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    Once upon a midnight darkly, there was a thief lured by promises for riches. He was told by the old soothsayer of his village that if he wished for more wealth than he could ever spend, he had to go the the dark land beyond the mountain and the valley, the river and the forest- a land where the sun never rose and the moon never shined. There, was the place where Death itself was buried, resting for all eternity upon all of the silver and gold which people took with them to their grave as a payment for the afterlife. Follow the screeches of the owls, she said, but beware- for Death gives nothing for free, and is jealous for his precious treasures. Those who steal from his grave would be cursed, and it would take its due from the robber.

    However, the thief was not scared from the stories of curses and old wives tales. The promise of quick wealth was too great for him to ignore, and so he went to the journey beyond the mountain and the valley, the river and the forest. He slept all day and walked at the night, waiting to hear the owls as the screeched through the darkness. Eventually, he managed to get to the dark land who knew no sun or moon, and traveled its treacherous paths in search for Death's own grave. He searched after it for hours and days and weeks, and just as he was about to give up he slipped down the edgy road and fell to the bottom of the chasm- until he was stopped by a great pile of soft gold. He looked around him and was in awe- not for the mountains of golden coins, the rivers of shining gems or even the song of silver chimes- but for the sight of the grave, a tremendous and majestic structure. It was made of obsidian bones and onyx skulls, decorated with ebony angels and basalt demons. It was beautiful and macabre, and upon it was written in letters of gold "take all you can carry and all you can wish for- for all shall return back here to my arms, and more"

    Motivated by the words, the thief's greed rose to life. He filled his sacks and pouches and pockets, stuffing gold to his shirt and silver to his mouth. For hours he collected as much as he could before finally searching for a way out- but just as he was about to leave, a single item caught his attention: a jewelry, made out of dazzling gold and a bright, giant ruby shaped in the form of an unblinking eye. He took the item and went back, following the owls as they led him from Death's valley to the world of the living. Knowing that no one in his village would buy the cursed goods of the grave, he went to the city where even souls were for sale. He sold every item he had and spent every coin he took from the grave in his quest for luxuries, yet he was not able to sell the ruby eye. He spent all night looking at it, polishing it, touching it, falling asleep only when the sun rose above the horizon. He spent his money only on the finest dishes and exotic delicacies- yet no matter how tasteful the food was, it felt like ash in his mouth, until he eventually forgot to eat while embracing the jewelry. He ordered the strongest wines and liquors the kingdom had to offer- yet he couldn't swallow anything and eventually stopped trying, finding refreshment only in the jewel's eternal chill. He called the most beautiful women through all the kingdom in search of a wife- but no princess or lady was attractive enough to draw him away from the shining, blood red eye.

    One night, he woke up from his sleep, clenching the jewel in his hand. Noticing that it was awhile since he left his home, he opened the door and looked outside- yet to his horror, there was nothing out there but ruined homes and smiling skeletons. Looking at the grey landscape which wasn't illuminated by either sun or moon, the jewel in his palm started to beat- and only then he realized that his heart stopped doing so for long, long time ago. He hungered, but not for food. He thirsted, but not for wine. He lusted, but not for human touch. In his obsession, he didn't even noticed how through those years he sneaked out of his home and preyed upon the people of the city one night after the other, for dozens of years, until no living soul was left in the city. Terrified of what he did, he left the ruined city and went back beyond the mountain and the valley and the river and the forest, giving himself and the cursed jewel to the Death and his screeching owls in order to pay his debt. Yet, it was not enough to erase his sins- for the rest of the wealth he took still was not returned to the grave, and the due for Death was yet to be paid in full- and not with gold or silver or precious gems Death does its commerce. Life is the grave's goods, and blood is the only accepted coin. For as the thief's treasure spread through the world, more people were lured to Death's grip, leaving behind their hunger and thirst and lust for all of life's luxuries in an attempt to pay back the thief's old debt- and every time they die in the name of their own greed, the stolen wealth is left behind and waits for its new victim- beautifully ever after.


    Sutina (or "grave goods") is the name given for a very specific vector of the Embrace- one preformed neither spontaneously or by another vampire, but through certain items of power. No one knows about the exact origin of the said artifacts, but they usually have a macabre history like being stolen by a grave robber or having all of its former owners killed. Sutina are not common, and there is very few information about their existence or location. What is known that those items are not just a passive, cursed relics- but that they have some form of intelligence, including a predatory urge and terrible hunger.

