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    The idea of ‘essence alchemy’ mentioned in The Pack has sparked ideas for a small lodge of mad experimenters on the cutting edge of essence, resonance, and spirit manipulation. Anyone else thought of anything else like this? My idea is that their sacred prey would be magath both as fascinating subjects worth of study, and perfect examples of alchemy and fusion gone horribly wrong. They would be a Boneshadow lodge, naturally. As always with my lodge ideas, it is half-baked and all over the place.

    My ideas thus far:

    Blessing: Lodge members add 3 dice to any rolls to identify or manipulate spiritual resonance. When an Alchemist’s essence pool runs dry, he may use the essence stores of his own flesh to fuel powers, taking aggravated damage on a one for one basis.

    Ban: An Alchemist may never draw twice from a single source of essence in one day. (until something better strikes me, as this feels weak)

    The Lodge rites would basically be an altered fetish rite, where they can create fetishes with two effects, fetishes from magath (also with multiple effects), or perhaps fetishes from ghosts (though that might be dipping into lodge of death territory). And then a rite based on the level 4 mage spell ‘Shape Spirit’ which will probably need to be very difficult to achieve, and should probably only be possible after a binding (due to the length of the rite, perhaps?). More benevolent Alchemists might use the Shape spirit rite to unMagath Magath (or perhaps that will be impossible?). Either way, these things will both need to undergo some heavy balance checks so I figured I’d need more eyes.

    Something like:

    Alchemical Fetishcraft

    This rite is a variant of the Fetish rite that combines ancient knowledge with the Alchemists’ mad ingenuity and experimentation. As with the Fetish rite, an Alchemist binds a spirit into a sacred receptacle — a Fetish. It’s an ancient pact born from the symbolism of humankind’s first artifice, and one that many spirits resent. However, an alchemist may choose two powers that the fetish may possess, so long as they are both in line with the spirit’s nature. If the spirit bound into the fetish is a Magath, then the fetish may possess a number of powers equal to the Magath’s rank.

    Symbols: Craft, purpose, chains, blood, the spirit’s type

    Sample Rite: A common ceremony for weapon-crafting involves an old forge and furnace wherein the ritemaster chains the fetish; the spirit is bound over blazing fires through ritual magic. As the smith-ritualist hammers and works and chants sacred mantras, he spills his blood upon the hot metal. (Stamina +Crafts)

    Here is the mage spell for an idea of what I'm thinking. It is way too powerful as is but the idea is definitely something I can get behind. What do you guys think?

    Shape Spirit (Spirit ••••)
    Practice: Patterning
    Primary Factor: Potency
    Withstand: Rank
    Suggested Rote Skills: Crafts, Medicine, Persuasion
    When no tool is ready to hand, the shaman shapes one from what is available. This spell allows the mage to reshape a spirit’s fundamental nature. She may invoke a number of the following effects equal to the spell’s Potency:
    • Change the spirit’s fundamental nature; for example, making a mouse spirit into a spirit of bad luck and mischief.
    • Redistribute the spirit’s Attribute dots.
    • Heal one box of lethal damage from the spirit’s Corpus.
    • Redefine and redistribute the spirit’s Influences.
    • Add, remove, or replace one Manifestation.
    • Add, remove, or replace one Numen.
    • Rewrite the spirit’s Ban and Bane.
    She can also alter the spirit’s size, shape, and appearance as she
    sees fit, within the limits of the spell’s Scale factor. The spirit’s
    new traits must stay within its Rank-derived maximums. When
    the spell’s Duration expires, the spirit returns to its original
    form and capabilities.
    +1 Reach: For one Mana, the spell may heal aggravated damage.
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    I'll probably write up a brief summary of the sort of ideas that were going through my mind when I wrote the bits about Essence alchemy at some point.

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      That'd be awesome.


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        A thing you might want to consider is if these alchemists are going to work as a cross-over bridge to Promethean or if they will stick in Werewolf country with their alchemy. Because if you'd like to use them to bridge a cross-over to Promethean then you could add some stuff for interaction with the Created.


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          Considering how Essence alchemy deals with Resonance, I'd say a crossover with Mage is more likely.

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            Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
            Considering how Essence alchemy deals with Resonance, I'd say a crossover with Mage is more likely.
            True that, but in terms of theme a lodge focused on alchemy would work better if angled towards the Created. Or at least that's what I think.


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              Well bear in mind that it's not alchemy in the traditional sense. There isn't really a goal of transmuting any actual materials, it's just the word we're using for their experiments with manipulating essence and spirit stuffs. So I'm not sure if there's any real overlap with the Created as the substances of their alchemy is entirely different.


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                It's technically more chemistry than alchemy. Or Chinese alchemy.