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    Hey guys, how are all of you doing? Today I felt it was time to share something with you all that I haven't gotten the chance to until now. You see about a year and a half ago I began work on a custom Clan for our game group's Vampire:The Requiem chronicle to act as a story element as well as providing the group an alternative Clan option to play test for me if they so chose. One of my players, who had lost his character due to a heroic sacrifice during a previous session, enthusiastically agreed and together we were able to create the very first version of what was about to become one of my very favorite projects as it went through two revisions during the course of the chronicle. After a couple evolutions the concept was that this clan was in fact the very same clan that was branded with the name Traditore and was very nearly annihilated by the purge instigated by the Julii. This clan was a clan of warrior-philosophers who had a very deep understanding of vampire nature and had access to powers that utilized Frenzy in various strange and interesting ways-which they used to deadly effect if provoked in battle. These powers, along with the desire to keep the Clan's safety assured by fulfilling the demands of the Nemeses led to suspicion against their people, and that suspicion turned to hatred and finally led to the purge against them- a purge dedicated to eradicating every last trace of the "Traditores" from the face of the earth. Fortunately as things are wont to do in the World of Darkness the purge was not as successful as the Julii had hoped, but had come pretty damn near close. Some of the clan were able to escape death by fleeing to places the Roman kindred feared to tread, while others were able to hide in plain sight by masquerading as Kindred from other clans ( Gangrel being the most common, as they shared many similarities with the Savages), but the damage was done: While some of the clan were able to survive their recorded history did not- thus making these few survivors the sole possessors of their legacy. Despite all that had been lost some things did endure, things that would would never be forgotten as long as at least one of the clan survived, and the greatest of these last pieces of their history was their very name: Clan Einarr.

    The results of the Einarr's performance were immensely satisfying and while there have been a couple of detractors ( the biggest one being a player who is leery of custom content because he feels that it diminishes what WoD is about), overall the clan was well received. As such I am very happy to announce that after long last, I am ready to share one of my two favorite custom creations with you, and hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.

    For this topic I will be placing two versions of the Einarr on here for you to review and possibly use if you would like to include them into your Chronicle. The first being the Requiem version of the Einarr, a powerful clan of forgotten warriors who share a common ancestry with the Gangrel and possessing the powerful and mysterious Frenzy manipulating Discipline known as Berserkir. This version of the Einarr was incredibly fun to make and plays quite smoothly, though admittedly was heavily based off of the Gangrel -both nWoD and oWoD- thus they possess several similarities to the Savages in terms of flavor and abilities.

    The second and personally more exciting version are the Blood and Smoke Einarr. Unlike their Requiem counterparts the B&S Einarr are still very much in development and are very divergent from their Requiem selves, as instead of being a Roman afiliated Clan with an affinity for the Beast they are now a Clan tied to the archetype of the wrathful, undying warrior which is prevalent in many Germanic and Norse folktales, becoming as nebulous as the other five existing Clans of Kindred. While not completely finished, I will put up what I have completed up here for your enjoyment.


    Clan Einarr
    Nickname: Lone Warriors (among themselves), Traditores ( to the hazy memories of elders and history texts)
    Origins: Thanks to the purge that nearly wiped out their entire clan, the vast majority of Einarr tonight know very precious little of their clan's history, though the few elders of their
    clan that remain tell a story of how their people came to be. Long ago before the Camarilla existed there was a young woman named Enya who was born in a powerful city-state within a mountainous region of the world who was very brave and fierce. No women and very few men could match her passion and near reckless courage, and even fewer could stand against her when it came to a fight. This made her very desirable and many men frequently came to take her as their wife, however she would always refuse unless they would fulfill a condition of her choosing. In this case the terms of her acceptance of their proposals was always the same: defeat her in unarmed combat. Convinced that they would be the ones to finally gain her hand in matrimony, every prospective husband accepted her challenge. Every prospective husband failed. This cycle continued for years, and with every passing year Enya became more and more disillusioned and dissatisfied with the men of her home until one evening after the latest defeat of yet another suitor she packed a small number of her belongings and set off alone into the night towards the mountains. Sadly this proved to be a grave mistake, and the last one she would ever make as a living person. Many of her former suitors had grown to resent her and in their hatred they gathered together in order to ambush her. And ambush her they did, for no sooner had she ventured a third of the way into the mountains she was beset upon by the lot of them. From here storytellers are incredibly vague on what exactly happened next, but most agree that while Enya was certainly able to hold her own and even kill some of her would be murderers, in the end she was still a mortal woman and could not fend off all of them. She was murdered by those who once wanted to be with her and her body was cast into a dark crevasse off the mountain path.

