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    Hello all, Korogra here once again! I have recently been running a Blood & Smoke campaign and I have been designing several bloodlines for it. While doing so, I though to myself "Why not show the Forums one of them?" and after a little debating with myself I decided why not? So I am proud to present to you the first of several Bloodlines I have planned to debut in that campaign: the Markosians; a line of vampiric Blood Sorcerers who have recently (re)discovered the art of Thaumaturgy and now use it in a mercenary fashion- selling their services to those who are downtrodden. Other Bloodlines will be re imaginings of a couple owod bloodlines, namely the Blood Brothers and Samedi as well as a few original bloodlines called the Scarred Legionaries, the Skin-Walkers, and a strange collection of non-kindred vampires known as the Tribes of Dusk.

    But for now, please enjoy the Markosians!

    Markosians: The Ones Who Stand With You

    Nickname: Seekers or Advocates

    Parent Clan: Mehket

    Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate, Resilience. Members of the Markonians have access to the Blood Sorcery Thaumaturgy.

    Bloodline Bane: The Morose Curse
    For all their incredible mystical power; the Markosians are tormented by their personal failures, more so than most any kindred. Should a Markosian suffer a dramatic failure on a roll, the Markosian suffers from the Fugue Derangement for a number of days equal to his Blood Potency. In addition, if a Markosian should fail a roll he suffers from the Depression Derangement for the Scene.

    History: The Markosian Bloodline is a very new one that has been spawned within the recent decade, and since their emergence the Bloodline has attained something of a celebrity status in a small number of domains within the continental United States. While it is unclear as to when the bloodline first appeared exactly, the founders of this line are very well known- much the the ironic chagrin to many Shadows who are familiar to the line and those who wish to join it. Unlike most bloodlines that come into being, the Markosians claim that they are the progeny of two mehket- a mated pair who are said to complete each other so fully that there are no kindred in the entire country that can match their bond. These two kindred's names are jealously protected by the bloodline and only the Surname is known by most vampires: Markos.

    The Markoses are a pair of kindred who are quite beloved by the kindred of the west coast and for a good reason; they are partially responsible for the protection and reconstruction of the domain of Los Angeles, for they are said to of battled and driven off two of the greatest threats of the All Night Society: the Strix and the shadowy conspiracy of vampire slayers known as VII. It's said that over the course of a year and a half the Markoses and their coterie were among the few Kindred of LA to stand up and defend their home from these dread enemies, and these two were on the forefront of nearly every engagement, aiding their fellow kindred with powers that had been long thought lost. Through coincidence or design the male half of the Markos pair had discovered an amazing tome; an ancient book on the forgotten art of Thaumaturgy. With this powerful Blood Sorcery at his command the male Markos vowed to aid his friends and allies to the best of his ability- ability that was greatly bolstered by powers gained from the book. Over the course of these two wars against the Birds of Dis and the Sevenites Markos had taught his mate the secrets of Thaumaturgy as well and together, the Markosians say with no small amounts of pride, they destroyed their enemies utterly and without mercy. Whether or not this is the truth is subject to debate, but what is known is that after the Strix and VII were driven from the city of Angels the Markoses began embracing childer and teaching them the secrets of Thaumaturgy as well and within the decade a new line of Mehket was born, scions of both vampires and reportedly sent on a mission to go forth and protect those kindred who could not protect them selves from their enemies- something that many of the Markosians do with a great amount of valor and compassion (something that is often in short supply in this nights)

    Besides the story of their genesis, the Markosians are too young of a bloodline to have developed much of a culture on their own yet, and thus knowledge of their exploits since then are very difficult to determine. What is known is that the Markosians has spread from their home domain to several other cities on the west coast to offer their services, with the most notable two occurrences take place in Seattle Washington where a pair of Markosians were said to of been trying to De-escalate tensions between the Prince of Seattle and the oppressed Carthian Movement , though sadly were unsuccessful and were destroyed along with the Prince. Another more successful story comes from the efforts of two Markosians in a small town in Texas where the pair was said to of protected the domain from a group of hunters who were determined to exterminate the local Kindred.

