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[2E] Quick NPC generation

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  • [2E] Quick NPC generation

    Are there some guidelines how to quickly create Uratha NPCs? I have idea on NPC position in story, but not who he IS - from what I see, he could be of any Auspice or at least half of Tribes. Any ideas how to create quickly characters 'werewolfness' concepts?

    My idea - Take two d10 and roll them. First one is Auspice, second one is Tribe. See below table for results.

    Roll result Auspice Tribe
    1-2 Cahalith Blood Talons
    3-4 Elodoth Bone Shadows
    5-6 Irraka Hunters in Darkness
    7-8 Ithaeur Iron Masters
    9-10 Rahu Storm Lords

    Any other ideas from you to ease NPC creation?

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