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    I must admit I am pretty bummed I did not think of the idea to let the hunt for a totem be part of the game... You are all correct that it is a great idea. Very well, this is possibly not my last werewolf campaign, so I'll have more chances!


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      I can easily take more than a week to make a character, because everything has to be "just right".
      That said, doing the Totem, Supporting Wolfblooded, and Ladder after Game 1 also works well for my groups.


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        Originally posted by Aristarkos View Post
        I must admit I am pretty bummed I did not think of the idea to let the hunt for a totem be part of the game... You are all correct that it is a great idea. Very well, this is possibly not my last werewolf campaign, so I'll have more chances!
        Technically, the first hunt of many newly formed packs is the hunt that ends with the binding of their totem. They bring low the spirit with actions that may be violent and terrifying to outsiders, but the spirit world (and other Uratha) recognize the respect and ritual inherent in the Ashum-Dah — the empowering hunt — and few would confuse this act of forging a disparate group of werewolves into the unity of the pack with the equally (some would argue greater) defining moment of the pack’s Zakmur-Dah.

        The Ashum-Dah - something I wrote when building ideas for The Pack; deleted pre-first drafts because word count.

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          The first session of my current WtF game (and the first CoD game for the players) was an unholy amalgamation of the First Change and The Funeral frameworks. Worked pretty well, but I think you'd need a lot of player buy-in (and, in retrospect, some thought as to how to justify time-skips when necessary).

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            Originally posted by RomulusGloriosus View Post

            I've never had the luxury of knowing if a game would last more than two sessions, so that sort of puts a wrench in dedicating a whole session to character creation.
            ST-prepared characters are a thing. I recommend them for any game lasting less than 8 hours.

            For longer chronicles, which can consume months or even years of sessions (if you are in the rare realm of enjoying that sort of dedication and time from player's lives.), a character creation session isn't just for creating characters and involves world building discussions. Especially necessary for a deep setting that the PC's have already lived in BEFORE the chronicle starts. Character creation in this way could easily last more than 2 sessions of 4 hours each. ST's asking player's character to "remember" and talk about things in their characters lives is a very useful mechanic. What was next to their house, their school, workplaces, the park they visited?

            You'd be surprised how much the character creation process can create the setting for ST's to give a Chronicle twist to all the mundane things. Characters aren't something meant to live in a vacuum and then dropped into a prepared setting. They shaped the setting by living in it before the chronicle.

            After the memories of the setting phase, things like tribal demographics, the pack itself, possible antagonists, legendary hooks, overarching problems and resources available are pretty much close to defined. This way the chronicle is truly tailor made to your PC's because your players made it.


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              Made two stories to this day in chronicle - first was First Change story, with NPC Bone Shadows Rahu as mentor character for first times players, changing in to Uratha as teens. Then second story is 5 years later about Funeral of this NPC, murdered by other unknown forces, as PCs are coming around full Uratha ( with chargen characters ) on his ceremony. Players are seems to get more and more gist of the game and as I required to make mortal characters first with choosing Auspices and Tribe for game - they seems to get handle of it, without greater delays. We specifically did not choose Totem - or even extensive Pack - as PCs are now in the Pack forming stage 'we need to avenge NPC and looks for allies' - so Totem hunt and picking rest of Pack is all before us.

              I think the problem of WtF 2E corebook is that it assumes all of the chronicle and Pack mechanics need to be chosen from start of the game - rather than give 2-3 game sessions for players to build it from ground ups. Some idea need to be chosen before game, but nothing so detailed as corebook is proposing. For example, I made weeks ago survey with players on general Pack idea and they chosen 'Bar/Local' and 'Friends from Childhood' options - so we use those two things as building blocks for coming Pack to the game. Rest is of their own doing, inside of game world.
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