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Primal urge questions

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  • Primal urge questions

    Hello folks!

    I was reading the second edition book again and notice something, in first edition we got some dice penalitys for high primal urge, um second edition this is not the case ? And there is any difference to portrait a high P.U npc when the players meet him first time? A uneasy feeling, a chill,the power emanating in some way, or maybe a more feral persona?

    Thanks for help guys!

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    Yes, social penalties no longer exist. Your description of a high PU npc is spot on, use that.

    I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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      Definitely lean on the "feral persona" thing. 2E primal urge is very much an internal thing. It should come across mostly in body language and bearing, rather than some sort of palpable aura.


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        I think its better now..., since a elodoth on first edition hás little reason to increase P.U, i will try work out with more savage behavior and themes like that with high P.U characters