    Unlike many cursed items (which activate on anyone who tries to use them), Sutina are very selective- they only effect their owner, which they are able to personally choose (or at least, convince to own them). Each Sutina has a 1-5 dot rating, and has a Blood Potency and a Clan Discipline (Majesty, Dominate, Auspex, Protean or Nightmare) equal to it. The Sutina is able to spend Willpower as if it was Vitae in order to power the Discipline as if ti was a vampire. In order to replenish Vitae, the Sutina has to roll [Blood Potency] against the target's [Resolve]+[Composure]. The target lose a number of Willpower points equal to the number of Success gained from the roll, which are translated to the same number of Vitae. In order to do drain Vitae from the target, it must be in distance of 2 meter per dot rating away from the Sutina (it gets +2 for the rolls in case the target touch it). The Sutina may use Vitae in order to fix damage caused to it as it it was a vampire or use its signature Discipline. In case the Sutina is drained out of Vitae, it falls into hibernation, attacking only when touched. It may also evoke any Predatory Aura, using Vitae for Willpower when used against vampires.

    While feeding upon others is what a Sutina does for most of its existence, it's finale goal is always the same- creating new vampires. In order to do so, the Sutina must first recognize an individual suitable to the Embrace. While it may effect anyone, each relic usually has its own taste and preferences about "who is suitable candidate" and does not attack blindly, and may even wait for years on a shelf before finding a proper target. Once it targets a potential child, it would use its Predatory Aura or Discipline in order to lure her into obtaining the Sutina, creating a situation in which it would be at close proximity to the target. Once it secures itself in position, the Sutina would start feeding on the destined victim regularly, draining his Willpower away. Willpower drained that way can be regained only through her Anchors, and even then the maximal amount of Willpower gained that way is decreased by 1 for each passing day as long as the Suitna feed upon them regularly. While certain individuals may conclude that they have a problem and that it is connected to the relic, those are are fed upon by the Sutina gain the Swooning Condition as if she was Kissed for 24 hours in relation to the relic, making them less likely to resist. In order to break the spell and stop the Willpower limitation, one must stay away from the Sutina for a number of days equal to its rating and avoid being fed upon by it.

    Once the victim has fallen to Willpower of 0, she becomes a slave to the Sutina- she doesn't leave its side, trying to stay as close to it as possible, gaining the Obsessed Condition toward it. One she gets to that state, the Sutina has to continue to feed upon her for 5-[Rating] nights, only that this time the Sutina gives Willpower back to the target. When the Sutina feeds the target enough times, the Embrace is preformed and the target becomes a vampire of a Clan appropriate to the Sutina once two of the following would happen- she'll either kill someone, or get killed. When it happens, the Sutina gains a single "Beat". By collecting enough such Beats, the Sutina may rise its rating as if it was Blood Potency, the true goal of the relic. After the Embrace, the relic use whatever influence it still has over its child in order to make sure it would go away before finding a new owner to use. Because of the slow process of creating a child and growing in power, most Sutina have a rating of 1-3, for the careless ones risk getting destroyed in the process. However, there are rumors about few powerful Sutina, such as a statue of a goddess long forgotten or a mirror decorated with loving couples. Some even claim that a Sutina may potentially survive long enough to rise its power above the regular limits, or ones who could diablerize Kindred, or even ones who could possess you like a strix- but if such things do exist no one knows where they may be. Finally, while destroying a Sutina is the safest way to deal with those items, even there one has to be careful- for if someone use the destroyed parts in order to make a new item, the outcome would be a whole new Grave Good, waiting to for the opportunity to claim Death's due.
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    Sutinal Merits

    Those who are Embraced by Grave Goods suffer from a quit different experience both mentally and spiritually. Where the conventional or the post morterm Embrace require the child to suffer an actual death together with the commitment of the sire to the process, the Sutina lures the victim unknowingly toward a smooth transition into unlife. That, and the different requirement for the Embrace to take place, may make the child to suffer from certain.. side effects, which show that while they may look like a regular Kindred, the touch of Death's stolen treasure sets them apart of the All Night Society.

    Unless noted otherwise, all of the following merits are only allowed during character creation, although a ST may decree during the game that the situation allows the character to "evolve" those features later in game.

