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    Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
    So after fixing title - What do you think about basic Lodge's idea? What Totem and Bonds could work for this? I'm even more interesting in talking HOW Ghost Wolves could even have Lodge in the first place.

    Well first of all, I'm glad someone ran with my idea.

    Second of all, in hindsight, yes, my choice for lodge name was regrettable.

    Thirdly, did the Pack change lodges in that way? Ghost wolves having their own lodges was totally a thing in first edition, all the werewolves of Australia before the Europeans came were ghost wolves with lodges instead of tribes.


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      Ghost Wolves can still have lodges that wasn't changed. Two of the given lodges are primarily for Ghost Wolves. One on the verge of becoming a Tribe, so they won't be Ghost Wolves much longer, the other flat out Ghost Wolves.


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        Um, yeah. I figured it would be fairly clear that Ghost Wolves could be Lodge members, given the Lodge of the Field in the 2e corebook, and the Eaters of the Dead and Temple of Apollo in The Pack.

        - Chris Allen
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