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  • Huh. I wanted to make a Dead Wolves update myself, falco1029. I had a different take on it mechanically, but I don't think I could top starting the sections with "This story is true". Kudos on that.


    • Originally posted by Aspel View Post
      Huh. I wanted to make a Dead Wolves update myself, falco1029. I had a different take on it mechanically, but I don't think I could top starting the sections with "This story is true". Kudos on that.
      It seemed too obvious not to do. But thanks!

      And of course, I fully encourage you to provide your own take of it, I'm always interested in seeing other peoples' versions of bloodlines I enjoy.

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      • Forgot to share these here.

        The Mystery of Life (partly a conversion of Mystery of Blood)
        Vicissitude, not that any more conversions of that are needed; this one is primarily treating it as a bunch of Protean Devotions. I had a Tzimisce to go with it, but they need retooling and I still haven't thought of how to make them less "double ventrue".
        I do find it funny that Chiropteran Marauder is a capstone level effect for Tzimisce, but in 2e you can do that with Protean 4.
        The Nekomata a Bloodline I made based on a joke. They're creepy cat girls who talk to ghosts.


        • Originally posted by Aspel View Post
          Forgot to share these here.

          The Mystery of Life (partly a conversion of Mystery of Blood)
          Vicissitude, not that any more conversions of that are needed; this one is primarily treating it as a bunch of Protean Devotions. I had a Tzimisce to go with it, but they need retooling and I still haven't thought of how to make them less "double ventrue".
          I do find it funny that Chiropteran Marauder is a capstone level effect for Tzimisce, but in 2e you can do that with Protean 4.
          The Nekomata a Bloodline I made based on a joke. They're creepy cat girls who talk to ghosts.
          When I try to view your Vicissitude file, I get "You need permission."


          • Sharing my own take on the Tremere. I made them a Bloodline based off my homebrewed Clan Alukah. They are a Mage crossover heavy Bloodline obviously.
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            "Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot." Sandman (Neil Gaiman)


            • Hello! I am thinking in create a diplomatic bloodline.
              Here are some stuff i have thought:
              Disciplines: Dominate and Auspex have to be in the mix. Maybe Majesty and don't know the last one (someone suggested celerity)
              Bane: Hum... Don't have thought in one yet, but i fell that i can make one that are attuned with the diplomatic theme, maybe something that affect you when you try non-diplomatic solutions? (Ex: combat)
              Clan: The first that come in my mind it's ventrue, but i can think in a Mekhet or even a Daeva here.
              Convenant: Almost all of then are in the Carthian movement.
              About then: they take the ideology of the Carthian movement and push it beyond the kindred society. They know that are other beings out there and want to form diplomatic relation with then, something like ONU but with the supernatural groups.

              So, what you think? Suggestions? Thoughts?


              • I might suggest resilience for a diplomatic bloodline, ensuring that they have some protection against the other side just attacking on sight.
                For a bane, maybe something that makes it hard for them to break deals with others?


                • Urbenmyth, it's a good bane!
                  How you people choose those exotic name?


                  • I can have a bloodline that came from 3 clans?


                    • I am thinking in ditch off the dominate and exchange for a exclusive bloodline related with this deal stuff. SOmething that evolve words and deals


                      • hey, created the bloodline, the name is temporary so i would accept suggestions(and sorry for my English)
                        Bloodline: The diplomats
                        Parent Clan: Mekhet
                        Nickname: Diplomats
                        Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate, Bound

                        The diplomats are are a small group that came mainly from the Carthian Movement, they believe that the philosophy of the Carthian movement it’s not enough. They know that are other beings among the shadows and dream to create a union between then, maybe not one in a global society level, but at least a UN equivalent for the supernaturals would be a good start.
                        To reach this dream, they honed their own discipline that take pieces of dominate and auspex to create diplomatic tool. Of course, they could reach far away sing the pure power of the dominate or toying with secrets found with auspex. But how much true would be there? The so dreamed union would be just a frail mask.
                        Bane (the word curse): The diplomats can’t break with their word, because of this they tend to be very careful and they avoid lies. But this don’t mean that they can’t play with the truth.
                        The diplomat have to choose a punishment if he break the deal.

