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A question about Skin Thief

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  • A question about Skin Thief

    Alrighty, I've a question about this particular Wolf Gift Facet. In particular its about the following quote.

    Once he has paid the Essence cost of the Facet, the Uratha’s skin warps and ripples before settling into a copy of the deceased’s appearance, bone structure, and muscle.

    So, for purposes of clarification, does one have to pay Essence immediately or is it paid over time?

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    You pay the Eesence immediately unless your spending limit is less than required, then it takes multiple turns. You can't slowly trickle the Essence into a Gift by choice.

    P. 100 - 'If a Gift or other effect would require she spend more Essence than she may in a turn, she can spend the required Essence over a number of turns, with the ability activating once she has spent the total needed.'

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