    Ordinarily this is how the story would end, but as with the origins of all clans, Enya's tale did not end with the crevasse. It is said that as her soul prepared to move on to the underworld, Enya came face to face with a monster that called that dark place home, a creature of shadow and dust from the mountains above. The creature stated that it was aware of Enya's plight and offered her an opportunity that was greater than any other; a second chance, as well as the means to take revenge on those who had so brutally killed her. Enya wasted no time in agreeing to it, eager to wreak vengeance upon those wretched men. The monster chuckled and gave her a word of warning before performing it's task: "Be aware, nothing will ever go back to the way it once was, let us hope you do not regret your choice.". Before the young woman could inquire as to what the creature meant it then enveloped her, flowing into her broken body, suffusing every part of her with a howling, snarling hunger. The monster quickly withdrew from her body and then seeped into the shadows from whence it came as Enya clawed her way up the walls of the crevasse with a tenacity never displayed by her before and within a matter of moments she had made it back up the path. As luck would have it, the men who thought they had ride themselves of her had made camp for the night not far from the crevasse. Like a spirit she descended upon her attackers one by one, a hellish hunger making her chest tight and her limbs shake with barely contained need- a need for something only these despicable men could provide her. Without wasting any time she sank her teeth into the flesh of the first of her murders and for the first time in her life she felt such pleasure, and in an instant what felt like a dam broke within her, freeing Enya from the stifling inhibitions she set for herself. She deeply and greedily drew the life's blood of her first victim into herself, then her second, then her third. It was only when she attempted to drain her fourth when the remaining men were alerted to her presence.

    Frightened by what was surely a vengeful specter, nonetheless the survivors again attempted to put down the woman known as Enya, only this time things went wildly out of their favor. Enya fought as though she was possessed by a demon, biting, clawing, wrenching and breaking anyone who would come into arms reach. Her strength was equal to that of the gods, and her flesh withstood blows that could crush any ordinary woman in no time at all. Once more story tellers become vague at this point and details on how the battle was concluded vary from either Enya's murderers losing their nerve and attempting to flee from the devil-woman or they hold their ground and nobly face their deaths, but all agree that once all was said and done only one remained, maimed and lying in a pool of his own blood. As Enya approached the dying murderer and prepared to fulfill her vengeance, something unexpected happened, something that made the undying woman pause. The young man, who story tellers never name thanks to the Fog of Eternity, admitted to his mistake and sincerely asked for her forgiveness. No pleading, no bargaining, this nameless man who was not much older than a boy simply asked as his dying request for her to forgive him. Her mind cleared from the crimson haze of hunger that filled it despite the copious amounts of sweet, still warm blood that saturated the rocky path, she knelled beside the gravely wounded man and gave her answer. She did indeed forgive him, though in a way no one could of expected- Enya Embraced the man and took him to be her companion. No one had ever had the honor to admit to defeat by her before, and she was intrigued. Together the two of them then set off by down from the mountains, as obviously there were many questions about their new state of existence that needed to be answered, and Enya realized that those answers would be easier to discover if she possessed help.

