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  • Bloodline Conversion- Mabry

    Hi there, everybody! Haberdasher here again with another bloodline conversion! This week, I'm presenting the Mabry, a bloodline more-or-less straight out of From Dusk Till Dawn. In contrast to last weeks Hounds of Actaeon, Mabry are big fans of letting food come to you. They're fond of luring in prey with the promise of food, drink, rest, and *ahem* entertainment, and then chowing down, with varying levels of lethality.

    The Mabry were interesting to convert, mostly because I really didn't have much to work with: their bloodline devotion Blood from the Boards was interesting and useful... but it was basically folded into Unmarked Grave, the 2e one-dot Protean power. So, suddenly, the Mabry didn't really have anything making them unique. I decided to retool Blood from the Boards from a power that let them drink blood in the area, to one that lets them essentially walk through walls, flavoring it to reflect the idea that these are Gangrel who typically sleep indoors.

    The bloodline bane stayed mostly the same, but I decided to try and incorporate 2e blood sympathy rules into it, to give it some differing levels of severity, and to also promote the idea of Mabry wanting to try and live in consanguineous broods.

    As always, leave your thoughts and suggestions!

    Bloodline Conversion- Mabry
    Sun’s going down. Lights are on. Music’s loud. Beer’s cold. Shouldn’t be long before somebody shows up for dinner.

    Food delivery. Some people might say it’s one of the best innovations of the modern world. Some people might say it’s a sign of society’s growing laziness. Both groups might be on to something. But for the Mabry, such philosophical squabbles are beside the point: food is food, and it’s better to sit tight and let it come to you. Even better, make the food want to come to you. Whether it’s an out-of-the-way roadhouse, a rest stop on a remote stretch of highway, or even a bar in the middle of a densely populated city, the Mabry have a penchant for making their Havens in locations where humans like to stop for a meal or a drink.

    Background: The Mabry started in the 1896 with one Carlton Mabry, a prospector who had taken part in the Klondike Gold Rush. Mabry Embraced several childer from among prospectors and mushers who passed through the region, and came to call his childer his “boys.” In time, Mabry and his “boys” got tired of the scarce human and animal blood they were forced to subside on. So they got inventive. They built a roadhouse set a ways back from the snow-covered road, and allowed the torches and fires they lit inside do the advertising for them. Travelers looking to get some relief from the unrelenting cold would find themselves set upon by Mabry and his childer. The Mabry have continued this way for over a century, slowly spreading out across the country like sluggish rattlesnakes. Some have set up strip clubs, others remote diners or even bars in the heart of a city. And they aren’t just “boys” anymore: plenty of Mabry “girls” have sprung up over the years.

    The Becoming: Mabry are as varied in temperament, skill set, and ability as other Gangrel. They Embrace childer who have skills they find useful, and are willing to adopt Gangrel who come to appreciate the Mabry’s sedentary lifestyle. Mabry can have any skill set, so long as it helps their local brood to further their business and ensure their food supply.

    In the Danse Macabre: Among the Gangrel, the Mabry have a reputation for being clever, but lazy. Some scorn them for their unwillingness to to actively hunt, but others regard the Mabry’s lifestyle as just another predatory niche, and even come to appreciate their way of life. Other Kindred are less likely to know of the Mabry, since they often live in areas where no vampire except Nomads wander, but those who do know of them may not even realize they are a bloodline, and instead mistake them for a lineage of ordinary, albeit peculiarly sedentary and clannish, Gangrel. That self-same clannishness makes the Mabry something of a neutral party in the Danse Macabre, but occasionally some Mabry acquire a restaurant, bar, or other establishment in a Rack, making them valuable allies. The Mabry will often pledge their loyalty to whichever covenant whose territory they dwell in, or the current domain’s leadership if the den is in a ritzier, more centralized part of town.

    Clan: Gangrel

    Nickname: Spiders

    Bloodline Bane: The Mabry started as an isolated coterie of related Gangrel who spent much of their time dwelling in close proximity with each other, which became the basis for their bloodline’s bane. If a Mabry travels than a certain distance away from any members of his bloodline, he suffers a -1 to all mundane rolls, and a -2 to all Discipline rolls. The distance he can travel varies with the degree of blood sympathy: Mabry with whom he has thrice removed blood sympathy must be within a mile; Mabry with whom he has twice removed blood sympathy must be within five miles; Mabry with whom he has once removed blood sympathy must be within ten miles. Closer blood sympathy takes precedence over more distant blood sympathy. Thus, if Mabry moves ten miles away from his sire, he can avoid his bloodline bane by being within five miles of a sibling or grandsire.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience, Vigor

    Bloodline Gift: Ambusher’s Aspect
    The Mabrys’ affinity for lying in wait for prey to walk into their trap gives them a natural affinity for carnivores who exhibit the same hunting behavior. Any time a Mabry wishes to change his adaptations for Predatory Aspect (Protean 2) or Unnatural Aspect (Protean 4), he does not have to slumber in his Unmarked Grave, so long as the predator he is trying to emulate fits the theme of a carnivore that prefers to lie in wait for its prey.

    Out of the Woodwork (Protean 1, Vigor 1)
    Cost: 1 Vitae
    Requirement: Same as Unmarked Grave (Protean 1), Mabry
    Action: Instant
    Duration: Indefinite
    Being accustomed to dwelling within structures, the Mabry learned to pass through wood and stone to make their Unmarked Graves, and now they can sleep in the gravel of an unpaved lot, or the foundations of a building, as easily as they might sleep in fresh soil. Unlike with Unmarked Grave, a Mabry who is attempting to sleep in a material other than soil or earth must only spend 1 Vitae, regardless of the material’s Durability.

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