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    Another writeup I did for the nVampire 2e place I play on. Here's the Carnon! Got to note, the staff there haven't given it a look-over yet. So this may be a bit raw, really.

    Bloodline Curse (The Pucks' Curse): The Carnon are descended from a wild kindred who beyond the belief of some, founded the bloodline in a mere five days after his embrace. His extreme and excessive nature was imprinted in the blood of his followers, and as a result they lose the 10-again quality from rolls to resist frenzy. What's more elders of this line should any last that long, become more and more inhuman in appearance as time goes on. Once a member of the carnon line hits Blood Potency 6, they take a -2 penalty to all social rolls to interact with anyone. This includes kindred, and increases in intensity by 1 for every 2 blood potency dots thereafter.

    Bloodline Gift (Savage Synergy): The carnon are extremely close to their beasts. As it stands, while their wild nature often proves detrimental as per their bloodline curse, they also gain some degree of benefit from it. All rolls made to ride the wave gain the 9-again quality.

    Disciplines: Animalism, Nightmare, Protean, Resilience

    The Palace of Wisdom

    The palace of wisdom is an ideal that holds much sway with the Carnon. Specifically, an idea of transcendent power and glory derived from a partnership with their beast. As they indulge more and more, they become more keenly aware of their beast's nature from the feedback it gives them. Embrace, feeding, frenzy, all of these bring them closer to understanding as their founder had come closer. And so too, does it open up new roads for their power to be displayed.

    The Palace of Wisdom is mechanically, somewhere between an inherent ability and the coils of the dragon. While these are not ritualistically developed powers, they are instead the result of feral epiphanies and the inherent power of the pucks' blood. In specific terms, they are merits that are meant to enhance aspects of the vampiric condition in concert with the overarching themes of the given discipline.

    Beast King Mien (***)
    Prerequisites: Animalism **, Carnon

    The king of beasts walks about with an aura of unchallenged confidence, for if any could challenge him then he would not be king. This merit augments the Carnon's lashing out, and allows them to use their dots in animalism in place of their blood potency both to resist and display the predatory aura.

    Joy in wounds (**)
    Prerequisites: Resilience **, Carnon

    The beast is an entity of savage might, and revels in bloodshed. Even as the beast is harmed by the slings and arrows of the world, it only rages further in savage exhileration to lash out at its enemies. This merit expands the nature of their resilience. Specifically, it allows them to spend 1 vitae per turn to invert up to (Resilience) points of wound penalties into bonuses for a single turn as an inherent effect of their discipline.

    Typhon's Blessing (***)
    Prerequisites: Protean **, Carnon

    To bring forth the beast into the flesh is to accept a divine blessing, to reveal your inner nature in its fullest breadth and extent. And in the full magnificence of feral glory, the carnon push their protean powers to even higher levels than thought possible. Whenever the Carnon activates Protean at two or four dots to manifest a feral or unnatural aspect, they may choose to add a single die to a single dicepool based on a given physical attribute. This does not however, change derived values. Conversely, activating the unnatural aspect in tandem with the feral aspect allows them to gain a total of +1 die to two attributes, or +2 dice to one attribute.

    Glory of the damned (**)
    Prerequisites: Nightmare **, Carnon

    When the beast wishes fear, it does not wish the fear of mortals. It wishes the fear of something higher, something more terrible, and in a more primal way than mortals could ever inspire. Such is the nature of nightmare, and such is the nature of a carnon's intimidation. Whenever the carnon makes an attempt to intimidate, they may do so using skills other than intimidation, as appropriate. Persuasion may be used to convince an individual of their transcendent power, to cow their minds. Expression may be used to glorify oneself and the supernatural weight of the beast will turn it to numinous reverence. In the end however, this is all up to the storyteller to determine what is and isn't applicable under the auspices of supernaturally potent fear being leashed to other forms of influence.

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