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[Dark Eras] Forsaken by Rome – Roman Uratha

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    So it's not his website quite yet, but you can find it on Facebook, Twitter, and the Apple Podcast store. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History has started its next series. Probably unsurprisingly, Dan is once again plowing into Roman history... and this one's entitled The Celtic Holocuast. While it's primary focus is first on the Sack of Rome, then on Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars, I'm sure you can find several dozen useful things for Forsaken by Rome in this episode.

    Also, if you haven't listened to Punic Nightmares or Death Throes of the Republic, you really should.

    PS: I'm only halfway through The Celtic Holocaust, so I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be a multi-part series, so I really hope it catches up with Forsaken By Rome, then goes all the way to the Sack of the Western Empire.

    EDIT: I'm wrong, it's a one-off. I'll just have to cross my fingers that Dan gets there in the next three hours of discussion.

    EDIT 2: There we go! 3 and a half hour mark.
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      More thinking about Roman Uratha origin myth, I think I would go with werewolves being descendants of Capitol Wolf and Mars - but being 'adopted' by Luna, as their 'godmother', when Mars did not approve them. Maybe God of War did not like their Death Rage?

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