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The Mystery of the Divine - A bleeding edge mysery

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  • The Mystery of the Divine - A bleeding edge mysery

    "Your claims to be defying God are nothing more than the jumped up pretentious waffle of a morally bankrupt scientist trying to justify his perversions. Do you really think God Himself cares if your bloods is a little more addictive? If you can stand in the sunlight for a few more moments?"

    "I intend to storm the gates of heaven and take God's throne. If you want to defy god, go about it seriously."

    The Ordo Dracul believe in change, but just what are they changing into? What is the end result of a Coil that protects you from sunlight and fire? The Devotees of the Divine accuse the other Mysteries of not having a clue what they really want. They say they want to defy God, and then they make themselves better at ruling the kine. If they came out and said their goal was to rule then at least they could be respected for setting modest goals within their capabilities and achieving them, but this confusion deserves only scorn.

    In contrast, and as the Mystery freely admits, devotees of the divine have the opposite problem. They take the idea of defying god in it's most literal form. They want to transform themselves into something that can quite literally storm the gates of heaven, bite the throat of God, then sit on His throne using His desiccated body as a footstool.

    How the fuck do you even get started?

    Theologians have debated about the nature of god for millennia, to no surprise a young group of power mad deicidial vampires aren't doing much better. A simple problem is that if a God doesn't want to you find It, you probably wont. If a god doesn't want to be on the operating table you won't be able to capture It, and probably won't survive trying. Neither the Sanctum or the Circle are happy to display their magic for experimentation, and do their powers really come from Gods?

    The Mystery of the Divine pursue a thousand unmarked paths to godhood, a single misstep could lead them to a permeant dead end or final death.

    As for their peers? Provided they keep the sneering to a tolerable level the Mystery is respected by the Ordo for their dedication to defying God and for their research; in much the same was as you might respect a fireman running into the burning building while quickly running in the opposite direction.

    Coil of the Divine

    No Mystery has ever succeeded to become what they wish through the Coils, the Mystery of the Divine hasn't even gotten close. They have far less concrete information to work with than most mysteries and they constantly mix up multiple ideas of divinity. You can argue about whether the beings of the Empyrean and the greatest Spirits are both Gods or merely extraordinarily powerful, but it is a matter of objective fact that trying to combine both into a single Coil will tie you in knots.

    The following rules present a relatively successful coil that draws from one single concept of the divine, one that the Mystery would agree with, and so rivals any other Mystery's achievements. In reality only the first two dots have been discovered. Most attempts to create the third dot draw from a different manner of God and if the Vampire isn't destroyed by his experiments or the resulting Coil she is stuck at a dead end. The rest are simple failures or irreproducible successes.


    By witnessing a religious service dedicated to herself the Vampire gains a rush of self-confidence represented by the Steadfast Condition; in addition if the Vampire has the Competative condition it is resolved. As Blood Potency rises the service must become more elaborate. At Blood Potency three or lower a simple prayer service for at least Blood Potency people is sufficient. At Blood Potency six or less ten times Blood Potency cultists must come together in a service involving icons, incense and similar sacraments. At higher Blood Potency it takes 100 times blood potency cultists and blood sacrifices. The Vampire doesn't need to be present, but he must be able to see and hear the service as it happens either through technological or supernatural means.

    Nectar and Ambrosia OO

    Every time the vampire feeds on someone who worships him, he drains one point of Willpower for every point of damage. Each point of willpower provides one damage point's worth of Vitae. A cult may be represented by the Herd merit, and in such cases he doubles the vitae provided by the Merit.

    After being fed upon the vampire's cultists gain the Inspired Condition as a result of a rapturous experience and knowing they helped their god.


    The Vampire's beast and soul begins to spread outwards from it's body, a fragment takes root in all the Vampire's mortal worshippers. The vampire no longer needs to witness a religious service to benefit from it's effects and when present among a large number of followers (the same as for the first dot of this Coil) his Blood Potency is effectively increased by two dots to a maximum of ten. The vampire's soul has more room to grow and when the components are together they can unlock that potential.

    If the Vampire's follower ever stops worshipping the fragment of the Vampire is instantly expelled.


    The Vampire's bond to her worshippers grows. By focusing on a cultist the Vampire may use their senses as though they were her own. In addition she may engage in two way telepathic communication with her cultists. Any Disipline that affects the target's mind and dosn't require anointing of blood or some thing else that requires the vampire's presence may also be used upon a cultist remotely.