    Practices: Like their history, the Markosians are still somewhat building upon how they operate within the All Night Society, but they have created a serviceable system that has performed quite well so far. Like the Markoses themselves, the Markosians as a whole present themselves a civil servants; Blood Sorcerers meant to aid those who are struggling and beaten down by the machinations of those above them. How they go about this is where the Bloodline begins to get interesting in terms of structure; for the Markonians are consummate team players, more so than most bloodlines. As they possess two separate-yet-bonded founders, the Markosians also work in pairs: Broodmates, friends, lovers, it matters not- the vampires of this line partner themselves with a kindred who he or she is deeply connected with. The Markoses each compliment each other, serving to compensate for the limitations of the other, and their progeny do the same by bonding with a vampire who completes them as much as possible. Once they find that partner, both undergo Thaumaturgical rituals to help synchronize both kindred together on the vitae-ic and spiritual level, and once that is complete the two vampires each choose a specific role they wish to undertake within the Bloodline.

    To accomplish this the Markosians possess a sort of caste system divided into two groups: the Seekers and the Advocates, with both members of the now ritually bonded pair choosing one to join, though they must always join the opposite caste that their partner chooses in order to ensure that each pairing is balanced in it's duties.

    The Advocates are often expected to be the more outspoken and more emotionally confident to speak with others, for the main duties of the Advocates is to locate and approach those of a domain that are often known to be struggling through their nights and offer assistance to them. Be it through mundane or magical means, Advocates serve as the member of the pair that actively interacts and offers their services to the disenfranchised members of a domain's by acting as councilor, attorney, and lobbyist for those who have accepted their help. As a result of this immense level of social interaction Thaumaturgy utilization is a lower priority for most Advocates, who find that juggling mystical practice and their duties as a public and "civil" servant unattractive, though the Thaumaturgical arts are by no means abandoned- many Advocates make extensive use of divination and conjuration rituals while working with clients.

    This is where the Seekers come in. If it could be said that the Advocate is the actress in a play, her Seeker partner is the stage hand working behind the scenes, taking care of the tasks she cannot attend to because of her role in the production. While exceptions are somewhat common, the Seeker is typically the Thaumaturgical powerhouse of the duo. While his partner has face time with the client he does the heavier lifting in the back; performing rituals, investigating the rivals, allies, background of their client, searching for or creating damning evidence ( thanks to Thaumaturgy) to give his partner and client an advantage over opposition, etc. But beyond that, the Seekers possess another, possibly more important purpose: searching for mystical items, locations, and documents related to Blood Sorcery in all it's forms- a task that would be considerably more difficult without the Advocate's help. Thus bringing up the theater analogy again; the Advocate serves to keep the general populous mesmerized, enthralled by her (or his, as there are an equal number of Advocates of either sex) performance while the Seeker operates from behind stage in the shadows, providing support for her while furthering his own agenda that benefits the both of them.

    But who are the struggling Kindred that the Markosians so keen on offering their services to? Neonates and Unaligned kindred are often the most common pools from which the Markosians draw their clients from, though these ever so "altruistic" kindred are always eager to share their talents with vampires belonging to Covenants who are floundering under the rule of the more successful sects or the occasional Elder who is wary of potential betrayals yet is unwilling to confide in his own allies and thus turns to an outside, neutral party- the Markosians. Some kindred scholars find it perplexing as to how such a young and miniscule bloodline like the Markosians can be so effective and desirable and the answer is quite simple; the Markosians are both affordable and thorough in their dealings. The Markosians never demand unreasonable compensation for the use of their gifts, and neither do they perform a job half heartedly, and these two factors have consistently proven to grant the members of this line the trust of those they are employed by- a trust that is almost never broken.

    Appearance: Appearance wise, the Markosians come from various walks of life, though due to their domain of origin, many Markosians are of caucasian and hispanic descent, with a few members being of black and Asian lineage as well. Furthermore, the Markosians are one of the few bloodlines that possesses nearly an equal number of men and women within it, and this is partially thanks to the small size of the line. Racial and gender ratios aside, the majority of the bloodline do possess a sense of commonality in terms of garb within the pairs. Thanks to the binding proccess the aspirant Markosians go through upon their induction into the bloodline bonded pairs share much between each other in the form of thoughts and emotions to minor extent, and as such it often isn't long before both members of the pairing begin sharing other things such as tastes in fashion, etc. As a result it is common to find Markosians to be wearing similar or even matching outfits. There are exceptions of course, with some of the closest pairs wearing what each individual enjoys or even outfits that completly contrast with their partners in either style and coloration- sometimes both.

