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Getting Essence from Gift of Elements

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  • Getting Essence from Gift of Elements

    If I understand things correctly, spirits who have Influence in something also consider that thing their resonance in order to gain Essence. Is this true for werewolves who gain Influence as well. Could a werewolf with, for example, Gift of Elements nourish themselves on Air, Earth, Fire or Water to gain Essence?

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    Not normally; getting Essence from Influences is a facet of existence as an ephemeral being partially defined by those things.

    I could see a four- or five-dot fetish that allowed you to replicate a spirit's ability to harvest Essence once per day (or at a cost) with a roll, maybe, but by default the principal means of getting Essence for werewolves are drawing it from loci or getting it through rites or seeing your auspice moon in the sky or eating wolves or humans — the thematic tenor of lycanthropy is important for determining what kind of things let werewolves get werewolf-food.

    There might also be a lodge concept that could conceivably support an appropriate analog via Blessing, but that's a bit more involved as far as content-creation goes.

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