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Supernatural Abilities & Social Merits, etc.

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  • Supernatural Abilities & Social Merits, etc.

    Do Social Merits that grant bonus die to skills stack with Werewolf supernatural abilities that incorporate the relevant skills, like the Air of Menace Merit from Hurt Locker with a Hunter's Aspect that uses Intimidate? It seems really strange to me that a "supernatural" would suddenly become less frightening when invoking effects based off fear.

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    Sure, why not. As far as I know there's no rule against it and Hunter's Aspect can use pretty much any roll, you sort of want to use things you're good at.


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      I noticed this has 28 views thus far and I'm assuming that is a measure of how intuitive the answer is since there is only one response. Rather than any disagreements.

      I may be asking too much with this however I was hoping to get a ruling in an official capacity so that my ST would soften the "on the fly nerfs" which seem to be counterintuitive to the actual function of the mechanics.