    Over the course of several years Enya and her companion discovered many things about their condition; some advantageous, others deleterious, but all were far beyond that of mortal capability. The greatest disadvantages were quite troublesome and heartbreaking: the very light of the sun scorched their flesh like fire and flames themselves were equally punishing, the very presence of either also elicited great and uncontrollable bouts of mind clouding, primal fear. Not only fear, but feelings of hunger and irritation were always in danger of magnifying into equally deadly states of animal-like mindlessness, which greatly vexed the proud warrioress. Compounding this risk of mindlessness was something within her that was born during her time in the crevasse- the rage and hatred she felt during the night of her death never fully went away, and that anger lingered in the back of her mind at all times. Not only that, the rage that served to call the monster that resurrected her seemed to seep into her companion as well, infecting him with her undying malevolence. Other limitations were the near overwhelming desire to sleep during the day as well as the inability to gain sustenance from anything other than blood. While the limitations were great, the gifts that were bestowed upon them were almost enough to outshine them. While blood was the only thing they could ingest they quickly discovered that it granted Enya and her companion a myriad assortment of powers such as the ability to amplify their strength, the capability to undo virtually any wound no matter the severity ( provided they had enough blood at hand to convert into Vitae), and allow them to access other.. stranger powers. Enya discovered that her strength could be heightened even more to levels that far surpassed what she ever possessed before. Her body which was once vibrant and hale, now was as hard as stone yet as vigorous as a furious bear, her unliving state ironically granting her more vitality than she had during her breathing days. But most of all, Enya and her traveling companion possessed powers that tapped into the snarling hunger within them, that dark Beast that howled deep inside their souls and with it draw forth a potent weapon- control. Not total control of the Beast, but enough to make Enya realize what a powerful tool she had in her hands. Enya could enter strange variations of the Frenzies that would sometimes plague her, though unlike normal Frenzy she was capable of directing her Bestial half in a sense. To Enya it was if she was standing outside her body, observing and commanding it in a limited fashion, wielding her own Frenzied form as a weapon. This control was far from perfect, and inevitably she would lose rein of her body and enter a normal episode of her bestial madness, though to her the advantages outweighed the risk of succumbing to Frenzy.

    During their travels the pair of undying warriors found that they were far from alone in the night, and quickly came into contact with others who shunned the sun and drank the blood of living men. They met women who possessed amazing gifts of strength similar to them, yet were also faster than the winds and capable of enthralling entire crowds with little more than a sultry glance and a kind word. They ran afoul monstrous children of equal strength, yet they could control and amplify one's darkest fears and fade into the shadows of their dank hiding places. They learned from secretive sages who could see into mind and soul, and from both could withdraw the most closely guarded secrets as quickly as their bodies could move through the night. They hunted with savage warriors who could change their form as they pleased and speak with beasts and the Beast- though not in the same why Enya and her companion could. All of these Kindred shared many similarities to the two travelers yet at the same time there were two things that separated them from the pair; they were far more numerous than the pair, whole clans of undead monsters in fact, and while they outnumbered Enya and her counterpart none of them had powers over the Beast quite like they did- though the Savage ones had similar capabilities. These Savage ones, or Gangrel as Enya learned to call them, showed the most interest towards her and her abilities and for a number of years the two of them traveled with a small band of these bestial undead.

    At first the Gangrel believed Enya and her childe to simply be the progenitors of a strange variation of their clan, a bloodline with a peculiar connection to the Beast, but as time went on and they learned more about their new companions it became clear that they had stumbled upon something much more exciting. Enya's strange abilities, the story of her transformation, the embracing of her childe, all of it pointed to one thing: Enya was the mother of what was surely to be a new clan of Kindred. At the news of being something something that had yet to be seen by the undead in that age, of being the first of a new line of the Damned, Enya was said to have let out a howling fit of laughter. How ironic, the woman who had refused any advances by her suitors and had lost all chances of settling down and raising a family of her own was ( in her mind) chosen by the gods to birth a line of monsters into the world, and she relished the notion. The warrioress and her childe studied under the Gangrel extensively during this time, learning more of what it meant to be a vampire while at the same time growing stronger, their mastery of the power Enya's Blood granted them becoming more and more refined as they put the limits of their abilities to the test over and over again. As she trained, Enya gradually incorporated some of the Gangrel's teachings into her Discipline, allowing the power of the Blood to alter her physical form in small ways to compliment her killing prowess when in the throes of Frenzy- much to the approval of her teachers and her childe. Eventually the time came when Enya was satisfied with all she learned and together she and her nameless childe parted ways with their primal mentors in order to finally seize the night in her own way, though in their honor she decided to name the powers she had perfected after the natural ferocity displayed by the Gangrel in battle- Berserkir.

