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    Originally posted by Claire Redfield View Post

    I'd be interested in seeing that one!
    You can feel free to pick it apart in turn but I wouldnt wanna hijack your thread XD.

    I think now you'd need Unnatural Affinity, as you can't inherently feed on other creatures for proper sustenance. I like the idea of them being able to feed on Twilight form spirits. Maybe it could allow them to "feed" on locus Essence, too.
    I always figured that Unnatural Affinity was an elder thing; you only need it if you can't feed on 'humans' anymore, or otherwise have some weakness that prevents it. But yeah, that does sound good, though be careful about allowing them to get too much from a locus; i'd limit it to maybe once per week so a Vampire can't just hang out at a Loci and never need to feed (I ran into a similar problem when I remade fontal rituals).

    In 1E, Protean (and, I think, some others) allowed you to do that. Checking now, there doesn't seem to be any mention of it in 2E, so maybe I'll rewrite it.
    Right. I mean, nothing explicitly prevents it, and don't get me wrong, I don't mind the 'buy the power again' thing you have at the 5th level, I just think it ends up looking messy to add 'Add 1xp extra cost do do X and Y, or 2 for Z'.

    It progresses from sensing spirits and communicating with them, to being able to feed on them (though I may change that up a bit), travel into the Shadow Realm, gain an honorary spirit Rank, and finally transform your body to gain some of the benefits of spirits. The individual implementations might need some work, but it seems like there's at least a sense of progression to me.
    I may have misstated my point; I see the natural progression, but the powers don't really interact with each other at all is all I meant. Dominate's higher levels use Mesmerized, for instance, and Obfuscate 2 lets you use other levels on others, etc.

    Thanks! I wasn't sure about the 5th-level, but most everyone seems to like it as is, so that works for me. Considering I would like to play a vampire in a crossover game sometime, this Discipline would certainly make being part of a pack a lot easier!
    Heh I'm the same way about liking to make stuff that facilitates crossover.
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      Alrighty! Let's take a crack at revising this one, shall we? I'll cut out a lot of the fluff text, just looking at rules here for the moment. I considered letting vampires play with Conditions and Manifestations, but I'm not sure how that would work thematically or mechanically. Mostly, I wanted to tighten up the rules here.

      This Discipline has a prerequisite of Unnatural Affinity (Spirits).

      Pulse of the Invisible (•)
      Essence fuels the spirit world as blood fuels the world of flesh. The actions of living things creates it, and though they have not flesh like Kine, spirits are every bit as alive. With training, a vampire can hone her keen predatory senses to detect the flows of Essence. She can feel the presence of spiritual phenomena and track it like prey.
      Cost: -
      Dice Pool: This power is always active and requires no dice roll.
      Action: Instant (see below)
      Effect: The vampire can feel whenever spiritual phenomena occurs within Short Range. If she possesses Auspex, increase the range to Medium. This spiritual sense tips her off to the presence of such powers, flooding her undead body with sensations she hasn't felt since the Embrace: goosebumps, a churning in her stomach, even the illusion of cold sweat. If she is heavily distracted, such as in combat or in the midst of feeding, the Storyteller can call for a perception roll.

      A vampire can focus her senses to see greater detail. With an instant action to focus (Storytellers might require a successful Wits + Occult roll to do so in combat), she can see spirits in Twilight, loci, verges, and similar spiritual phenomena until the end of the scene. She gains no ability to touch those things. While she can communicate with spirits in Twilight, she can only do so in the languages she knows, and not every spirit speaks mortal tongues. A vampire with this power qualifies to learn the Language (First Tongue) Merit if she desires, gaining the ability to fluently converse with spirits. For the duration of this effect, the vampire can also "see" the Fettered Condition as a glimmering aura enveloping the affected objects and people. If a spirit in Twilight state wishes to remain hidden (perhaps through the use of some power), it triggers a Clash of Wills.

      Blood is Life (••)
      The power vampires gain from blood is something mystical, something they cannot fully explain. Blood represents life, and through this stolen life-force vampires sustain their unnatural immortality. Spirits are immortal, too, and yet very much alive, capable of growth. Vampires at this level of mastery learn how to feed from Essence and offer up their own in turn to sate spirit appetites.
      Cost: -
      Dice Pool: -
      Action: Instant
      Effect: A vampire with this power may feed on spirits in Twilight. She immerses herself in the spirit's incorporeal form and "breathes" in the life essence. This is not without risks. Many spirits are potent creatures with strange powers of their own, and this ability offers no additional protection. While risky, feeding from spirits does offer some advantages. Spirits are far more durable than mortals and can stand to lose much more Essence than humans can lose blood. Every 2 points of Essence grants 1 Vitae for these purposes. Each 2 points of Essence taken also causes one bashing damage to spirits, which are simply more durable than mortal creatures.