    While the vampire is using a cultist's senses he may still notice danger or other events near her own body, but at a -3 penalty.


    The vampire extends upon his ability to ride his followers. He can posses them at any time, using their bodies for his own purposes. While possessing the Vampire uses his cultist's physical attributes and merits and his own traits for everything else. He may use the predatory aura and still suffers from any banes and the risk of Frenzy but does may not use any other of his supernatural abilities. If his cultist possesses any purely physical supernatural abilities (such as poisonous fangs implanted by some horrific scale of the dragon) or if the Vampire and his worshipper have supernatural abilities in common (such as a Ghoul with the same disciplines) then he may make use of those. If he somehow knows either the Vampire may use Theban Sorcery or Curac while in a host body.

    So long as they have worshippers Gods can't die. If the Vampire is forced into Torpor or Final Death (and has a Blood Potency of two or more) she may reflexively spend a dot of Blood Potency to permanently transfer herself into a worshipper. Over a course of (he new reduced) Blood Potency days the victim transforms physically and mentally into the Vampire; eventually the cultist's soul is expelled (or worse) and the Vampire is restored, safe and healthy.

    Normally a cultist embraces their God's destructive possession. A timely intervention by deprogrammers or the vampire's enemies may encourage them to fight back, in such a case use the following rules. Start with 0 Transformation Points and once a day roll a contested Resolve + Composure roll. If the Vampire wins add one Transformation Point, if the Vampire looses remove one. At Blood Potency Transformation Points the process is complete, but if the score ever reaches negative Blood Potency Transformation points the vampire's soul is expelled and suffers Final Death. So long as the Transformation Points are positive the cultist can regain willpower from both her own and the Vampire's Virtue and Vice, however using the Vampire's inflicts a -2 to her next roll to resist soul hijacking.

    Finally, a sufficiently skilled sorcerer could forcibly exorcise the vampire's soul from the cultist. Even a willing cultist.

    Scales of the Divine focus on the manipulation of obscure occult energies. Through the Coil of the Divine Dragons have uncovered and manage to feed upon a form of energy created or focused by worship. Though this energy is barely understood the Scales of the Divine use a verity of mystic, pseudo-scientific and new age paraphernalia to focus, transfer and transmute worship for a verity of effects.

    The majority of Scales focus on enhancing the vampire's cultists to make them more useful servants. Others focus on transmutation between different states of prayer energy, at least that's what the dragons think they do. Just as the Dragons have difficulty telling entirely unrelated orders of divine, ethereal or spiritual beings apart they often assume that various forms of energy are merely another variant of prayer energy, consequently the transmutations tend to be monstrously inefficient and their experiments have a alarming tendency to go horribly wrong or attract the attention of terrifying beings from far reaches.

    Example scales:

    A crystal lined helmet that reflects prayer energy. A prayer session wearing it results in a feedback loop causing a long term bout of fanaticism.

    Store prayer energy for eating later.

    Using special acupuncture needles that attract prayer energy for faith healing.

    Turning your fangs into a prayer capacitor. Anyone you bite, not just your cult, is inspired. Useful for recruiting.

    Turn 5 vitae into one spirit Essence. Roll a chance die, on a dramatic failure a dangerous spirit materializes. This is not a practical scale but an example of the dangerous and ignorant experiments being used to develop the 3+ dots.

    Focus a whole cult's worth of prayer energy into a tight beam. Another non-practical scale; the dragons occasionally beam it at places like The Vatican or Mt Olympus hoping to attract a god's attention for study. (They haven't gotten any reply yet)
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    Another interesting heresy. It's one I think most Dragons would actively suppress as to not have to deal with the inevitable problems it could cause with the LS or the Invictus.


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      I doubt the Dragons will suppress this one. Defying God is there core ideology so the Coil of God Fighting would be encouraged.

      “There are no rules. Only Principles and natural laws.” - Promethius
      My Homebrew no longer fits in a signature, you can find an index of it here.
      Full length fan-books I contributed too: Princess: the Hopeful, Leviathan: the Tempest, Dream Catchers


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        It is a valid point and a very appealing Mystery. But if the LS or Invic hear that the Ordo have figured out to master banes or walk in sunlight longer, thats interesting but it's not a threat to the power structure. If they find out "Oh that super secret society that messes with the fabric of vampiric condition? Yeah they can feed off human prayer and turn themselves into little mini-deities" thats out right war between the LS and Ordo. People might pursue it on the QT but institutionally I don't see how they could not actively discourage as keep the peace and keep chapterhouses from getting torched.