    The powers of Berserkir gave Enya and her companion an edge that many other vampires lacked, though they still were greatly outnumbered by their cousins, a problem that the warrioress was determined to quickly solve. After almost thirty years of undeath Enya embraced a second childe, allowing the number of this new "race" grow from two to three. A decade later her childe also embraced a fledgeling and Enya's brood became four, and eventually the four became five, then six. Within twenty years time it is said that from Enya and her childe grew a clan of over a hundred strong, and these vampires then spread to several different lands, eager to find their place in the night. Story tellers vary wildly on what happened next, but many agree that around this time Enya had disappeared, though few agree as to what exactly happened to her. Theories range from Enya being diablerized by one of her grandchilder or even her first childe himself to her simply wandering into the night alone, content that her newborn clan could survive without her continued guidance. What is also agreed on by most "scholars" among modern Einarr is that their very clan name did not come from Enya either, and was instead decided upon by her first childe and his progeny. Out of respect to Enya and her days of living as a powerful and independent warrior maiden as well as being influenced by his long years of traveling among the Gangrel, the first childe of Enya christened the clan with the name Einarr, after the lonesome and fierce nature of his sire. The Einarr would inherit this sense of independence and competitive spirit, and it is said that it was a rare night indeed in those early for two Einarr to meet each other without challenging each other to brutal ( and often fatal) tests of strength and skill in their progenitors honor, thus earning them the the nickname of the Lone Warriors. Despite that the clan grew strong and numerous, and a proud culture of immortal warriors came into existence.

    The rest, as the surviving Einarr elders say, is lost history. At some point the Einarr encountered the young Julii and were enticed by the allure of a Kindred nation, thus becoming some of the first citizens of the Camarilla. It was during this time that the focus of the Einarr shifted from one of savage combat to inflection and study. The learned and civilized atmosphere of the Camarilla allowed for a way of life their former existence did not offer, and many of the Lone Warriors eagerly devoted themselves to scholarly pursuits in addition to the war-like nature all their kinsman possessed. The Einarr gradually evolved into something more than a tribe of barbaric fighters- they became honorable guardians, noble teachers, and proud senators. Together they aided the Julii in their annexation of the other clans and the construction of the great necropolis- with themselves always being sure to be at the right hand of the Founders. Sadly all things must come to an end; the Julii wished to deny the Stridges their tribute of pilfered flesh and the Einarr advised against it, concerned with what the consequences might of been for such defiance against what appeared to be insurmountable foes should they of angered the Birds. The Julii did not take well to this reprisal and vented their displeasure accordingly- by branding the Einarr traitors and convincing the other clans to aid them in the destruction of what surely were loyalists of the Stridges. And as history remembers it the Founders succeeded, the Einarr were destroyed and all evidence of their existence was erased, including their name. It is most fortunate indeed that sometimes History forgets important little details, something that the modern surviving Einarr are immensely grateful for.

    And there you have it, the origins of the Requiem Einarr! I will be adding more information on them over the next few days but for now I will be taking little break, for this took me as very long time to compile and I require some sleep haha. the next entry will cover the modern survivors and character creation elements, as well as the Discipline Berserkir! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading this and it gets your interest in them peaked!
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    And as promised, here is more of the meat of the Einarr, enjoy.

    Favored Attributes: Resolve and Strength.

    Character Creation Guidelines: Attribute wise, many Einarr prefer Mental and Physical attributes to Social, with Resolve and Strength often being the most focused on. This doesn't mean that Social should be completely ignored, Presence and Composure are often common Attributes that are focused on the most as well. Building Skills is similar enough to choosing Attributes, with suggested focus being towards Mental and Physical with Physical being the primary, though it is just as easy to structure one's build to accommodate the social predator, with Empathy, Intimidate, Persuasion, and Subterfuge being common skills utilized. In terms of Merits Physical and Mental merits are encouraged; such as Ambidextrous and Danger Sense being two of the most commonly chosen, as well as any of the various Fighting Styles( at the story teller's discretion of course).

