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    Werewolf has a bit more modern backstory than the other gamelines, and I'm wondering if I could have a timeline of the modern history of WtF. Like, when was the war that resulted in the Forsaken being forced into the cities? Wasn't there a war in the 80's with the Idigam or the Maejin? What was that all about?

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    What you're thinking of is the Brethren War, taking place around the 80s and wiping out most of the world or America's or just the United States' Forsaken.

    One of the books suggests this is a cyclical thing. Every so often one group gets overpopulous and content, lax in their duty, and the other group, sharpening knives since the last cycle, makes the attack.

    In first edition, the surfacing of the Gurdilag, one of the first known and recognized idigam in however long, coincided with the Brethren War, making the situation in the Rockies particularly nasty, though arguably bringing some clarity to those caught up in blood feuds.

    You could probably piece together a timeline across the books, but a lot of it wouldn't really affect other things. The Lodge of Wires, for instance, during the dotcom boom, attempted to harness the spirit of the Internet and nearly wiped out. This wouldn't really have much bearing on the rest of the world, just like the story of the Lodge of the Lost, spanning over the course of decades and involving the saving of the world against the Great Darkness doesn't mean much beyond members of the guild, as most people aren't aware of it in the first place.

    Even the surfacing of the Gurdilag, which can be easily blamed on the space program and the bringing back of idigam to Earth, isn't that great of a deal, considering the Earth-bound have been around since the fall of Pangaea, if not longer. Or shorter.

    I'm not saying it's pointless project, it would be cool, if only to help guide people to seeing major events in the setting they might use in their own games.

    The big things to remember are Pangaea, Fall of Pangaea, and return of the idigam.