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          Why does the LS need to know of these experiments? + Why would Ordo supress it? LS sure, they'll hate it. But Ordo would probably cherish such a thing. And if this becomes widespread in the city, LS will have real trouble fighting Ordo with such power.

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            In theory this might cause a Lance/Ordo war. That doesn't mean the Ordo would spresss it. Instead they'd simply hide it. Or maybe make plans to win the war.

            “There are no rules. Only Principles and natural laws.” - Promethius
            My Homebrew no longer fits in a signature, you can find an index of it here.
            Full length fan-books I contributed too: Princess: the Hopeful, Leviathan: the Tempest, Dream Catchers


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              Hm. Interesting approach and in sync with Ordo stuff.
     - this one discipline seems to draw from the same source.

              Did you consider having third-fourth dot of Coil allowing vampire to create some kind of "spiritual ghouls" - granting some limited powers and drawbacks of ghoulhood to all (or chosen?) of his followers through the Willpower use? It seems pretty appropriate to all "beast and soul begins to spread outwards from it's body, a fragment takes root in all the Vampire's mortal worshippers" thing.


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                This seems like it might have some connection to the Tenth Choir in B&S.


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                  Cool, I hadn't herd of Ralab before. It does seem to have a lot in common.

                  I didn't consider spiritual ghouldom, part of my concept is that this perversion of divinity is all take and no give. Though you could possibly make a scale based on the idea.

                  “There are no rules. Only Principles and natural laws.” - Promethius
                  My Homebrew no longer fits in a signature, you can find an index of it here.
                  Full length fan-books I contributed too: Princess: the Hopeful, Leviathan: the Tempest, Dream Catchers


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                    If you wouldn't mind a little thread necro, this mystery might have been started by an asnam or other cult or "I am a god" associated bloodline who defected to the ordo dracul and kept up his or her bloodline's proclivities.


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                      Re-Opened by Request.

                      Please don't necro threads.
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                        Well, I coded the Coil and made adjustments for my campaing. I liked the idead of war between LS and OD, and some of my players were really asking for something similar to the this.
                        I will also develop a Mystery Cult that I intened to share here another day.

                        Coil of the Divine

                        Ambrosia (•)
                        Vitae is life, but the vitae that flows within a deity is Ambrosia. The Defiant Vitae becomes dramatically more addictive, with each point counting as two for the purposes of Vitae addiction (p. 99). What’s more, for the purposes of making Ghouls, the Dragon does not need to spend Willpower.

                        Cornucopia (••)
                        Those who feast with the gods carry a spark of divinity within themselves. Every time the Dragon feeds on someone that has been Ghouled through Ambrosia, she recovers a point of Willpower along with the Vitae taken. Having experienced the gratitude of the gods, those Ghouls also gain the Inspired Condition as a result of the rapturous experience.

                        Scions of Zeus (•••)
                        The Dragon very soul begins to spread outwards from it's body, and fragments takes root in all the Ghouls she has created. Ghouls made through Ambrosia reflexively develop a natural resistance against supernatural powers, been treated as if they possessed a Blood Potency rating of 1, they still count as human for feeding purposes. The Dragon also develops Blood Sympathy towards all Ghoul she has created, as if they were twice removed from her. This is a one way link, her ghouls do not receive bonus dice against their god.

                        Demigods (••••)
                        The Defiant sow his seeds expecting tho reap divinity, and death cannot stand on his way. She can created a special type of Ghouls that still requires the expenditure of a point of Willpower, but those are much more close to a true scion of hers. They treat most sources of harm as contusive damage, their blood nourishes as if they were Kindred and the Dragon develops a once removed Blood Sympathy with them. Those Ghouls are harder to maintain, requiring a dose of Vitae each week. As a side effect, they now suffer aggravated damage from fire. In the case of death, the Dragon has Blood Potency days to embrace her, or else it will come back as a Revenant.

                        Return from Hades (•••••)
                        Having climbed all the steps on her journey to become a deity, the Defiant is now unbound from her body, the faith in her existence alone suffice. So long as they have worshippers, Gods can't die. If the Dragon is forced into Torpor or Final Death she may reflexively spend a dot of Blood Potency to permanently transfer herself into a mortal she has ghouled. Over the course of Blood Potency days the victim transforms physically and mentally into the Vampire; eventually the ghoul soul is consumed and the Vampire is restored, safe and healthy.
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