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Need Your Help So I Can Run Werewolf the Forsaken 2e

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  • Need Your Help So I Can Run Werewolf the Forsaken 2e

    I'd love to run Werewolf the Forsaken 2e. My favorite player who is not my son (we'll call him "Carl") doesn't want to play Werewolf the Forsaken because he played in a 1e game at Denny's and didn't like how the spirts all hated Garou. He'd totally like to be Spirit-bros (ha). Did this get toned down in 2e? Was it actually not that bad in 1e and the GM from Denny's just did a bad job? Is this something I can house rule?

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    Spirits are still mostly nonplussed by Uratha because they symbolize a restrictive force in a world where their hungers and whims hold sway. But in Second Edition(due to social systems actually being in place, but you were assumed to do similar in First Edition) you can build relationships and alliances with the spirits of your territory. The whole setup for Werewolves is that they go in and engineer their territory to suit what you're try to achieve. The resonance you can cultivate, the spirits you can embolden or suppress, and the other packs and groups you can ally with make the social scene a lot more palpable than it would seem at first glance.

    Although you seem to have a player that's from the Apocalypse fandom, but if they find what makes Forsaken grand they may be able to give it a chance.


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      You've got your totem, for one. And you can have spirits as packmates now as well.

      So yeah, spirit buddies are totally a thing.


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        Many spirits have a certain animosity towards werewolves, but it's not as simple as "all spirits hate Uratha." As much as I dislike the "spirit cops" moniker, in this case it could be quite helpful to think of the relationship between spirits and werewolves like that between civilians and police. The civilians that benefit the most from police activity appreciate them, and the civilians who are targeted and oppressed by the police don't really care for them.

        The default assumption is that most spirits will have a hostile first impression of Uratha. But it is entirely possible to work past that initial mistrust and form truly positive relationships. That's what happens with Totem spirits. And in second edition, werewolves have Touchstones - one physical, one spiritual, and one of the example spiritual Touchstones is literally called "The Buddy Spirit." So there's that.
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