    Appearance: In ancient nights the Einarr were fond of practicality over aesthetics in both garb and childer, and this preference has followed the clan into modern times. Most Einarr greatly prefer clothing that is durable and capable of withstanding the rigors of night to night activities. As such many of the Lone Warriors are often seen wearing humble, yet practical workman's clothes, or barring that clothing that is easily replaceable. This is not a universal rule, and it is just as likely to see one of the clan wearing three piece suits or ballroom gowns on a nightly basis as it is to see one wear a simple flannel shirt and pair of jeans ensemble, after all one's definition of utility can vary wildly from one person to the next. Where prospective childer are concerned things become a little more uniform when it comes to choice. Unlife as one of the Lone Warriors is not easy nor peaceful, and few of the Einarr are willing to invest so much into a childe who is likely to be destroyed not long into their requiems. As such, Einarr often choose childer that can not only survive, but thrive in such a hostile world. Able bodied young adults, police officers, soldiers- being of strong body and having experience with combat are ideal traits that the majority of younger Einarr try to shoot for when choosing progeny. Having said that, Ancilla and Elder Einarr often choose those who are not necessarily powerful, but possess strong character: A single mother of four who fights a uphill battle everyday in order to make sure her children have enough to eat each night, a retired detective who is past his prime yet still has a mystery to solve, a young child who courageously stands up to his abusive father to protect his mother.. all of these people have traits that the Lone Warriors find appealing. But regardless of their background, all those who are chosen possess one thing in common: strength. Be it physically or otherwise, all Einarr who are embraced were chosen so because their sires believed that they possessed what it took to make it within the Danse Macabre.

    Organization: Clan Einarr has never been a massive clan, even before the purge against them. In modern nights while it is nearly impossible to do so, it is estimated that there are roughly 300-350 members of the clan world wide, though most Einarr who keep in touch with their clansmen show skepticism towards that figure. Despite what their numbers may be, while the Einarr are few they are spread over the entire world. From Italy to the United Kingdom, from Russia to America, there are few places in the world where there are not a few of the Lone Warriors here and there. The largest concentrations of Einarr in the world are in fact the United States and Russia, due to the former's policies of acceptance providing the clan a "clean slate" as it were while the latter offers an atmosphere of secrecy and repression that the more traditional Einarr use to their advantage against their enemies- not to mention the huge stretches of land within both to appeal to those of the line who are particularly adventurous. Other places that see relatively large numbers of the clan are Germany, for it's dark forests and secret hiding places, and Canada for it's vast expanses and frigid northern regions just begging to be explored. In addition to being widespread the Einarr are not particularly known for being overly close knit- while they will readily come to each others aid if they are in danger ( provided they live in the same city), for most of the time the Lone Warriors typically leave each other alone save for occasional instances of fraternization. That being said, sires and childer often spend years together in the same haven while the sire prepares her progeny for the requiem ahead of them, though the aggressiveness of both fledgeling and sire combined with the common quirks of vampire nature makes this time stressful to say the least. After this period of time the childe often goes to find his own way, usually settling within the same city as his sire as do most fledgelings, though sometimes he moves on to a new town to make a new start. Other than that not many of the clan see much positive reason to gather too closely to each other due to the innate dangers that come with it; the Einarr Beast is particularly aggressive, and Anger Frenzy is the greatest enemy of the Lone Warriors, a risk that is often aggravated by the headstrong nature of many clansman. As such, if there a handful ( or even just two) of Einarr in a city it is likely that all of them will keep to themselves for the most part- often checking up and contacting each other through indirect methods such as Ghoul proxies, phone calls, and written letters ( or on rare occasion, electronic mail). Despite this aggressively independent spirit common to the children of Enya, members of the clan are usually very loyal to their own, after all it doesn't matter if they don't like each other; family looks after family. When it comes to interacting with other vampires it is ironically quite safer, with the exceptions of places where the chances of retaliation are unlikely (such as Elysium), most Kindred take care not to overly antagonize their fellow predators in person if they can help it, and thus it is less likely that one of the Einarr are going to be aggravated too badly by his peers. As a result it is very common to see one of Lone Warriors befriending and joining coteries with kindred of the other clans, the reasoning sometimes being that there is no harm making friends with the descendants of those who nearly destroyed the Einarr so very long ago, the past is in the past and no one outside their clan remembers them as the Traditores anyway.. right?

    Clan Disciplines: Berserkir, Resilience, Vigor.

    Clan Weakness: As stated above, the Einarr often easily agitated and prone to lashing out against those who aggravate them, resulting in a -2 penalty to dice pools when rolling to resist Anger Frenzy. In addition, such loss of control leads to a disconnect between the Einarr and his Beast, and for the following scene after unwillingly undergoing Frenzy the willpower and vitae costs of Disciplines are increased by 1 to reflect the disharmony between Man and Beast and the difficulty to access it's power. The Einarr's clan weakness does not apply to the Frenzies intentionally triggered with Berserkir.

