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Amy suggestions for running a Beshilu plot?

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  • Amy suggestions for running a Beshilu plot?

    Hey all, so I am running a one off plot where Beshilu are poking through the gauntlet, some disease spirits are being soread around, look into that and stop it. Straightforward plot, not looking to win a pulitzer.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for portraying the Beshilu in an evocative manner?

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    The Beshilu tend to have a strong religious element to them, all zeal and fervent pestilent faith. They share a lot of elements with the Fire-touched, but are much more feral- more cowardly and cunning.

    What I would suggest is to contrast their febrile rantings with the more known elements of your Uratha mythology; their belief is insidious and corruptive and prone to mutation. Is there a strong spiritual element in your pack? A powerful Cahalith or Ithaeur? Contrast that with a powerfully bloated beshilu hatespeaker or cardinal. Work in elements of what mortal faiths might surround or inform your pack.

    Further to that, the spread of contagion can be a lure- does it affect someone or somewhere important to the pack? Do other, more important spirits sicken? Do magath become endemic? What are the consequences for Shadow and Material realms?

    If it's a one shot then I would say, sharpen everything up. The beshilu incursion has direct and heavy impacts for the pack. Someone gets sick with something really rare and unusual. A wife, a child, a key ally, hell even the Totem...

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      Remember as the individuals get more powerful, they also get more intelligent, so feel free to have a 'mastermind' or something. Also they hold grudges, and that's something you could easily take advantage of. The fiction before the chapters in the Forsaken second edition core is about the damage a beshilu infestation can do, though likely one more organized and nastier than you're planning, as it ends up almost killing an entire city.

      A couple of the memories that stick out, to me, of the beshilu. One was crossing into the Hisil in a tall apartment building and finding the entire place swarming with beshilu and real rats, which signaled a much larger problem than we thought we were prepared for, and one way beyond our scope. Another was dealing with a Rokhan, a rat-man who was surprisingly strong and agile, to the point that he basically forced my character to retreat. He had the aura of a ninja about him.