becky Lynn out of her frenzy, unsuccessfully.

                            Edward is finally able to talk Andrea out of her Frenzy (bonus for using himself as a 'human shield'; exceptional success)... Andrea takes a bit to reorient herself, but when she does she realizes they need to get out fast... she first revives Tina with her vitae (first stage blood bond). Louis dominates Edward into standing down after he uses a knife to protect himself from Becky Lynn. Becky Lynn is largely ineffective in her rage.

                            With time in short supply, Andrea pummels Becky Lynn with a single powerful hit (11 bashing; Becky Lynn fails a breaking point for massive damage; The Feral Curse), sending her crashing through a pew and knocking her out of her anger frenzy (I'm improvising to keep the encounter from running overlong, the roll was totally legit though . . . players truly frightened by Andrea's significant power). The group decides its time to go (Jack is already gone).

                            While the rest decide how to get out before the cops come in, Jack using obfuscate, grabs the body of his feeding kill from his van (unsure why - certainly shocking - and likely containing evidence), placing it in a cop car he jambs the gas and slams it into gear - it flies off and into the side of the church, distracting the cops just before busting in.

                            The rest, hearing the distraction, slide out of one of the windows - Becky Lynn hides in the earth; Tina, Edward, and Andrea use their great speed to flee into the Park; Louis blends into the crowd of cops and observers unseen, except by Videl and Savoy who confront him. Though displeased with the gun fire and the missing Andrea, they are pleased with Father Marrow's recovery and let Louis and Jack go.

                            Meanwhile, in the park, Andrea learns how it was that Edward and the group came to be at the Church, and that it was at the Princes behest, not wanting them to suffer for her mistakes, Andrea volunteers to turn herself in to the Prince. Edward refuses to hear of it, so Andrea leaves the choice up to Tina, as a representative of the others. Tina refuses too.

                            With Andrea's help they make it look like a vampire was subdued in the park and destroyed by the dawning light... Edward and Tina learn that they are able to weather some sunlight, where Andrea cannot, as they have to stay behind for a short time into dawn to make the ruse convincing... each taking minor damage on their return to their havens.

                            The next night the group get back together and meet with the powers that be. Edward and Tina explain that Andrea lost control again and they were only able to subdue her by the time dawn came. For rescuing Father Marrow, and ending Andrea the coterie is recognized, though Videl is disappointed that Andrea couldn't be questioned. They are given permission to seek further information about their sires and Sarah and to move around the city as necessary.
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