    Dilectus post Mortem (0-00000)
    Every Embrace preformed by a Sutina is a long process, and it requires one finale step- the touch of Death. While having the child to kill herself is a quit common technique, some Sutina prefer to have the owner to kill another, to "prepare" her to undeath. Sometimes, either by the Sutina's design or by pure accident (especially when there was a strong connection between the child and the victim), the spirit of the dead lingers with the vampire, working as some sort of "guardian angel" during her eternal night.

    While the Merit must be bought during character creation, its dot rating may be risen afterward. The dot rating represent the strength of the bond between the vampire and the spirit, when 1 dot merit would be manifested as no more than a whisper while 5 dot merit would create a vision of the dead as if she was still alive. The spirit does not act like a ghost, and lacks the ability to Manifest, Influence or use Numina. Instead, it lives in some sort of symbiosis with the character, giving her help during her hardest moments. Every time she suffer from a Humanity detachment roll, she may add her merit rating to the dicepool. The ST is the one to decide about the form of the manifestation and how the spirit tries to consult the character. In an addition, the vampire may ask the spirit for advice (although it does not know anything the character doesn't, unless it is something she knew in life). Communicating with the spirit requires expanding a single Willpower point. The merit becomes deactivated if the character's Humanity is equal or lower than 5-[Rating], but would become active again once the Humanity would be restored to the appropriate value.

    Gift by the Dead (00)
    prerequisites: Dilectus post Mortem (may be bought after character creation)
    while the presence of the spirit support her bound vampire through her unlife, sometimes a stronger bond in created between the two, allowing one to access the knowledge and memories of the other. When this merit is bought, choose one skill that the spirit knew while in life. By expanding a Willpower point, the character may access that skill as if her dots in it were equal to Dilectus post Mortem. The effect last for one minute per Humanity, and may not be accessed if Dilectus post Mortem is deactivated. That merit may be bought a number of times, each time for a different skill. Work with the ST to decide which skill is appropriate for the bound spirit.

    Mother's Love (0)
    while usually the Sutina just seek to make a progeny and move on, sometimes a connection is established between the Grave Good and the child, allowing one to sense the other. The character may sense the location of the Sutina which Embraced her wherever it may be, and suffer from a permanent Swooned Condition toward it. While usually such bonds are a unique situation, it is not unknown for a Sutina to create that connection with every child, creating some sort of cult around it.

    Death's Due (000)
    The Owls know the land where Death was buried, and they are smart enough from stealing its treasures. As long as it may be avoided, a strix would prefer not to possess the character and unless being in a position of a direct threat from her it would avoid attacking her. While most of the strix would usually try to ignore the character, some may act friendly toward it, especially if they need something from her. In a way, that would make the character into an excellent ambassador between the vampires and the strix in a certain city, but considering that courting with the strix is a taboo in most domains it may also get her killed by the local Kindred if revealed.

    Beyond the Mountain (000)
    Beyond the Mountain and the Valley, the River and the Forest- there Death lies in restless sleep. Those who stole from it know the path to its land, so that one day they may return what was stolen. That merit allows the character to unlock existing Avernian Gates to the Underworld as if she had the proper Key for them.

    Family Talk (00)
    while the Sutina looks like a regular, inanimate object, a sinister intelligence lurk beneath the surface- and some of those birthed by it know its language. The character may communicate with the Sutina around her as long as she is in its "feeding range". The communication is formed in any language the character actually knows, although the Sutina doesn't have to talk with the character. While the act may look to be telepathic or emphatic as the words are "heard" only by the character, this is not the case- it is simply that only the character knows how the Sutina speak among themselves and understand the language. Because of that, any character in the range with that merit would hear the words of the Grave Goods, and two characters with that merit may use it to speak with each other.

    Unseen Senses (Sutina) (00)
    sometimes, the Embrace by the Grave Goods leaves a mark on the vampire's soul, allowing her to recognize her "family". That merit acts like the regular Unseen Senses merit focused around the Grave Goods, only that it could be bought by the vampire. Some of those who have that merit are among the best Sutina hunters, where others are its most loyal servants.