      The vampire can also spill some of her blood onto the ground, and allow it to rise as Essence for the consumption of hungry spirits. She simply spends however much Vitae she wishes to offer. Every point of Vitae translates to two points of Essence. This Essence lasts for about a minute, and carries a heavy resonance of both death and hunger. The Essence consumed this way carries with it the possibility of blood bonds as well as Vitae addiction.

      Finally, this power allows vampires to feed on Essence generated by loci. The character must touch or symbolically interact with the locus and spend one turn per point of Essence consumed. Each point translates to 1 Vitae. The vampire may only draw a number of Vitae equal to her Blood Potency per day.

      Under the Skin of the World (•••)
      Secrets lie hidden in the night. A world of supernatural predators lives just beneath human notice, preying upon them by night and vanishing during the day. Beyond a smothering veil called the Gauntlet, another world of predator and prey lies similarly hidden from the Kindred. Here, spirits of animals, plants, elemental forces, even concepts engage in the most ancient of life-and-death struggles. Secrets are buried throughout this spirit world, and there is power here, as well. Most vampires, even if they believed in the existence of a shadowy hidden realm of spirits, would not care. Blood is a mortal concern. Leave the spirits to their bizarre struggles, and let the Kindred remain to prey upon the Kine.

      Other vampires hunger for things besides blood. Secrets, powers, new realms to explore, and new advantages to exploit. What advantage might spirits and their world offer to a vampire's Danse Macabre? Few vampires bother with such things, and fewer still have any way to defend against it. Should a vampire plunge into the spirit world in search of occult mysteries and new powers, who knows what she might discover—or become.

      This power allows a vampire to cross over into the spirit world, an act called Reaching. To them it feels like pushing through a thick canopy, or perhaps a semi-solid sheet of water, and emerging into a world where their dead skin feels alive once more. Vampires must Reach at a locus, a place where the two realms have been anchored to one another. Many loci are guarded, by werewolves or by greedy spirits on the other side, so a vampire who wishes to Reach across is well-served by investigating first. Of course, not all vampires have the luxury of time or choice. Even simply traveling to the spirit world is fraught with risks.

      The Shadow Realm is so called because it is a dark place, where the sun and moon are veiled. Night rules the spirit world, where the sky in most places remains dark enough that the vampire need not fear the sun. Nor does she suffer from the pull of daysleep, but she must continue to spend Vitae each day at approximately the same time she would rise at night. Despite this, it is easy to lose track of time as it would exist in the physical world. Unless the locus the vampire is using is hidden indoors, somewhere away from sunlight, Reaching back into the mortal world is very risky. The vampire might seek out the knowledge of a spirit to find out the time of day before crossing over.
      Cost: -
      Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Blood Tenebrous
      Action: Instant
      Suggested Modifiers: Staring into reflective surface (+1), crossing into the Shadow during the day (-4), crossing into the Flesh during the day (-2)

      The transfer takes time: two turns per level of Gauntlet strength. See Werewolf: The Forsaken p. 101 for more information on the Gauntlet and Reaching. Spending a point of Vitae allows the vampire to disappear and reappear instantly on the other side. The vampire may attempt to bring others across with her. Each additional traveler levies a -1 penalty on the roll. Unconscious travelers instead impose a -2 penalty, and actively unwilling travelers a -4 penalty. This requires a greater exertion. Additional passengers cost 1 Vitae each.

      Roll Results
      Dramatic Failure: The vampire fails to pierce the Gauntlet and comes away “tarred” in ephemeral gunk. She may not attempt to Reach again for one full day.
      Failure: The character fails to cross over into the other world. She may try again in the same scene, but it requires a point of Willpower.
      Success: The character vanishes from her current world and passes through the Gauntlet. She reappears in her destination realm a short time later.
      Exceptional Success: The vampire slips from one world to the other as easily as she might open a door and walk through. She transfers instantly and may act as normal on her very next turn.

