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[2E] Sacred Hunt rituals examples

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  • [2E] Sacred Hunt rituals examples

    Originally posted by Iry View Post
    A thread with many examples of a 'Sacred Hunt', including the rituals the pack uses to start them, would be awesome.
    Sooo maybe you have your examples of Sacred Hunt rituals? Best would be marking Auspice, Tribe or Lodge that makes this particular Sacred Hunt then.

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    Mine involves Intelligence+Craft, which entails presenting an artistic depiction of the quarry to the totem, and then burning it while howling condemnations to it. Our Totem is constantly crying blood, so we cut our faces under our eyes to honor it and display unity of purpose.


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      Intelligence + investigation (or expression) for creating a beautiful mind style conspiracy board with the string running between The Prey at the center and their various associates, investigation is used for a that actually investigates The Prey for the board, Expression if they are making shit up for the sole purpose of the rite. The board includes possible assassination methods for them. Once the board is complete, the pack splashes a cup of blood on the photo of the The Prey on the board to signify the hunt's beginning

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        Stealth(or Intimidation)+Presence: A representation of the prey is put in the middle of a circle surrounded by light;torches, candles, or electric lights are all fine. the Ritemaster slowly walks outside of the circle , carefully making sure she is barely illuminated while the pack is fully hidden in the darkness, before suddenly approaching and snuffing out one of the light, fully seen but only briefly. The pack makes a brief but loud scream or howl as she does this. Repeat until all lightsource are gon. After that, the pack rapidly encircles the representation before the ritemaster jumps in and marks it with a bloody hand.


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          My Iron Master used Wits+Streetwise: The Rite master wears a symbol of the Prey, and announces a place they are hiding. The Packmates take turns describing weaknesses, points of entry, and escape routes they know. The Rite Master counters each point, challenging the Pack to outwit them and their knowledge of the City. Once one location is satisfactorily detailed another is named, and another, until the Rite Master is satisfied.

          Symbols include Prey, City, Knowledge and Challenge.
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            I have an Iron Master who takes an empty barrel, and the Rite participants all bleed into it. Then he tosses the barrel down a hill, and the whole pack chases it to the bottom. The first one to grab it runs it back up the hill and they start the chase again. Stamina + Athletics.

            A Storm Lord ritual involves hanging paper effigies from the ceiling. The participants bow in a circle towards the center and call on Luna to aid while they tear open their own arms with their claws, and fling the blood at the effigies until one of them falls.The fallen effigy is eaten and the pack howls (poor Wolf-Blooded who have to clean that up). Composure + Crafts.

            My wife's Blood Talon made a ritual where the pack erects a series of straw and wood effigies and anoint them with blood and masks them with something significant to represent the specific prey. After a quick howl to Luna, they set upon the effigies with claws and fangs until they're all smashed. Strength + Brawl.

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              Iron Masters, Presence+Expression. Use The Father's Form and blare out Powerwolf's "Night Of The Werewolf" while forming a mosh pit. When the songs over the hunt begins. They occasionally change the song up, sometimes it's "Son of A Wolf" but it's pretty much always Powerwolf.
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                Bone Shadow. Dexterity+Expression. The pack uses quicksilver flesh to gain claws and slash each other in the chest, smearing their hands with blood. The ritemaster shuffles a deck of cards, and picks one card to represent their quarry. The packmembers take turns revealing the top card. When the card representing the prey is turned up, the other packmembers roll initiative to slam the card as fast as possible, further smearing it with blood. If the rite is successful, their totem's brood can be heard howling from beyond the veil (the totem is a 3rd rank wolf spirit, that was tainted with murder-essence a few games back).

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