    Other Clans:
    Daeva- Such strength, such speed, why do you waste time with preening!?
    Gangrel- Brothers, you have come so far, yet have fallen even further… Why do you rut with the Beast like a wild animal..?
    Mehket- I could respect your knowledge, if you didn't hide in the shadows like a weakling.
    Nosferatu- I know of your pain, your rage... do not skulk on the fringes, strike back at your oppressors!!
    Ventrue- You will not lord over me, I am my own master.

    Now, here is the signature Discipline of the Einarr, Berserkir. As a foreword I would like to state that Berserkir is both my favorite aspect of the clan and the part of them that I am leery of at times, even though I approved the idea. More so than the everything else about the Einarr, Berserkir was very much a experimental Discipline, and while it is indeed very playable and fun to see in action it is also a strange beast to look upon. I will say right now that at a first glance the powers seem slightly similar to Kamen ( which served to provide reference on how to manipulate Frenzy), though once read through completely Berserkir proves to be it's own monster thanks the unorthodox dual application method we came up with. What is dual application you may ask? Why I will be happy to tell you! During our quest to be creative and do something that hadn't really been done before we built each power so that it possessed two functions; one that focused on Frenzy and was activated through willpower expenditure, and another that granted vitae powered physical alterations to the vampire which became more potent when used in tandem with it's associated Frenzy. Another thing that we wanted to try differently was to to allow the first four dots to be learned in any order, though all four levels were required to be bought before the fifth level was accessible. The reason for this was to allow an additional level of freedom to the players, letting them choose which abilities they learned first and what order they learned them in. All in all even though it is different than most other Disciplines, I firmly believe these differences lend charm to clan and make them more attractive as an alternative choice to the other clans due to being something different, and I hope you find them to be the same!

    Also I will like to note that the writing style for the Discipline diverges from my writing style as while I did indeed help build the Discipline, I was no the one to initially write it up. Despite that, I am very fond of the player who did put the idea to paper and out of respect to him I will present the Discipline to you all in his writing format.( though with some mechanical tweaking by me lol )


    The Einarr are a clan that spend their entire requiem closer to their beast. Their senses seem filled by it, each insult is a sting, flickering lights seem to be the burning enemy, and heartbeats of mortals call up the refreshing taste of fast flowing vitae. This is a fact that can often be a surprise to other vampires, who don’t realize how keenly the Lone Warriors the throes of frenzy.
    One of the Reasons for this is the Einarr discipline of Berserkir. This discipline allows the Einarr to take advantage of how close their rational minds are to the Beast by allowing it to frenzy within conditions, simultaneously restricting and feeding the Beast. By concentrating, the Einarr can simultaneously unleash their Beast and channel their human minds to not only gain a modicum of control over the outburst, but also be empowered by the frenzy further then other vampires. Once these Frenzies are activated, they last for the scene or until the purpose is brutally satisfied, the frenzies usually cannot be aborted early. Furthermore, Berserkir also has physical applications for gaining minor edges that can be much more effective when the Beast emerges.

    Unlike most disciplines, the first four dots of Berserkir can be learned in any order. Each allows the Einarr to enter a special sort of Frenzy that allows for a warrior’s discipline and skill. This Frenzy can be entered automatically by spending a willpower point. Should the Einarr fail a relevant frenzied roll, he may burn the willpower to enter the related Accorded Frenzy. Furthermore, each dot of the discipline also unlocks the ability to cause a physical effect, which is amplified when in the matching Frenzy.

    The Wyrm’s Rage / Stalwart Ice

    Cost: 1 willpower / 1 or 2 vitae


    By spending the willpower point, the vampire may enter an altered form of Anger Frenzy either at will or after failing Anger frenzy roll, but not upon entering a different sort of Frenzy. Upon entering the rage, the vampire must immediately lash out, but has options regarding how. If combat would be unwise or the target is someone the vampire realizes she would regret attacking, harsh insults, predatory growls, and rage may suffice for a short period of time, though physical violence must follow. Said violence can be directed into nearby furniture, those the vampire would prefer to attack first or other targets as well. Furthermore, the vampire retains the ability to speak very short simple sentences and retains enough control to use many other disciplines in this rage, though difficult magical rituals are beyond her. The vampire also finds her ability for combat to be improved by this much chillier but no less furious frenzy.

