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Abhi Jina and Abhi Dhvana (Indian Gangrel bloodlines)

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  • Abhi Jina and Abhi Dhvana (Indian Gangrel bloodlines)

    Abhi Jina (brahman) and Abhi Dhvana (kshatrya) bloodline:

    The originally these bloodlines were mentioned (but not developed in detail) on the page 59 of Ancient Bloodlines Manual
    Being essentially one bloodline, these two still go separate roads, according to indian varna system. Once Abhi Jina were the brahman bloodline, being warriors among the priests, the killing Sword of Kali, the destroying mace of Shiva, the best allies with kshatrya. Especially Asura Dhvana bloodline of Gangrel-kshatrya. Until once one of Rakshasa offshots declared war against Asura Dhvana. Asura Dhvana tried to withstand, but couldn't. The bloodline was almost totally eliminated. Abhi Jina could interfere, but it was kshatrya-against-kshatrya war, so they waited until it was too late. Some evil tongues say even that they did it on purpose, for their younger brothers could take the Asura's place. No one knows it for sure.

    But we know what actually took place. When Rakshasa were planning to destroy the last fortress of Asura, one Abhi Jina warrior with his Childer decided to join the doomed Asura Dhvana forces. And promiced them that their tradition would survuve. Asura lost this battle. Abhi Jina fought fiercely, but it was too late, Asura were already doomed. No Rakshasa survived the battle, but so didn't any Asura. The last standing Abhi Jina saw the only way to keep the promice, so he and his Childer took the names Abhi Dhvana, and sweared to uphold the way of their dead brethren. So Abhi Dhvana appeared.

    Parent Clan: Gangrel

    Bloodline Bonus: Being fierce warriors, Abhi Jina and Abhi Dhvana can fight even if they're heavily woonded. They never take any wound penalties.

    Bloodline Bane: The sense of Duty. Both Abhi bloodlines take their promices very seriously. If they've promiced something, they should keep the word. If they cannot or deny the words given, they cannot restore Willpower for [10-Humanity] days.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Animalisn, Protean, Resilience, Vigor


    As for the difference between two bloodlines' Blood, there isn't any. But they still have different traditions and lifestyle. As Abhi Dhvana moved away from their elder brethren, they decided never more practicing Abhi Jins Devotions and made their own ones:

    Divine Visage (Abhi Jina Devotion)
    Protean ****, Vigor ****
    Cost: 5 Vitae
    Dice Pool: none
    Arms of Shiva, Tongue of Kali, Faces of Brahma. Being Deities' Battle Avataras, Abhi Jina can turn themselves into gods. When they learn this Devotion, they can take as many Unnatural Aspects, as their Vigor Dots. Also, they can take these Aspects:
    - Arms of Shiva: The vampire grows one more pair of arms. They are totally functional and can hold wearpons. The vampire cannot attack more then once per turn, but he can take, i.e. a shield, a spear and a bow simultaneously. Also, each additional arm used in grapple adds +1 to the grapple maneuvers. This Aspect can be taken twice.
    - Legs of Shiva: The Vampire grows one more pair of legs, adding 9-again rule to Athletic use for running and jumping. They also add +1 to the Defence. Dodge gets no such a bonus, but uses 9-again rule.
    - Faces of Brahma: Vampire grows 3 more faces: one at the back of his head and 2 on the sides. They are functional, so he sees all the sides at once, and enemies cannot take advantage of attacking from behind.
    - Tongue of Kali: Long tongue that can be used to pierce at the enemy and drink his blood. Once per round when the enemy gets (or begins his turn) close to the vampire, the vampire can sting his tongue into the opponent and take 1 Vitae from him (also inflicts 1 lethal damage to mortal). With Faces of Brahma only frontalface gets this tongue but taken twice, this Aspect addsto all the other faces (4 tongues total, each can be used once per turn).
    - Third Eye: Add Protean to the Clash of Wills against all Obfuscate and all the mysterious invisibilities. With Faces of Brahma adds to all the faces for free with no additional effects.
    The aspects for Divine Visage can be taken from these ones or from the Unnatural Aspect. So that Abhi Jina has two cases: one Unnatural Aspect and full Divine Visage with all the aspects. They are DIFFERENT modes, the new Aspects of this Devotion can not be taken for 'vanilla' Unnatural Aspect power. And 'vanilla' Unnatural aspect can be not any one from the Divine Visage. They cannot be activated simultaneously.
    This devotion costs 4 experience points.

    Asura's Might (Abhi Dhvana Devotion)
    Vigor ***, Resilience ***, Protean **
    This Devotion was made in honor of the dead Asura Dhvana bloodline. It forms one Pool from Resilience + Vigor, that can be distributed among vampire's Strength and Stamina. Active effects of Vigor and Resilience still are based upon the raw numbers of the Disciplines, but as for the passive ones, they are no more connected to the separate Disciplines. To change the exact distribution of the Pool among his Attributes, the vampire must spend a day in the Unmarked Grave.
    This devotion costs 4 experience points.
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