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  • Originally posted by Satchel View Post
    That's the idea, yeah.
    Cool, thanks! Cuz one of my players has those 2, and I didn't want to say no to him before I had a definite answer. Thankfully it does indeed work like we already used it.


    • Originally posted by Draconis View Post
      Indeed it does. At the cost of an extra Vitae.

      Note that this doesn't do anything to avoid the usual difficulties of being awake during the day (reduced dice pools, burning in the sun, etc). It just means you won't fall asleep.
      Aren't the reduced dice pools the result of the Lethargic Condition? (which they ignore) or are there other penalties as well? Aside from the sun I mean.


      • Originally posted by Emerus View Post

        Aren't the reduced dice pools the result of the Lethargic Condition? (which they ignore) or are there other penalties as well? Aside from the sun I mean.
        You are right here. They ignore lethargic condition and no other penalities are there. So no penalities at all but the sun damages.


        • Originally posted by Marcus View Post

          You are right here. They ignore lethargic condition and no other penalities are there. So no penalities at all but the sun damages.

          Then, that settles it. The Ordo Dracul has completely defeated time.

          Thanks for the replies everyone, you've been extremely helpful.


          • How would covenants probably View one of their number being Blood bound to a member of another covenant?

            I think the Sanctum will probably see it as Heretical, on the surface, especialy if its by the Circle

            But if all that hes used for is acting as a Pet Theban sorcerer, or a weapon against other cults in the Circle, will only do so much.

            The Circle would probably have a dissonant Serenity about such an issue that would drive outsiiders Crazy

            The Carthians would be the most Incensed as blood slavery is so antithetical to their princibles.

            The Invictus would disapprove.

            But so long as the Regnant in the Relationship Doesn't treat him worse then a Ghoul, would probably let it slide.

            Ordo Dracul would go "Must do research on what can be accomplished"


            • It would largely depend on how the domain at large views vinculums. Why would Invictus or the Circle of the Crone object at all? Invictus oaths function on the premise of someone being subservient to someone else and Cruac is more effective when wielded against someone under vinculum. And personally I've never played in a setting where the Carthian Movement ever actually opposed vinculums. They considered it a valid punishment for stuff like killing someone's ghoul without authorization, sending someone into a long torpor without authorization or would circle jerk each other to keep from getting blood bound when forced to attend mandatory Acolyte blood orgies or Sanctified masses. The only setting I played in it where any covenant opposed it as a matter of policy was the Lancea et Sanctum because that iteration viewed as a form of idolatry. And now since every covenant has a way to break vinculums or render oneself immune, and they only last for a year, I don't see that it carries the same stigma that it had in the previous edition.

              As for a Sanctified being used to provide Theban Sorcery to further the Circle of the Crone's interests to the detriment of the Lancea et Sanctum or their members, I'd play that off as the Theban Sorcery spells not working due to divine intervention (They ostensibly swear oaths to that effect in order to learn Theban Sorcery anyway.) or inquisitors being sent to torpor or kill the sorcerer or regnant in question.


              • Hmmmn on Lancaea Sanctum Dhampirs?

                It Says they Regard their Dhampirs as gods curse upon the Kindred.

                How do you think they'd react at someone enslaving such a being they spent years training and subverting them to selfish ends

                "HOW DARE YOU!!!!"

                or use the example as a lesson of what could happen from a single Failure for the next Generation of Young Dhampirs?


                • Sorry if this has been asked, but the thread is too big for me to get through: Do vampires get tired from overexertion the way that mortals do? I assume that a character's still use their Stamina + Athletics to determine how quickly they cover a shorter distance, but they no longer need to breath nor create lactic acid, which means they no longer actually get tired... would a vampire be faster than a mortal in the long run, can they run at a full sprint over long distances? and if so... what does that mean for long distance running.

                  The average human can run a marathon in 3 hours or so, the top tier runners can do so in 2. would even an average vampire be able to keep up with the Olympians over the course of the whole race without needing to rest? would they be faster?

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                  • I saw a piece of fiction depicting Norris working out. He complained of the same lactic acid issues despite not producing them.


                    • Vampires still suffer wound penalties, so I would assume they also get tired/fatigued, even if it's just for psychosomatic reasons (so I'd say a vampire in frenzy does not suffer fatigue penalties either).


                      • I see suffering wound penalities much more related to tendons, bones and muscles broken.
                        I would rather say vampire do not get tired. No reason they should. Also in the chase table in the core there is also a +2 to give to the opponent of a tireless being (which if not a vampire I can't see who then, exception for cars)


                        • I believe it was stated by a dev that vampires to suffer from fatigue, but they recover from it faster than humans do. Very rapidly, after they stop to take a break. I can't find the source right now, though, so it's possible I'm misremembering.


                          • Well, could be I don't know... but seems a stretch to me to not give siluch advantage to vampire race while they are possessing far much stronger powers.
                            Also I can remember a novel in Dark era where a vampire was travelling running across the countriside to reach the a city far away.


                            • When we're talking about really short distances, then each character can move up to their speed and take an instant action, or forgo of their action to run a distance of double their speed.
                              So, no dice roll is really required. Whoever has the highest speed wins. Usually, Stamina + Athletics rolls refer to a chase or a race, not a short burst of movement.

                              This is how I would handle a chase.

                              Make the roll an extended roll, and decide on a number between 1 and 9 based on how far the two characters start. We'll call this number "distance"

                              Then each "turn" both characters roll Stamina + Athletics.

                              On a dramatic failure, a character gains the exhausted condition. (If the character is a vampire or generally someone who would not be easily exhausted, you can just have them automatically fail their next roll instead)
                              On a failure, nothing happens.
                              On a success, the character being chased adds 1 to distance, and the pursuer subtracts 1 from distance.
                              On an exceptional success, the character adds 2 to distance or subtracts 2 from distance instead of 1

                              If distance reaches 0, then the pursuer wins and catches up to the prey.
                              If distance reaches 10, then the prey has escaped.

                              Like any other extended roll, the total number of rolls each character has is equal to their unmodified dice pool. If a character runs out of rolls, then they need to take a moment to rest and the other character can continue rolling.

                              If one of the participants would not be easily exhausted (for instance if that character is a vampire), then give that character 2 extra rolls.

                              If both characters run out of rolls, then have the pursuer roll Stamina + Athletics - distance. On a success, the pursuer wins. On a failure, the prey escapes.
                              Last edited by Emerus; 09-12-2019, 08:32 AM.


                              • If a Strix is in a living human, vampires are still going to catch the Predatory Aura, right? Are they just going to think "This is a vampire using Blush of Life,"?