      Pangaean Predator (••••)
      Legends speak of a hunter's paradise long ago vanished from the world. Mortals and spirits alike hunted this strange border realm, or crossed through it to reach worlds not their own. The primeval natives of this realm long ago went extinct when their world disappeared, but the vampire has inherited their legacy as hunter of both flesh and spirit. To the Shadow Realm she is no longer an outsider, but now a full participant in the bloody struggle to survive—for better or worse. Spirits begrudge her place in the food chain just as they would their own kind, and gain a healthy respect for the vampire's ability as a predator.

      The vampire gains an "honorary" spirit Rank equal to her dots in this Discipline or her Blood Potency, whichever is lower. This affords her incidental bonuses to intimidation or persuasion among lesser spirits, and lets her unarmed attacks act as banes against spirits two or more Ranks lower. Powerful Shadow-Kindred become quite capable of tearing weaker spirits to shreds and hold their own against the stronger ones, earning their place in the ephemeral ecosystem. Note that this ability only counts toward the vampire against spirits, and not the reverse. This gives them an advantage against these bizarre entities, one which most vampires are quick to exploit.

      Umbral Chrysalis (•••••)
      At the pinnacle of her spiritual power a vampire undergoes something of a transformation. She retreats to a dark, sunless place in the Shadow and buries herself in the earth. For a number of days equal to her Blood Potency she remains so buried, as if in torpor, without needing to spend Vitae. Blood bubbles up to soak the earth where she rests, but most spirits dare not try to devour its Essence. They sense the predator lurking beneath, the great changes taking place, the danger to rise from shadowed grave-dirt and take on new form. After the time has passed, the vampire emerges from her spirit-grave transformed into a more effective Shadow-stalking predator.

      This power is permanent and requires no roll. When the vampire first learns this Discipline, she chooses one of the options below. She may spend Experiences afterward to gain the powers she didn't originally choose (as though buying this level over again), or if she has enough Experiences saved up, may spend them to gain all the powers during the first chrysalis. These powers come at something of a cost, limiting the vampire's maximum Humanity by 1 per power. As she becomes more spirit-like and alien, it becomes harder to remember what Humanity truly means.

      • The vampire may exchange one of her banes for a bane appropriate to a spirit equal to her honorary Rank. She may not choose fire or sunlight to change this way, but may substitute clan banes, personal banes gained from eroding Humanity, or even staking the heart. She can only choose one such bane to exchange this way.

      • Spirits can increase their abilities through Essence, and the vampire has learned how to replicate some of that power. When she spends Vitae on physical intensity, she may choose to have the bonus persist until the end of the scene. If she does, the total bonus is limited to her honorary spirit Rank + 2. She cannot spend more Vitae to increase the chosen Physical Attribute bonus, even if her allowed Vitae per turn would let her boost the dice pool beyond (Rank + 2) additional dice. Her Essence-charged Vitae can sustain heightened physical abilities for longer than normal Vitae, but at the cost of sheer depth of power. While this power is active, she suffers a penalty on detachment rolls and rolls to resist frenzy equal to her honorary Rank. Her Beast is riled and flush with power, her Humanity's voice drowned out by the wanton urges that spirits feel.

      • The vampire gains dots in Influence equal to her honorary spirit Rank. The chosen Influence must be appropriate to the vampire's character and other powers. Influence (Blood) or Influence (Darkness) are common types of Influence gained this way.[/QUOTE]

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        The changes seem to take care of any issues I had noticed, though I don't know why Vitae to Essence is a 1 to 2 ratio?

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          Mostly because Essence seems to be easier to come by in large quantities. I suppose it doesn't break anything to have it be 1:1, though.

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            Originally posted by Claire Redfield View Post
            Mostly because Essence seems to be easier to come by in large quantities. I suppose it doesn't break anything to have it be 1:1, though.
            Well, I've always seen it as comparable for an individual spirit; it causes problems for them if they feed on essence of a different type (mainly, it leads them towards becoming hated magaths), and I think the combination of loci not being hugely plentiful combined with specific resonances of essence being potentially rare, it about comes out to a spirit having the same difficulties to feeding as a Vampire.

            I did also want to mention, looking it over again, I think allowing BP essence per day from a loci is a bit much. I think per week makes more sense because that lines up with the Herd merit.

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              Hey Claire sense Dark Eras has come out do you got any plans to implement some things from Pangaean in Neolithic era?
              After all your goal so far seems to make the vampire into a hunter of both Flesh and Spirit.

              Never mind Pangaean have access to Arcane but other then that they are nearly identical to spirit.
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