                        Creating a monster: The diplomats focus on social attributes(with a focus on presence), they also tends to have empathy and persuasion, but they avoid subterfuge (since they have the word curse)

                        Bound: The diplomats have a power over the words and the truth. They can nullify the capacity to a person lie and create supernatural bounds that force the others to keep their word.

                        1) Aura of truth/ Aura of trust:
                        Aura of truth: Everyone that try to lie to a diplomat have to subtract 2 from their dice pool. If a diplomat spends one vitae then it should subtract 4 from the dice pool.
                        Aura of trust: The diplomat have a bonus of a 1 dice in any test that involves passing a trustful, reliable image also, when trying to take out the truth from someone the player can add 2 dices to the dice pool. The boost (expenditure of one vitae) will add 2 dices to any aforementioned tests. To work, the diplomat will need to focus in one target at time and the victim need to be in a close range (3 feet or less).
                        the boost affect both auras.
                        Cost: none (1 if wants to boost the power)
                        Dice pool: none
                        Action: reflexive / instant (for the boost)
                        Duration: scene (if it’s in the boosted version) / permanent (without a boost)

                        2) Scent of truth/Scent of trust:
                        The power of the aura now extends beyond the diplomat.
                        Scent of truth: anyone within the range of presence + bound feet's will have to subtract 2 dices from their dice pool in any attempt to lie (not just to the diplomat, this applies to any lie). This power can be boosted with the expenditure of one vitae, the subject will have to subtract 4 dices and the range is doubled.
                        Scent of trust: with this level, the diplomat don't have to focus in one target at time, anyone within the range of presence + bound will suffer the same effects described in aura of trust. The boost not just will add 2 dices to the dice pool, but will also double the range of this effect.
                        the boost affect both auras.

                        Cost: none (1 if wants to boost the power)
                        Dice pool: none
                        Action: reflexive / instant (for the boost)
                        Duration: scene (if it’s in the boosted version) / permanent (without a boost)
                        3) Shallow bound:
                        With this level, the diplomat can start to create bounds. To create a bound, first the diplomat need to create a “bound blueprint”. A bound blueprint its a series of symbols and words that defines when the words of the bound start to count and when the bound is closed. Generally speaking, a bound blueprint need to define the type of the bound (almost all the times there is the promise bound and the deal bound), the blood symbol (a mystic and invisible symbol that need to be activated with a vitae and it’s created with a vitae) a key opening word (and or gesture) a key closing word(and or gesture) and a punishment.
                        A promise bond it’s a bond that don’t need a counterpart from the diplomat, generally is used when the subject it’s willing to do something to the diplomat but he wants to ensure that the subject will keep their word. As an example someone can say that will bring a object to the diplomat, then he brings the topic with the opening key word or gesture) (ex: a tap in the shoulder) and then close the bound with the closing keyword (ex: hey, it’s a promise, right?). If the bound is successful the subject have to keep the word or will suffer the consequences.
                        A deal bond it’s used when the diplomat have to give a counterpart (but no one said that it’s need to be a fair one) common examples include a paper contract or using a hand shake and the words “it’s a deal” to close the bond.
                        Common blood symbols are a “blood stamp” (to paper contracts) or a symbol drawn with blood in the arm (like a tattoo) both cases the symbol will not be visible with non-supernatural ways.
                        The punishment have to be something heavy. But cannot give damage,cause death or any physical consequences. It could be a excruciating pain or a high level of anxiety. The subject will someway associate this with the bound. (more about the punishment later)
                        Cost: 1 to create a blueprint, 1 to start a bound
                        Dice pool: presence + empathy + bound – victim’s Resolve
                        Action: instant
                        Duration: until the bond is finished or break.