    Bastard Child (0, 00 or 000)
    Usually, the children of the Grave correspond to one of the 5 great Clans according to its Discipline- Ventrue, Nosferatu, Mekhet,Daeva and Gangrel. However, sometimes things are not that simply- perhaps the Sutina has a more or less exotic favored Discipline, or that the Discipline are the same but the other occult properties are quit different, or it may just be a big flux of event which created an unexpected child. At any case, the result is a unique form of vampire, which belong to a new Clan unseen before- or an old one, wiped out ages ago. That merit is actually three different merits, with each dot rating representing a different effect on the character's Clan. Choose a certain Clan to act as a "template" for the changes of the merit. 1 dot merit means you can change one of the Clan's favored attribute with another. 2 dot merit means you can choose a different Clan Bane for your character. 3 dots mean you can change one of your Clan's Disciplines. That merit may be bought a number of times during character creation.

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      Lemures- Parasites, Parasites Everywhere

      Sutina are, by their essence, vampires. Sure, they are not undead vampires- one needs to be previously alive in order to qualify as such- but they are vampires nevertheless. The fact that they take the form of an inanimate object powered by a malicious conscious means nothing for the level of their vampirehood. And like any vampire, the Sutina are parasites- they feast upon the lives of the poor mortals who fall under their possession, enslave them and slowly devour them until they are nothing but a walking corpse. However, while it is nothing but an object, it doesn't mean that Death's lost treasures can't understand human feelings- hate, anger, hunger, fear, lust. Even Love. The Sutina knows them all. After all, the Kindred all share those emotions, and they are nothing but corpses revived by some blasphemous blood magic from days before words were created. Why should their inanimate siblings would be any different?

      There is, of course, a catch- Sutina may be able to feel complex emotions, but it is still an object. They may be able feel human like emotions, but the way they express them is terribly inhuman. A sword may know love, but the only way it could express that love is by cutting its lover into pieces. A necklace was crafted to be adored, and if it requires others to starve themselves as they watch its flickering light so be it. A Mirror can only reflect those who watch it- and by twisting those reflections it may cause the watcher to question their own sanity. Worse than that, they are predators. The emotions they feel always revolve around hunger, around need, around a never ending void which constantly requires to be filled. And unlike the Kindred, they lack the limitations of human moral and behavior- after all, they have never been human in the first place. How could they even understand humanity at all?

      And worse than all- they are still parasites.

      Sutina are indeed capable for emotion- but they don't understand it. They need their holders to define those emotions for them, to serve as the vessel for their never ending need and yearning. As objects, the Sutina are unable to express their emotions on their own- they need someone to use them, to hold them, to lift them, to slash with them, to smash skulls with them, to poison their neighbors with them. Sutina are things birthed from death and blood, after all- it only makes sense for them to keep spreading their terror. However, while they want to be used- they always makes sure to be the one calling the shots. You love your girlfriend? Great! They'll love her for you- they break her bones, cut her skin, paint with her blood. You are angry about your boss? Good luck you have your Sutina in your hand- they'll inject him with poison, or strangle him, or flay his skin. You feel sorrow and regret for all the terrible things you've did under the Sutina's influence? Don't you worry about it. See, the Sutina always love their owners- and when the time would come and the feeling will be mutual, they would make love with you in a way you would never forget...

      It is a little surprise that many of the Sutina's so called "owners" end up killing themselves. Sometimes, they reach far enough in their obsession that they rise as vampires by the end of the painful process. On other times, they stay dead- they were too weak, apparently. While it is unfortunate, but most of the Sutina accept it as a part of the natural cycle, and move on for their next owner/victim. The Sutina, after all, have little sentiments for the weak- every breed wish to have the strongest descendants as possible, for they would have the highest chances for survival. Those who are unable to withstand the dark emotions of the Sutina won't have a chance in the All Night Society. Sure, few of them may return from their grave post mortemly, or even as revenants, but most of the time, if you are too weak, then you are going to die, and stay dead.


      Some of them just don't die.

      It's very rare, but not unheard off. While usually the Sutina has the ability to choose its victim, sometimes it falls upon someone who is a bit.. broken. A bit empty. Someone, who is distant enough from humanity in order to understand the alien emotions which burn inside the relics. Those individuals can not only understand the Sutina- they can also control them. Only one Sutina in a time, of course, don't be greedy- but one is enough. By having a personality twisted enough, a mind broken enough or by simply suffering from so much trauma that you are no longer a normative person, Sutina discovers that their seemingly weak minds are actually a sign of strength. Those people discover in the Sutina a kindred soul- something which has feelings toward humanity, but can't really understand them any longer. They reach out, and grasp the cursed spirit in the object. They drink its rage and horror like wine, and celebrate in its love and care. They gain the power to force the Sutina to their will, and use their stolen emotions in order to regain what they lost, and stick the shards of their minds with stolen blood. Oh, the Sutina do not like it- but they don't have choice. They don't willingly surrender to their owner- they are leeched away, bond and devoured by those they searched to enslave.

