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  • Night Horrors in 2E

    I've recently picked up a copy of Night Horrors:Wolfsbane hoping to find some inspiration and potentially an antagonist for my Chronicle.
    In the recent Monday announcement a new book or possibly series of Night Horror books is in the pipeline for 2nd Edition. I can
    only speculate that we'll see some of the characters updated and perhaps some new faces.

    Apart from the system changes between 1st and 2nd Ed do any of the existing characters not really work when you look at things through
    the lens of 2nd Edition? From what I understand there was quite a focus change and I wondered if any of those within don't quite fit in the
    new iteration of Forsaken.

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    Well, obviously the idigam got ported into the corebook. Aside from that the whole point of Night Horrors tends to be weird shit that doesn't quite follow the rules. So most of it should work ok with a bit of tweaking.


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      The new Night Horrors book, apparently advance released today, is for Beast the Primordial.

      Mechanically not much has changed, as Elfive pointed out the 'new' second edition idigam are in the second edition book, they don't re-use the ones from first edition, instead giving five new ones. But between the two books, again like he said, you should be able to convert pretty easily.


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        I hope it includes new and interesting Dread Powers that have the seeds for interesting horror concepts in them.

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          Second edition's core does, the Conquering Heroes book doesn't have any new Dread Powers. It's divided up into three sections, Heroes, Beasts, and Insatiate.

          I'd imagine if Werewolf got another we'd see some new Dread Powers, Numina and other stuff, however.