    Like many Mehket, the Markosians typically choose to embrace individuals who they believe thrive within the strange niche the Adovcates and Seekers have created; most people who are embraced tend to be slight, easily overlooked people as well as those who show a penchant for mehket valued characteristics such as an inquisitive mind or a deceitful nature. Furthermore when embracing the siring pair usually attempt to sire two childer at a time, often targeting people who are siblings, close friends, lovers, or even rivals and enemies- the reasoning being that these strong bonds in life indicate ideal subjects for inducting into the bloodline proper when their blood is potent enough.

    And there you have it the Markosians! I will note that there isn't everything here yet, but that is because I have players who cruise the forums and I do not want to give away plot points of the campaign. As with Thaumaturgy I am not entirely finished with it as of yet, but I hope to at least put the first Path up on the forums within a day or two. As always, I hope this interests you and don't be shy about commenting on my work! thanks and have a wonderful day!
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    They are somewhat... strange. I mean, they seem genuine good guys. xD I like the general idea, but i cannot help but ask you why you considered Mekhet for the parenting Clan, instead of Daeva, for example. They seem much more fitting, with the whole social purpose, not to mention the warrior aspect, wich Daeva embody much better than Mekhet. The Seeker faction is more Mekhet-y, but the Advocates, totally Daeva to me. Maybe you could do something like the Moroi, mixing clans.

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      Have you considered removing the clan requirement altogether? Nothing about this Bloodline seems to resonate strongly with any clan, indeed if anything I'd say it feels more like a sub-group of the Carthian Movement or the Crone.
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        I agree with PenDragon. And cross clan bloodlines are always neat.

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          Originally posted by PenDragon View Post
          Have you considered removing the clan requirement altogether? Nothing about this Bloodline seems to resonate strongly with any clan, indeed if anything I'd say it feels more like a sub-group of the Carthian Movement or the Crone.
          And I may indeed make it a universal Bloodline, the reason it is a Bloodline of the Mehket here is because the two Kindred this bloodline is based on are indeed Mehket. But otherwise, I would agree with you that they would make a better universal Bloodline.


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            Originally posted by Phersus View Post
            They are somewhat... strange. I mean, they seem genuine good guys. xD I like the general idea, but i cannot help but ask you why you considered Mekhet for the parenting Clan, instead of Daeva, for example. They seem much more fitting, with the whole social purpose, not to mention the warrior aspect, wich Daeva embody much better than Mekhet. The Seeker faction is more Mekhet-y, but the Advocates, totally Daeva to me. Maybe you could do something like the Moroi, mixing clans.
            And on the surface they are good guys, but like most things in the World of Darkness it is unwise to judge a book by it's cover. The Markosians do have a much darker agenda, but since my players read this, I cannot tell you guys what it is... for now at least XD.


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              do they have access to the owod thaumatergy? or does the nwod have one?
              i as because you dont give a description of that sorcery.
              i dont currently possess all the books so i would not know if nwod has a version


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                nWoD has a new system of Blood Sorcery. Although not like Thaumaturgy (as everything is done by rituals) it does have different branches (called Themes: Divination, Transmutation, Protection, Destruction and Creation). Similarly to Thaumaturgy, everytime you raise the Sorcery Discipline you get a free dot in one of those Themes (the first dot of sorcery lets you distribute 3 dots among Themes, at least 1 in each of the Sorcery' 2 favored Themes), but you can also buy more with experience (the overall Sorcery Discipline caps your rating in any individual Theme). The Themes are more open than Thaumaturgy Paths, providing lots of things to be done at each dot, but you need to create a custom ritual for it.

                Each Blood Sorcery is defined by 2 favored Themes and 3 descriptors called Motifs. Each Blood Sorcery also uses a different dice pool for activation.

                If I had to convert old Thaumaturgy to Blood Sorcery I would make its favored themes Protection and Transmutation. Not sure about the Motifs, but the dice pool would probably be Resolve+Occult.

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