                        Roll results

                        Dramatic failure: The subject of the bond get a aversion to it. The victim will avoid keeping the bond with the same strength that would have to keep it if the bound seceded
                        Failure: No bound is formed. (but the vitae it’s expended anyway)
                        Success: A bound is created any attempt to break it will require a resolve + composure test against the power of the bound (the number of success on it) + bound level of the diplomat. (so, at least 4 success) . If the victim succeed in breaking the bound he can extend the time to do it in (number of success beyond the required) + 1 hours. The subject can do this 3 times. Then the subject will acquire the guilty condition (if succeed in breaking the bound) but will be free from the bound.
                        If the victim have a dramatic failure breaking the bound it will acquire the broken condition.
                        Exceptional success: Add more two dices to the test to break the bound (so it will be power of the bound + bound level + 2)
                        4) the symbol of truth/symbol of trust:
                        Symbol of truth: At this level, just seeing the diplomat will trigger the effect (except from indirect ways), as always anyone that try to lie when seeing a diplomat have to subtract 2 from the dice pool, the diplomat can boost the power at the cost of one vitae (so it will be 4 dices) also, the diplomat can spend 2 vitae to extend the effect of this power in a away that the vision of him (even in a television) would trigger the effect. But for this it’s necessary a roll of presence + empathy. Anyone seeing the diplomat in a indirect way need to roll resolve + composure against the number of success of the diplomat or will suffer the effect.
                        Symbol of trust: the same rules of the symbol of trust applies here. Just seeing the diplomat will trigger the effects described in aura of trust (except from indirect ways). You can boost the effect in the same way you can boost the aura and the scent of trust. Also you can extend this power at the cost of two vitae, then even in indirect ways anyone that sees the diplomat will be affected. But for this the player should pass in a presence+empathy check. Anyone that wants to resist this effect should pass in a resolve+composure test against the number of success of the diplomat.

                        Cost: none / 1 to boost the power / 2 to extend the power
                        Dice pool: presence + empathy (to extend the power)
                        action: reflexive / instant (for the boost or the extension)
                        duration: permanent / scene (for the boost or the extension)
                        roll results:
                        Failure: The ṕower is not extended.
                        dramatic failure: everyone that seems the diplomat during that scene will be immune to his powers during victim’s composure months.
                        Success: the power is extended. Also, subtract a extra die if the victim’s is seeing the diplomat in a direct way (aura of truth) or add a extra die(aura of trust)
                        Exceptional success: the effect of the power will extended for (number of success) hours after seeing the diplomatic
                        5) deep bound
                        With 5 dots, the diplomat can take the punishment of the bound to another level.
                        First, the punishment can cause physical harm (damage) to the subject, since the bound it’s deeper. The victim should add more 2 to the check to break the bound.
                        There are stronger options for punishment:
                        A death punishment it’s a bound that each time the victim’s tries to break the bound have to roll resolve+stamina or it will take 1 aggravate damage, if it’s succeeds to break the bound it will take another aggravate damage. A dramatic failure here would give 3 aggravate damage. Some weak-minded people can die from it. (or so they say).
                        A mental punishment causes a permanent mental condition if the bound is break. In the first attempt to break the bound the victim will acquire the guilty condition until the bound is finished (not breaked). The diplomat can choose the punishment condition for breaking the bound from the mental conditions list (can be permanent) a dramatic failure will add a secondary condition to the mental stack.

                        About the punishments

                        The diplomat have to choose a punishment to breaking with they word. The punishment it’s in the same level of a subject of a bound trying to break one. If you break with the word you can opt for the guilty, obsession or shaken condition (you can talk with the narrator about a alternative condition)
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                        • Devotion: Feral Might (Protean 4, Resilience 2)

                          Any Kindred with some skill in Protean who's seen an elder manifest Force of Nature (and who didn't meet a messy Final Death in the process) has fantasized about wielding such power for himself, but the sheer potency and depth of skill required by that Devotion are not easily attained by elders, much less by their awestruck childer. An ambitious Gangrel ancilla of the Ordo Dracul, driven to experiment ceaselessly with his own flesh, accidentally discovered Feral Might as a sort of "half-way step" to Force of Nature's full potential. Cacophony rumor has it that he tried to develop a third step, to transform himself into a nightmarish horror beyond even what Force of Nature allows for, but came to a spectacularly gruesome end in the process.

