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  • Forgot to post Eternus here.

    My CofD Homebrew


    • A Crúac Rite I came up with earlier today.

      Poaching the Moon's Children (•••••)

      Target number of successes: 10

      Contested by: Stamina + Primal Urge

      This ritual only works on werewolves.

      The victim becomes susceptible to the Embrace until the next sunrise. If the victim is exsanguinated by a vampire, the victim doesn't change back into his human form, if not already, for a number of turns equal to the vampire's Blood Potency, as would otherwise be the case upon death. This gives the vampire ample time to Embrace the werewolf in his non-human form, causing the neonate to spend the rest of his unlife in that form. For practical reasons this ritual is almost always performed with a captured subject mentally dominated to take the desired form.

      The embraced childe immediately loses all werewolf specific traits, such as Primal Urge, Harmony, Renown, Gifts, Werewolf and Pack Rites, as well as all Merits with werewolf specific prerequisites. His previous Renown are still present and visible in the Shadow, but in the form of scars rather than glowing brands, and they no longer grant him an effective Spirit Rank.

      What the newly embraced does keep are most of the traits of the form into which he was embraced, such as the teeths and claws of the form, the Perception bonus when using wolf senses, and the Attribute, Size and Speed modifications. Additionally, werewolves embraced while in Gauru have their Manipulation decreased by 2 to a minimum of 1.

      Needless to say this is considered an affront towards Forsaken and Pure alike. If the practice of this ritual becomes known, do expect a surprise visit to your haven quite soon.

      An accompanying Merit:

      Stealing the Father's Forms (• to ••••)
      Prerequisites: Protean •••, being embraced through Poaching the Moon's Children.
      Effect: For each dot in this Merit the vampire may replace one of the animal forms for Beast's Skin with on of the forms of werewolves. She is still subject to all the limitations of Beast's Skin, including the need to kill a werewolf through exsanguination, and slumbering for a full day and night in her Unmarked Grave after the deed.
      Drawback: The werewolf has to die while in the desired form. This may prove challenging; especially when seeking the dreaded Gauru form.
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      Bloodline: The Stygians
      Ordo Dracul Mystery: Coil of Smoke


      • Here is a Cruac ritual I created, feel free to criticize me

        Rite of Return (3 dot Cruac spell)

        This spell may only affect dead ghouls.

        The victim must not have returned to life in any fashion before this ritual.

        Upon casting this ritual, the vampire slits their wrist, pouring a number of Vitae equal to the ghoul's health down the ghoul's throat. The ghoul then rises at the next sunrise. The ghoul no longer naturally heals, but gains the ability to spend Vitae to heal. This Vitae may only be taken from a vampire, no other creatures are acceptable. If the ghoul does not receive monthly Vitae feedings, The ghoul dies, and if unable to be resurrected through this power or the Embrace. Ghouls revived in this way may still be Embraced, and function as ghouls in ever other way.


        • Forum link to thread on Dhampir-related items: Merits, Twists and Malisons.

          Feel free to add to that thread (or here).



          • hi
            was wondering if anyone had a copy of the B&S belial's brood homebrew as the link seems to be dead

            thanks in advance