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  • The Carnival writeup

    And yet another bloodline conversion of mine. This was before staff on Requiem for Kingsmouth edited it. If you like, you can find the edited version here: Props to Is_a_becca for making those changes! Whichever you prefer, I hope you use.

    The Carnival

    Bloodline Gift (Trainwreck Effect): The carnival bloodline revels in the hideous and the near-art of body horror. When they perform and cavort in their grotesqueries, people watch out of simple compulsion rather than desire. Some often call this the, 'Trainwreck Effect' after the phenomenon of being unable to peel your eyes away from the site of a horrific accident. The carnival bloodline adds its members blood potency to any rolls meant to transfix, fascinate, or inspire disgust. This generally applies to things like intimidation, subterfuge for the fixation, or anything that would benefit from a supernatural fixation based on hideous appearance.

    Bloodline Curse (The Freak's Visage): The carnival bloodline is one of hideous appearance and monstrous mien. And to them, that's perfectly alright. A positive thing, even. This bloodline receives a decrease of three dots total to their physical attributes upon joining the bloodline, representing the deformity inflicted by the blood's disfigurement. Alternatively, they may choose to gain the nosferatu clan weakness. If they choose the attribute lessening, this also imposes a cap of one dot on their attributes for every dot lost, lower than would normally be available.

    Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Protean, Vigor


    Come one, come all! (Majesty **)

    Cost: 1 vitae, 1 willpower
    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Majesty vs Composure + Blood Potency
    Duration: Instant

    A number of people are too wise to the tricks of the carnival, or simply don't quite have the interest in grotesqueries that the carnival presents. So in response to this this devotion, also called 'Ballyhoo' amongst the carnival itself, was invented. This allows the carnival member to inflict the charmed condition on an individual on a success for the cost of 1 point of vitae, and 1 point of willpower provided they do not provide supernatural resistance. This however as many carnival tricks, represents a fixation rather than a positive inclination per se.

    This devotion costs 15 beats to learn.

    Geek Trick (Vigor **)

    Cost: 1 vitae
    Dice Pool: Stamina + Intimidation + Vigor

    As the one dot, 'The Show' power save that it lasts (Vigor) hours instead of (Successes) turns on an exceptional success.

    This devotion costs 10 beats to learn.

    Freakshow (Protean **)

    When it comes to strange and nightmarish displays of shapeshifting prowess, the more features the merrier! Or at least, that's the carnival's philosophy. Developed to allow for even more twisted manifestations of the beast within upon the outward flesh, 'Freakshow' as the devotion is known allows for the expenditure of an additional willpower point when activating protean at two or four dots, in order to manifest an extra attribute at once from a given rank.

    This devotion costs 20 beats to learn.

    Hoodwink (Celerity **)

    Ultimately, the point of the Carnival is threefold. The first, is to disgust and mortify the so-called, 'Beautiful'. In other words, anyone who isn't truly deformed and mutated as the Carnival themselves are. Secondly, it is to occasionally teach humility through cruel lessons that occasionally involve a new inductee into the bloodline. The third finally, is to bilk the more run of the mill members of society for all they're worth. This devotion serves to enhance usage of the third purpose.

    Cost: 1 vitae
    Dice Pool: None
    Duration: Instant

    This devotion allows the vampire access to preternatural speed and coordination, allowing them to add their celerity dots to any larceny-based rolls provided such rolls could reasonably benefit from said enhancements, or on any subterfuge rolls where the goal is to distract by way of personal finesse. A primary usage of this is of course, through magic tricks meant to mesmerize and equally so the pickpocketing of those mesmerized.

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