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    Originally posted by Cinder View Post

    Ok, here's my "canon" about my creations:

    Bee. Bee is dead and shattered. A somewhat subtler and less openly dangerous Pangean than others, she stepped out the line when she tried to create an ordered kingdom of Claimed and magath that enslaved humans and forced them to work. Then Father Wolf happened.

    The Bee Host make a point to not think too much about her, since hives are born and destroyed constantly. Better to concentrate on the future than on the past.

    Bat. I came up with the Bat Host and its progenitors, the idigam Itzumazah, back in 1st Edition. Back then, we knew about both of Host progenitors that were similar to Father Wolf, like Azlu's Spinner Hag, and idigam, like Locust's Mussughana. For the Bats, I used the idigam route. My personal explanation for the Bats was the following: as an uncoalesced idigam, the Obsidian Butterfly was a being of chaotic unshaped potential. With a personality and goals, sure, but still something out of the primordial power that spawned the idigams. As such. it had within itself the potential to be Bat. Not something truly defined, but the symbolic and sympathetic connection to become Bat was there. Once it ripped out its heart, the idigam sacrificed a lot of his power (lowering its Rank from Sun and Moon level to 5) and renouncing to an equally huge amount of creative potential. The idigam effectively maimed itself but, the Shadow being the Shadow, the power it threw out transformed into something else that took shape accordingly to the resonance of the events. Blood, darkness and pain which turned into the Suthilu.

    Now, 2nd Edition begs the question, what about Bat the Pangean? Bat still happened. There was a cosmic need for a Bat, and since the Obsidian Butterfly renounced to its occasion to fill that need and universe hates vacuums, Bat came into being. On its relation towards the Suthilu I can guess the Pangean would see them as something like family, brood of a being that was indeed thematically related to Bat, if only partially. Since in the Shadows symbols and themes are tangible, I imagine Bat would feel that way, probably acting as some sort of step-parent for the Bat Host. That's a feeling the Bat Host don't care for, though: at some point, either before or after Father Wolf's death, the Suthilu ate Bat. Not as an act of piety for a dying parent or as a part of the Hunt. They killed Bat and drank its blood because Bat did not matter to them in the slightest.

    Last thing, with Sundered World now out, Itzumazah's heart totally was an Omphalos stone.
    I actually have my own Bat Pangean partially stated up. I was trying to come up with how a Pangean might stay a Pangean after the Sundering. I realized the best way to do this would be to create a being that was really good at escaping and that could easily cross the Gauntlet so it could maintain its Pangean state instead of becoming fully spirit or flesh. He favors the Space Arcana and has a power than lets him detect and force open any Iris or passage. Looking over my draft I have him mostly stated up and wrote a handful of custom powers, some complete, others not.