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    Man, I've got a lot of bloodlines for you folks to use. Anyway, here's the Brothers of Ypres. Is_a_Becca smoothed this one out a LOT on the Requiem for Kingsmouth wiki. So if you want, you can check it out here: But still, here's the unmodified version.

    Bloodline bane (The Trencher's Curse): The Brothers of Ypres are completely and utterly unable to acquire sustenance from any individuals who do not currently suffer from some form of poison. This could be an external affliction such as tear gas, or an internal one such as snake venom or alcohol. Strictly addictive substances do not count, they must actively create a harmful effect in the person's body. But so long as the individual is poisoned by smoke, radiation, gas, anything to that effect, they are valid targets for a Trencher's feeding.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Nightmare, Obfuscate

    Bloodline Gift: Asphyx
    The powers employed by the Brothers of Ypres are strange and in some cases, nightmarish to those aware of the potential ramifications of one acting. As such, they are kept a relatively guarded secret. While it is well-known that they are in fact capable of exuding toxic poisons and gases, the precise scale on which they are doing so is not that well known.

    The precise mechanics of asphyx are as follows. Each night upon rising, a Brother of Ypres must internalize a stronger or weaker toxin to be projected. Unique to this bloodline, it appears to be a mixture of several World War I era chemical irritants or weapons when examined in a laboratory or otherwise scientific setting. The stronger toxin has a toxicity equal to the Trencher's blood potency and does lethal damage, whereas the weaker toxin has a toxicity equal to the Trencher's (Blood Potency + 2) and does bashing damage.

    Notable as well are the methods by which a Trencher can exude their toxins and are arguably far more notable than the toxins themselves. Below is a chart that describes the methods by which a Brother of Ypres may poison their targets.

    BP Methods
    1 Natural excretion
    2 Breath, expulsion
    3 Projectile expulsion
    4 Projectile breath
    5 Full Transformation

    Natural excretion covers any method of exuding liquid that would normally be present in a human body. Sweat, bodily oils, tears, saliva, and more are all valid methods for a Jones to excrete their toxin at this level.'

    Projectile expulsion requires a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll at a penalty of -2 to represent attempting to strike an exposed area of the target's skin. This increases to -4 if they are covering partially such as by a half face-mask or bandana, and becomes impossible if they are wearing watertight clothing across their entire body such as a hazmat suit. Projectile breath functions similarly, yet does not suffer from these penalties and requires airtight coverage to be avoided entirely.

    Full transformation acts as the Five-dot power of Protean, save for that any non-kindred or otherwise not undead targets in the area are exposed to the poison within the Jones' body.

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