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how difficult is Elysium to rent and prepare.

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  • how difficult is Elysium to rent and prepare.

    was just wondering how much will a movie theater, restaraunt hotel or such likely cost for a night or two. What will be needed beyond renting the place. to prepare it.

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    I have no idea how much it costs, but other alternatives are getting such a location for free (Dominate, Majesty and blood bonds are handy tools) or, as is most common in my group's games, having a ghoul that owns a locale specifically for the purpose of having an Elysium. Something that is not available to the public or other guests so there's minimal risk for booby traps and hidden microphones.

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      It depends on the location, how flashy or nice you want to make it. You could get away with it for free if you've got a movie theater owner under your thumb.

      You might arrange for some security, at least hiring some vampires or tasking some ghouls to make sure no one gets in who shouldn't. Entertainment is a plus. The more vampires you're trying to cater to, the more of an investment you're going to need to make. The less you're going to cater, the more of just a 'place' you're offering, the less you're going to spend.

      But different settings will say different things about the one who set it up, and reflect on the Prince who let them. If someone just ropes off a field in the middle of nowhere, no one's going to be impressed.


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        First lets define what is an Elysium. What makes such a place is, first and foremost, the ability of the Keeper to reinforce safety and civilized behavior. It doesn't have to be a club, a theater, or even a closed space at all. What it needs is to be a place where the Keeper can receive other Kindred and guarantee that no one will break the sanctity of the space.

        That said, I don't think you even addressed it on the proper terms. An Elysium is far harder to prepare than to just rent and prepare a space for a night or two. You need a plan. You need to think a way to guarantee all will go smoothly. You can do that by own or hired force, by social standing, by pulling strings, by setting the place for proper defense, or more likely by all of those.

        Lets try a "simple" take on it:

        - Build some personal power. Half a dozen strong Ghouls should be enough to make for basic security, another half a dozen Ghouls in the capacity to take care of administrative necessities. You need some direct allies with access to powers you don't have to take care of the basics. You'll need Auspex for proper vigilance, a bunch of dots on physical Disciplines for harder assailants (you don't need as much as the assailant, its just to slow it long enough and stop with numbers, Dominate, or simple threat), Majesty to help smooth things. The Majesty user, in special, need to be committed to keep tranquility and calm down people before they frenzy.

        - Go make your name in vampiric society. People have to take confidence in your ability to make it happen. Most of it you'll have to conquer after the fact, but you need your first attendees to have any actual chance. You can start on any particular niche of vampire society you want, but you need to build some social cloth in said niche, to convince some interesting and influential people to come.

        - Pledge some political cloth, now. A prince or similar influential Kindred, at least, should see with good eyes your goal. At the very least you should be sure to have no opposition from any such Kindred, but one or two allies will help to guarantee that.

        - Your last thing to worry is the actual place. To have a fixed place is good, specially for starters. What you need is to have the logistics to guarantee no unwanted intrusion. Nothing else is necessary, but this is of utmost importance. No vampire will forgive a failure in this regard. After all that is done, it is up to you how you want to serve your guests. Its the least important thing.

        Money won't make for much at what is really important in an Elysium.

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          You're the Prince of the Night, man, you tell me.

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            In my Portland setting I have the Carthian's rent the WTC, but a local Reeve has ties to the Body Thief Panopticon Seer of the Throne who controls Securitas, who has a Sanctum/Hallow on the top two windowless floors of the building.

            Convenient underground parking with freight elevators. For ease of reference here is the floor plan.

            Even the local werewolf packs give the spirit of the building itself a healthy respect, but it is also the building that houses the heart of Portland General Electric, and it is next to Waterfront Park, so leylines and various essence flows would converge at the site if such things make any type of sense.
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              Money matters little to Kindred.


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                I would say that it depends of how old the building holding the Elysium is. In some cases (such as the main Elysium in my chronicles), it doesn't cost that much because the Covenants have purchased it more than a century and a half ago, through their mortal pawns in the municipal council, so they have worked on its working, the way for Vampires to enter it undetected, how to protect it and enforce the peace around it, etc.

                Now, if a new Elysium would have to be purchased, it would probably took years, especially because of the "current" (read, since the last 60 years) political landscape of the Kindred in the city. It would require the pooling of resources from various elders or powerful Ancillae to do so... or just one elder doing a clear political statement in creating a new place for the Damned to congress. Plans would have to be made for extensive works, meaning that a new building being built is probably a better idea that some adjustments to existing buildings. It would require to have influence both at the mayoral level, the enterprises which will actually built the thing, and those who have to control the plans, at a higher level (either because of its cost which would be far higher than a normal building, or because of incongruities in the plans), because otherwise it will attract a lot of unwanted attention.


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                  I've played in a chronicle were Elysium usually took place in a shopping mall, in all public areas and during normal work hours, so it was packed with unsuspecting kine. Also, no Masquerade breaches, no matter how small, were tolerated. Fun times.


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                    Originally posted by Shawarbaaz View Post
                    Money matters little to Kindred.

                    Right up until you have to do something beyond arms length. Then it suddenly matters a lot. Maybe it's "someone else's money", but it matters.