      Lemures, that's how they call those self cursed individuals.

      Those who become the parasite's parasites.

      Optional Rule- Embodiments

      While the laws for Sutina possession were detailed above, one may wish to give a more clear mechanics for the way that the Grave Goods take over their victims and turn them to tools for their tainted will. As such, it is possible to use the Embodiments system in order to both describe and enrich the capabilities of the Sutina, and their ability to manipulate their hosts. In order to follow that system, use the Sutina's Blood Potency to decide which Embodiments are available to it, by following the next table-
      Blood Potency Embodiment
      1 Grave Good
      2 Obsession
      3 Dream form
      4 Possess Object
      5 Possess Living
      6 Possess Corpse
      7 Possess Revenant
      8 Possess Kindred
      9 Embrace Object
      10 Haunted House
      Grave Good- the basic Embodiment of the Sutina, trapped in the form of a relic stolen from Death. Those Sutina follow the rules as they have been established the the opening post.

      Obsession- the Sutina is able to bind others to its will freely. It may force the Obsession Condition on anyone who touch it.

      Dream Form- the Sutina does not give any rest for its owner, haunting their mind in both day and night. They may manifest themselves in their owner's dreams and freely manipulate them by rolling their [Blood Potency] against the owner's [Willpower] (temporary one, the score they and before the night's sleep). The act requires one Vitae

      Possess Object- the Sutina may temporary transfer its mind to another object in its feeding range. The act requires spending a single Vitae, and lasts for one hour per [Blood Potency] (it may always return to its original "body" for free and move back to the possess item during the time period). The bond does not break even if the item later removed from the Sutina's range. After possessing the item, the Sutina may use their powers and feed through the object as if it was their core body,

      Possess Living- as described in 2e core book. The Sutina may freely allow itself to be absorbed into the host's body or manifest itself on will.

      Possess Corpse- see "possess living"

      Possess Revenant- see "possess living"

      Possess Kindred- same as "possess living"

      Embrace Object- the Sutina may create new Grave Goods. The act requires them to come in contact with the object either directly or through their host, and roll [Blood Potency]. A failure means the object can not be Embraced by the Sutina, and Dramatic Failure would destroy the object in question.

      Haunted House- the most dreadful power of the Grave Goods, a Sutina that powerful is able to take over an whole area. The act requires rolling [Blood Potency], with each Success gives it a possession range of 10 meters. The Sutina may freely feed upon any being in the range, and can spend 5 Vitae in order to move objects according to its will, using them to attack, defend or even just to terrify those who enter its turf.

      Smelting- Like the Strix, the Sutina are able to make more of their kind. The act, known as Smelting, requires the Sutina to physically break small parts of themselves, which reduce their Blood Potency by one. Those parts are later regenerated by the original Sutina, while the broken pieces attach themselves to nearby objects and melt into them, turning them into new Grave Goods in the service of Death.

      Lemures- Mechanics

      In order to become a Lemure, the person has to have an Integrity score of 4 or less, and come with contact with a Sutina. By instinct, the Sutina would attempt to take over the person- only to discover that they end up possessed instead. The instinct is not well understood by even the Sutina themselves, but those Dragons which investigate the phenomena claim that those who have their minds degraded are extremely alluring in the eyes of the Sutina. While the more powerful Grave Goods are able to control themselves and not fall into the trap- youngsters are easily confused by the sudden attraction to the individual and reach out to make them their own- for their eternal regret.

      Once becoming a Lemure, the Sutina could be manifested and absorbed by the Lemure as if its was under the Possess Living Embodiment. In an addition, the Lemure gains a single dot of Blood Potency, which they could later increase through experience (it does not naturally grows in age). They also, however, gain a Humanity score of a value equal to their Integrity, which could be increased with experience. They do not, however, lose their Integrity score, which is instead "frozen". Their Humanity could be increased (or decrease) as normal. They do, however, maintain their Virtue and Vice- even though their role is switched, so their Vice grants full Willpower and Virtue grants one.