    Mechanically, she enters Anger frenzy, but gains an additional bonus to all combat dots equal to her rank. This rage lasts for the rest of the scene or until her target is broken into a bloody pulp.
    By spending a point of vitae, the vampire can ward herself with cold. From her flesh erupts a layer of hard frost laced with crystallized vitae, providing 2 points of armor. If the Kindred is using Wyrm’s Rage and spends 2 points of vitae, she gains a successes from a roll of Stamina+brawl+Berserkir in temporary hit points instead.

    The Hunter’s Hunger / Claws of Famine

    Cost: 1 willpower/ 1 or 2 vitae


    By spending a point of willpower, the vampire can simultaneously hone her instincts and sharpen her senses while giving in to the thirst of the Beast. This can be done at will or upon entering Wassail, but not another form of hunger frenzy. In this Wassail the vampire must feed and at near first chance, but is able to show better discretion. If she is with a mortal she cares about but other targets are nearby, such as in a nearby room, she may go and slake her thirst on them. If she must feed and sees that a target will be available in a few minutes upon separating with his group, she may wait to devour the mortal. In this state she is incapable of communication more than a few short words, certainly not idle conversation, and will not be paying attention to social niceties. However, her instincts as a hunter are honed to be keener then in most types of frenzy.

    Mechanically, she enters Wassail, but gains additional dice to non-social hunting equal to dots in Berserkir. By spending a point of vitae, the vampire may allow her hunger to take physical form, gaining a +2 bonus to either her fangs or her fingers as either great teeth or claws emerge and barb for gripping their prey. If the Kindred is experiencing the Hunter’s Hunger, then she can spend two points of vitae so her weapon may drain an amount of vitae equal to her rank or half the damage inflicted by her attacks, whichever is less. This special method of absorbing vitae prevents the Kindred from raising a stage in Viniculum to the victim once a year, as the malevolence of the Beast drowns the bonds of attachment.

    Flight of Fear/ Bestial Reflexes

    Cost: 1 willpower/1 or 2 vitae


    By spending a point of willpower, the vampire can retain near full use of her mental abilities when fleeing from a source of fear. This can be activated at will or upon entering a fear frenzy such as Red Fear, but not another type of Frenzy such as Wassail. The vampire must flee from the source of her fear near immediately, but is able to restrain herself to either backing or walking away for a about half a minute. Alternatively, she can muster a bit of energy to approach the source of her and get rid of it in smaller cases, such as a candle or a small window with open heavy shutters, by blowing out the candle or closing the shutters. However, she would not hold the same resolve when confronted with a campfire or an irate vampire that caused the fear. Furthermore, she retains her ability to speak, but is clearly agitated and skittish before she must flee. When she does flee, she is able to choose the best direction of getting away and enjoys a bonus to athletics equal to her dots in Berserkir for the purpose of getting away, as well as gaining twice her Berserkir dots in speed.

    By spending a point of vitae, the Kindred may add a +2 to defense against one target for the turn, but she must be dodging as well. If she is using Flight of Fear, she can spend 2 vitae to gain +3 defense against this target and speed boost equal to twice times her dots in Berserkir+strength.

    Wrath of Will/Voice of Norori

    1 willpower/1 or 2 vitae


    The Beast does not like being dominated, it rages against attempts to subjugate it. The Einarr became fighters for their own sake, not to bow before masters they don’t respect, and by bringing their Beast and their Defiance to bear, the Einarr show resolution against an opponent. This can be activated by spending a point of willpower, either at will or upon failing Predator’s Taint or being sent into Fear Frenzy by a being that can be contested. Upon activation, the vampire must attempt to prove dominance over the person. Her behavior will must be hostile and confrontational, though an almost tranquil fury and icy seething is possible rather than an explosive outburst. She may prove her superiority by cowing her opponent socially or even trickery, though she must dominate her opponent utterly soon. The amount of time varies, but on average is equal to her Berserkir rating in in turns. Fortunately, Wrath of Will once activated can be converted into The Wyrm’s Rage without willpower expenditure. This frenzied state is similar to anger frenzy, providing a +1 to physical rolls and +3 rolls against domination and other powers, but also provides a bonus to resolve or composure rolls and intimidate equal to dots in Berserkir equal to against the object of hate.

