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Alpha: Elodoth vs Rahu

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    Why would an entire pack follow "a rash warrior"? Leadership is given by the subjects, not wore like a cape for the sake of it. Leaders must earn the trust of the ones they lead by being honorable. Leadership is about the benefit of your unit, not some badge or status symbol you display because of childish insecurities.
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      Originally posted by Serpent Axis View Post
      "you can still do those things while I'm the alpha".
      The reply goes like this: "You can't have my negotiations because he won't respect the terms I make, or listen to the strategies I come up with, or see the strength I see in all you my fellow pack mates. When he's in charge he won't listen nor respect to any one, me or you guys. He's shown it to be true. He's completely out for himself, not the pack. And by the way, is he implying he won't fight if I am in charge? I ask because I assure every pack mate's strength is welcome when I am Alpha, unlike him." Then crush him with The Social Maneuvering system that he obviously didn't invest his points in. Can't have your points everywhere.
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