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    Now I know it says the merits are supposed to be for mortals and honestly it's probably not something I would do anyways, but could you imagine a Lost Boy Werewolf?

    Again, I know the merits and such were not listed with werewolves or vampires in mind, I fully understand that, I'm just curious that IF a storyteller decided to waive that restriction how would they rule on the interaction between a werewolf's spiritual nature and the cybernetic enhancement?

    I could see this as something a Hunter conspiracy would do, capture a werewolf, brainwash it and put some kind of mind control on it then enhance it to send out to fight other werewolves or vampires or whatever. Or if you prefer, I could see the Ivory Claws doing something akin to gene therapy and artificial breeding programs in order to produce a new breed of perfect Pure.

    Personally I would say either the shape shifting process isn't compatible with cybernetics and you would have to reason it as genetic modification, in which case it might be a harmony breaking point(towards what though? Is it flesh or spirit?) or assuming you could have cyborg werewolves I'd say the cybernetics interact poorly with the wolf spirit, possibly turning it into a weird magalath(malagath? SP) and slowly driving the werewolf mad. Or maybe he just goes into permanent Kuruth until he's put down.

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    Magath and tell me more about these "Lost Boys"

    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      I'd think the cybernetics would have more trouble with the regenerative process than the spirit in the wolf. If your healing is going to push out bullets, it would probably push out implants as well. That's not even getting into the difficulty of capturing a werewolf and imprisoning it while you perform surgery on it without it escaping or driving you insane through Lunacy.

      But it does seem like something the Ivory Claws would do. Would be a good group of antagonists for werewolves in a game with Ivory Claws.

      Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
      Magath and tell me more about these "Lost Boys"
      One of the micro templates in the Hurt Locker. The write-up was made available here. Kind of reminded me of Bane and Venom, though it's cybernetic.


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        Yeah, I think you'd have to headcanon it as gene therapy instead of cybernetics to get it to work. That migh limit some of the things you could pick. The Cybernetics would probably be too difficult to reason.


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          I like this idea in overall concept. Since I'm planning on running a modded version of Bowery Dogs soon I may root this for the 70's into things like radiation therapy, hypnosis, and hallucinagens.