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Help with a pack prologue

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  • Help with a pack prologue

    Hi guys,

    I am running a crossover game, and in this game the players started as a human character and in some point of the game them have gained their templates. there are 2 werewolf among them and they want to form a pack, but i wouldn't like to let them just create a pack as the book said, i want them to look for a totem that would accept a pack made of (Werewolf, vampires and mages).

    So what kind of hook and stories would you made for a nice prologue of this pack?

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    Are the mages Thyrsus?

    The obvious thing to do seems to be finding a spirit that is harassing the werewolves, vampires or mages, and cut it a deal. It gets free Essence from them in exchange for a benefit, rather than having to spend its energy making life annoying for them.


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      A common threat is the easiest answer. Tie it to some event, possibly a disaster, that triggers the changes from human to supernatural, then make the threat one that affects the Spirit too giving all of the characters and totem a reason to unite against it.