                          Cost: 4 Vitae
                          Dice Pool: None
                          Action: Instant

                          The vampire gains up to six advantages from Predatory Aspect and two from Unnatural Aspect for the remainder of the scene. These must be preselected at the time the Devotion is gained and can be changed in the "standard" fashion - that is, by sleeping a full day in her Unmarked Grave and spending the requisite Vitae.

                          This Devotion costs 3 Experiences to learn and was inspired by Unnatural Monster (viewable at


                          • Gentle readers,

                            Here is a merit set suitable for mortals/ghouls/whatever livings you like in your vampire game. It originated from seeds in Masquerade merits/flaws, especially the Hunter's Hunted Potent Blood flaw that made life... complicated, around vampires. My table likes their characters complicated. In any case, I calculated once that you could stack Masquerade merits and flaws to end up with a 1-to-4 blood to vitae conversion rate for a particularly blessed (?!?) mortal. At least until their inevitable trajectory crashed and burned in tragedy. Good times.

                            The below could stack up to 1-to-8 conversion. If that is not appropriate for your game and/or characters, change instances of +2 to +1 vitae, or otherwise tweak. Shake, don't stir, and serve with a twist of lime.


                            Mystic Blood (Variable Merit)
                            The blood, vampires claim, carries the life of mortals and with it the memories and even the power of their experiences—which is translated into vitae as the essence for the magic that sustains vampiric existence and fuels their powers. Some mortals, for a variety of reasons, naturally carry more mystical power in their blood and are therefore both more flavorful and valuable to desirous Kindred. This can be a grave danger or a great opportunity depending on the mortal and who finds them.

                            The Mystic Blood merit is only available to mortal or otherwise living characters and is lost should they become transformed into a vampire (see Sanctity of Merits). Vitae point gains are additive: if multiple levels of the Mystic Blood merit provide increased vitae generation use the total number. Healing damage through ghoul blood or other magic does not restore the qualities of mystic blood—only time can restore such blood points, even if all damage is healed; if necessary, track Mystic Blood and “normal” blood points separately. (Mystic Blood cannot be used to create endless, instant blood sources.)

                            Mystic Blood [Supernatural, Style; • - •••••]
                            The following benefits are in addition to the benefits of separately purchased merits, below.
                            Blood preservation: Your mystic blood does not spoil anywhere near as quickly as normal. If bled into even an ordinary container it will be considered “fresh” for its conversion to vitae for a number of days equal to your Mystic Blood rating.
                            Blood potency: Subtract your Mystic Blood rating from the Blood Potency level of an imbibing vampire to determine if she must spend a willpower point to gain vitae from it.
                            Scent of Power: Your blood draws the attention of Kindred the way meat draws flies. Add half your mystic blood rating (rounded up) to attempts (voluntary or otherwise) to sniff out your blood through senses or magic.

                            Additional Merits
                            Those possessing mystic blood may purchase additional merits based on their rating:

                            Mystic Flavor (requires Mystic Blood •+): You are the Cheval Blanc 1947 of mortals—standard, grade A and of exquisite flavor. When discovered you’ll be bandied about at salon parties and, if fortunate, may find your way to a Daeva collector who will dote on you. If unfortunate, some Gangrel biker will exclaim “yose baby—yose was fine”, while tossing your corpse in the ditch. Addictive: Your blood calls to those who drink it in much the same way vitae does and triggers addiction checks similarly. (Resolve + Composure, -1 per blood point drunk to a maximum penalty of your Mystic Blood rating (rounded up), to resist addiction to your blood.

                            Potent Blood (requires Mystic Blood ••+): Your blood is not only flavorful, but nourishing; it provides two points of vitae for each blood point drawn, and smells strong and delicious! You’ll easily form the centerpiece of any kindred’s herd, which could lead to comfort or a chain to the wall.

