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  • Forsaken for Antagonists.

    Any kind person can post some character sheets for a 40 xp mystic shaman ww along with a 30xp ww warrior and a 30xp Shadow hopping infiltrator?

    A brief summary of who to best utilize then would be much appriciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    You got character concepts down yet? Like Auspice and Tribe? It could help with working up the character sheets.

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      Nomadic doesn't necessarily means that a Pack doesn't have territory, indeed given werewolf territorial nature, it likely means a large migratory route is their territory. It could be possible they follow shifting Essence Flows, or the migration of Prey. Biker Gangs, RV snow birds, and Neohippy Festival road-trippers come to mind.

      If you want to use Forsaken werewolves as antagonists having them be a migrating Pack whose part of their route borders or overlaps where the PCs have claim is a great release valve to prevent it from becoming a binary life or death struggle where either the PCs or the antagonist pack has to die.

      For a more specific example: Our hypothetical pack is the Neohippy/American-gypsy festival road-tripping trio of siblings, an older sister and two younger brothers werewolves, and their extended wolf-blood pack/family. The oldest sister, on a play of traditional gender roles is the badass ww Warrior of the three, and she's also amazingly beautiful, sexy, and sympathetic, if a bit gruff in a way that is worthy of respect. (My mental picture is a modern Valkyrie, like the female supporting character from The Edge of Tomorrow, but dressed in a neohippy aesthetic) She and a PC have a short lived romantic tryst, (dangle the bait, with a fade to black scene with implied intercourse if a PC bite) and she has to go when the time to travel happens again. Guess what happens when the PCs see her again in 6 months? She's all swollen belly and it is the PC's child! Her brothers are mad! Their pack as suffered some tragedies due to them being protective of their warrior's unborn child, and they consider it the PC's fault (in their reckoning birth control is the man's responsibility, I know surprisingly old fashioned for progressive neohippies, but some Public Announcements and condom commercials made the point clear for certain paradigms) and the fact their resentment has been stewing un-vented without open communication and wolf blooded loved ones have died in the process of picking up the slack having underestimated some situations, the PC father and his pack have become the emotional scapegoat for something that's only tangentially their fault. They don't want to kill the PC, but child support has more than the standard meanings when you and your baby mama are werewolves of different packs, and the baby mama's pack holds resentment against you. It could be complicated further if the mother doesn't resent the PC or his pack, but has lost all romantic attraction to the PC, making the PCs get mixed reaction which could be confusing for them. In fact she could disagree with the poor treatment of the PCs but just because she's the warrior doesn't mean she's the Alpha, and in this case its the Mystic youngest brother (given their neohippy spiritual leanings). This whole plot has a bunch of meaningful and complicated themes, but hey the PC is going to be a father, isn't that a good thing? Isn't it? Isn't it?? ...

      Examples of child support "Hey, not optional, you and your pack are going to help with xyz Sacred Hunt, because she's pregnant or else.", "Hey we need Essence, and she's not in fighting shape because you knocked her up, so find us something just the two of us can take down that's worthy Prey, it's not like that's a hand out, you owe our family", and of course financial support is more complicated when werewolves don't hold down day jobs, ect...

      And hey that pack is only in town for a few weeks a year so no reason to be too upset..
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