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  • Bowery Dogs on DTRPG

    The gangs and the mob rule the streets. Will you let them control your Territory?
    Bowery Dogs is now available as a separate book.


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    I would love to play in this setting.

    My list of PC aspirations and hoped for plot twists:

    Carry out a sacred hunt on Afrika Bambaataa for all the molesting he has recently been accused of doing back then.

    Get into a fight with Ivory Claws at Studio 54 after drowning their minion Donald Trump in a toilet there, have a young John Landis be the only club goer who resists the Lunacy to remember it.

    Also at Studio 54, stake the Carthain agent trying to kidnap Baryshnikov to send him back to the USSR.

    Lots more killing and famous guest stars at studio 54 because I am history major trash.

    Set up an awesome den for the pack on Hart Island.

    Kidnap a CIA crack dealer and ransom him/blackmail government over drug dealing in exchange for TfV never ever bothering my pack again.

    Mystery Solved: Etan Patz was a wolfblood who went through the first change early, thus why New York's Uratha (meaning the PC pack) needed to kidnap him and create some Patsys for his supposed death. In the modern day, Etan has grown up to be a powerful Lodge of Crows Alpha known to most as "The Milkman"

    Despite the user name I am actually bigender.

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