                            Vital Blood (requires Mystic Blood •••+): The healing power of some mystical source runs through your blood. Once per day roll Resolve + Willpower as if applying medical care to yourself (see Healing, CofD p.96); this roll may be extended into the next day if it fails to accumulate enough successes, or may add to successes by another caregiver. Further, if you're not wounded, then add your Willpower to medical care rolls once per day for those under your close care. Regardless, a maximum of one wound may be downgraded under medical care per day. (Note that this healing might seem "miraculous," but it will not be scientifically verifiable.) Vampires find your blood particularly strong and tasty: you provide an additional +2 vitae for each blood point drawn, in fact. Even better, you heal more quickly! Your blood tastes like the finest Champaign, sweet and heady without the slightest traces of salt or metallic tang; vampires consider your flavor effervescent and delightful.

                            Dragon’s Blood (requires Mystic Blood •••+): Within your blood flows an echo of ancient magic or creatures from another age—or another world. How that came to be is a mystery to be unraveled, but you can draw on your will to force its strength through your sinews: expend a Willpower to add 1 STR for the remainder of the scene. Your blood is something special to Kindred as well: they gain an additional +2 vitae for each blood point drawn and if used in blood magic rituals it provides the 9-again quality. You bring a burning palate like potent alcohol—a very fine whisky or cognac, leaving them feeling warm and confident.

                            Giant’s Blood (requires Mystic Blood •••+): You may be descended from the giants of old, or perhaps are a Nephilim newly born—or your mystic strength was folded and compressed to make it fit within your mortal frame. Whatever the cause, the result is that your blood carries characteristics of this solidity: gain +1 health as if your size were one larger, and when injured you may reflexively expend a Willpower point to gain armor equal to half your Mystic Blood merit rating (rounded up) for one round. Conversely your blood is a thing of wonder to Kindred—it flows slowly and richly with an old, earthen punch like a hearty Guinness; your blood provides an additional +2 vitae for each blood point drawn, but takes time to draw out based on how many vitae points the vampire receives while drinking—not those lost by you. This could place you at greater risk of developing psychological dependence on the Kiss, and certainly slows feeding. If consumed and held within a vampire your blood will increase their Potence by 1 for the remainder of the scene, in a rush to them not unlike physical intensity.


                            • Not "new" homebrew per se, but three suggestions RE: Merit synergy, Disciplines, and Devotions.

                              1. Martial Arts 4 (The Hand as Weapon) + Resilience 1 + Vigor 1 = your unarmed strikes can deal lethal damage to Kindred at no cost.

                              2. Martial Arts 4 + either Colossus ( or Bones of the Mountain (Thousand Years of Night, pg. 73) = unarmed strikes deal aggravated damage to everything, including Kindred, while either Devotion is active at the usual cost.

                              3. Kindred Dueling 3 (Carving) + If You Can't Duck It ( = the weapon used deals aggravated damage to Kindred only, assuming you bought the Devotion with Vigor.

                              Rationale: Protean 4's Horrid Talons and Claws of the Unholy are both effective and thematically cool. So is Kindred Dueling 3 (Carving). So is the combination of the Grappling style and Kindred fangs.

                              But they're not always appropriate for every Kindred (who might not have access to Protean, might not have the Larceny/Obfuscate to conceal edged weapons in polite society, might want to capitalize on hand-to-hand traditions they learned as mortals, etc.) This hack lets Kindred martial artists keep their skills relevant, with varying tradeoffs in costs between XP, Vitae, and equipment. (And #3 gives that Invictus knight or Carthian enforcer an extra something for dealing with the Gangrel who thinks his claws make him the scariest thing to go bump in the night...)
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                              • I would like to add my homebrew conversion of the Melissidae for the second edition:

                                Check my homebrews:
                                Vampire Bloodlines: Abhartach, Kiasyd, Melissidae
                                Mage Legacies: Infernal Ones, Daoine