    By spending a point of Vitae, she may growl, howl, or shout loudly; causing a horrifying sound that chills the air and blood of the attacker, inflicting a -2 penalty to their next action with a Intimidation + Berserkir roll. Should the vampire be using Wrath of Will, she may spend two extra vitae so that effects of Voice of Norori increases to -4 on a regular success, and a -5 on an exceptional, with the same bonus to her.

    Level 5: Synthesis with the Beast.

    Cost: 1 willpower/ 1 or 2 vitae


    At this point, the vampire has reached a sort of union with her Beast. Those who have not mastered this discipline find it’s description nightmarish, the vampire’s predator nature seems to develop a stronger sense of will and its own reserve of energy that usually is only described as being possessed by the Man. However, this power is only used by the Beast and Man working together and even can reflect each other’s efforts like mirrored minds. Furthermore, when in Frenzy the vampire’s senses seem to be aided by Beast with a force that would feel less like instinct and more like the blessing of a spirit if the vampire hadn’t spent so long working up this point.

    The vampire gains additional willpower dots equal to her regular, not to exceed it. So a vampire with a 3 in resolve and composure who was at maximum willpower dots would gain an additional six willpower dots. These willpower dots can only be used to activate Berserkir’s Frenzies, or when within frenzy. When the character is in frenzy, she is allowed to activate both her willpower and that of her Beasts, gaining bonuses for both. There are two ways to replenish this willpower. One is replenished whenever the vampire fulfills its vice; two are replenished when the vampire voluntarily enters Frenzy and succeeds exceptionally at the goal

    In addition, when she is in frenzy her senses and reactions seem sharper than at any other time as the Beast points out every detail that can aid in it’s now methodical madness. Whenever she is in any sort of Frenzy, the vampire gains +ranks in Berserkir to Perception rolls. She gains +2 to perception rolls at any other time.

    And with that, this is all the basic information on how to run Clan Einarr for Requiem! As I have said before, this project has been one of my most beloved creations of all time and I am incredibly happy to share them with all of you! At this time I am more than happy to read your thoughts on them and would appreciate constructive criticism! And, like stated in the op I will also be putting the B&S version of the Einarr up here soon as well! Thank you all as always!
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      Well, you sounds like you've put a lot of work into this. My initial thoughts:

      Given that the clan is so obviously physically focused (2 physical disciplines, and another one that boosts frenzy), plus the penalty vs. anger frenzy, you've got a very narrowly defined type of character, one that's built to kill, albeit a little hindered by some aspects due to the clan weakness (also, some clarification may be needed about 'involuntary' non-Berserkir-related frenzies: Does a failed Ride the Wave check count, for example?). In some ways this reminds me of the Ordo Dracul hybrid Nosferatu/Gangrel bloodline, the Moroi, with access to lots of physical disciplines, and the 'inherited' weaknesses of both . . . essentially a trained killer on tap for the Defiant. It would a . . . challenge for an Einarr to be much more than a wild killer with a bad temper, despite their long history.

      Berserkir is an interesting idea too, but it seems awfully similar in some ways to the Ordo Dracul Mystery of the Wyrm, whose coils revolve around making a more controlled union with the Beast. (Although, with some different naming conventions, the discipline would make for an interesting alternate approach.)

      Still, I could see the Einarr as a particular Gangrel offshoot, with either Berserkir or Vigor as the bloodline discipline, plus the additional weakness.
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        I can see what you mean by it being narrow, though the play tests have shown this to not be much of an issue. for involuntary Frenzies, you are correct. More specifically, involuntary Frenzies are any Frenzy that the character undergoes that is not triggered through the activation of any of Berserkir's abilities. This does meant that, yes, if Berserkir is activated after failed Frenzy or Ride The Wave rolls then the willpower and vitae costs are increased. I hope that helps . Also for Berserkir itself I do agree with you on that it resembles the Mystery of the Wyrm, though it is entirely a coincidence. Berserkir was created about a year before the Mystery was debuted, and I remember laughing hysterically at how White Wolf came up with a power so similar to ours.

        And we actually had a Gangrel/Einarr Bloodline based off of that idea.

        I thank you for your imput, it has been been very helpful!