      In order to feed, the Lemure has to deal Lethal damage using (or involving) their Sutina. A blade has to cut, an hammer has to smash, a goblet needs to carry poison and a brush has to paint with their victim's blood. The damage always has to include spilling blood, even though the blood itself is not consumed as the Vitae is regained. As they are still alive, the Lemures suffer from damage as normal, and they grow old and die just like any other mortal being- even though they may heal themselves using Vitae, as if they were vampires.

      As they are alive, the Lemures also lack the Blush of Life and the Cleansing. They can see and hear as if they were vampires, but they can not taste or smell blood as them. Also, while they can notice hidden people, they have no such affinity toward traces of blood. In addition for healing, the Lemures can also intensify their body, and they can also project Predatory Aura- but only if their Sutina is manifested outside of their body, and they also enjoy the benefit of the Lost Visage. They may not Embrace in any form, including the rise of Revenants, nor can they establish blood bonds (even though they may be bound by such) or create Ghouls. Vampires drinking the Blood of a Lemure discover it as tasteless and unsatisfying. Lemure's blood grants no Vitae, and they may not be Embraced. They also may not preform Diablerie.

      As humans, in nature, the Lemures lack the innate vulnerability toward fire and sunlight. They do, however, suffer from Banes following their Humanity. While they are usually controlling their Sutina, in times of crises, the cursed relic make act against their will, causing them to Frenzy as if they were Kindred. As they have access to the powers of the Blood, Lemures are able to learn Disciplines as if they were vampires of a Clan corresponding to the one of the Sutina (together with the Clan's Bane). They may also learn Devotions, but they do not have access for Coils or Theban Sorcery. There are rumors about certain Lemures which have gained access to Cruac, yet the chances of a Parasite to gain membership to the Circle of the Crone (or any Covenant other than certain factions of the Carthian Movement) are slim at best, and the strix seems to be uninterested in the Lemures (with them being "someone else's possession"). They also have access to most Sutinal Merits as if they were vampires.

      In addition to those changes, the Parasites have few qualities unique for them. First, they are all immune for any kind of possession, from the beings of ephemera to the shadows of the strix, as the Sutina already occupies that part of the soul. In an addition, they also have one trait which most vampires lack- their Integrity. While it is usually frozen in time, it may be changed under special circumstances. First, every time the Lemure suffers from Frenzy, roll for an Integrity Breaking point at its end. Failure, however, would mean that the Lemure's Integrity won't go down- but go up, as the Sutina would use its powers to rebuild the Lemure's mind using its own emotions and alien mindset.. and regain control over them. Also, once per chapter, a Lemure may voluntarily sacrifice their freedom in exchange for a boost of power- they may have their Integrity increase by 1, in exchange for having their Vitae pool completely refilled as the Sutina consumes and replace the traumas and emotions which its own. If, by any case, the Lemure's Integrity rise above 4, they discover that the Sutina is no longer as submissive as it was before- By rolling [Integrity - 4] against the Lemure's [Willpower], it may, once per chapter force the Lemure to preform one act which would take no longer than a scene. The Lemure has to do everything they can in order to fulfill the compulsion forced by the Sutina. In order to reduce the increased Integrity, the Lemure has to spend one week per dot without using any of the template's abilities. That rating may not be reduced bellow the initial, "frozen" value.

      All of those traits, of course, only valid as long as the Lemure owns the Sutina. If, by any case, the Sutina is taken from them, they immediately return to be regular humans- with one change. Their new Integrity value is equal to the one they had when the Sutina was taken from them, instead of their original one. If, however, they manage to put their hands over a new Sutina (any Sutina, not just the original one), they would regain their template completely from the point it was removed (so they start with their original Blood Potency, and regain knowledge of Disciplines and Devotions). In case their Integrity of the appropriate value, the template is taken immediately. If their Integrity is too high, however, they may still try to force the Sutina to their will by rolling [Resolve]+[Manipulation] against the Sutina's [Blood Potency]. There are dangers in the process, of course, for while Success would grant them their stolen powers once more, Dramatic Failure would make them simply possessed by the Sutina (as detailed under Possess Living), even if the Sutina does not have the Embodiment. When trying to regain the last occupied Sutina in that way, the future Lemure gains +2 modifier to the roll.

      Soulless people, of any Integrity, also trigger the Sutina's instinct by touch.

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