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"Properly forged sword" and "training in archaic warfare": bonuses on weaponry rolls?

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  • "Properly forged sword" and "training in archaic warfare": bonuses on weaponry rolls?

    Hi !

    I was making last minute adjustments for a test character while working on my game, and I came across the table on p.185 of VtR2E. As a Storyteller, and Minmaxer Anonymous, I tend to watch out for combos my players might use, and this seems like a weird gray area, almost like an artifact from 1E WoD (since weapons used to give bonuses to dice pools instead of raw damage, right?).

    So I was wondering, is that an artifact of the last edition or is it more akin to a "master crafted" "masterwork" weapon? Could I take the stat block from a machette and add a +2 to my dicepool because it's now a "properly forged sword" ?

    Also, literally two lines below, there's "training in archaic warfare": does that mean if you "pay" for such training you get to add two more dice to your weaponry pool? What do I tell a hypothetical player asking me if that's possible?

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    I generally ignore that chart, since the whole concept makes no sense to me. That said, I've seen a thread or two when it comes up. People seem to generally hand-wave the details and let the dice bonus last for one major event, generally making the PCs decide what that event will be ahead of time. Like, they need the sword for an upcoming duel. After the duel, they no longer have the dice bonus. These are services, not buying items, after all. Presumably getting a "properly forged sword" from this chart is more of a rental.

    I'd assume training is similar. You get situational training for something you know is going to happen, so you get a dice bonus for that particular scene or series of scenes.

    Like I said, I skip it because it seems clunky, but that's how I've seen others explain it.

    Also, yes. They are dice bonuses, not weapon bonuses.Not entirely sure why, but all services seem to just add to pool.


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      IIRC, those dice bonuses are suggested for if you'd need them. The action doesn't necessarily have to give a dice bonus, but if you want it to, use that one. It's effect may be more narrative in scope.

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        I'm with Leets. Those suggested modifiers are for some action that the service would assist with, but I wouldn't apply them to standard things like combat. Just studying archaic warfare techniques will never translate into a permanent +2 to combat rolls at my table, for instance.

        Where it would apply is on other rolls where knowledge of those techniques will be a benefit. I can't give you an exhaustive list, just take those die modifiers as a suggestion. Suppose you fight a masked assailant who's a virtuoso with a blade. You could engage an expert to analyze the mysterious swordsman's technique, and using that you might be able to identify him. The +2 would apply to those rolls.

        Maybe you want a perfectly forged sword to curry favor with an antique collector, or connoisseur of weapons. The bonus would apply to your rolls to open Doors, impress him, etc.


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          Tell them "no."
          The Firearms skill covers identifying, maintaining, and using firearms. Although the Weaponry skill doesn't include the same text, I assume that it covers the same for melee weapons. It really doesn't make any sense to me for a service someone else does for you to affect your combat ability. The skill itself covers combat ability. Combat skills have uses other than combat so that is where I would suggest allowing the use of the relevant services (outside of combat).