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[2E] Chases Rules from CoD Rulebook in WtF

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  • wyrdhamster
    started a topic [2E] Chases Rules from CoD Rulebook in WtF

    [2E] Chases Rules from CoD Rulebook in WtF

    So I simply adore Chases Rules from CoD Rulebook! ( They are at page 84 of book. ) They are sleek, elegant, to be used in variety environments and even can be used for discussions or debets in refraining. And that Werewolf 2E is all about Hunt, I was sad those rules did not show up this half year earlier to be included in WtF second corebook. So this topic is for making adaptation of Chases Rules for our Uratha hunters there!

    First problem is, of course, how to take werewolves Forms for consideration in Chases? Urhan is said to be fastest one, Gauru cannot be taken in stressful situations ( and I assume Chases are always this kind ). Urshul are to be best in to herding the Prey.

    Second one - How to resolve taking Forms even? Chases are written to take up to 1 minutes per tur in there. So each participant need to hold his Form for whole turn and can change on start of next? How this would change Target Number of Success per side?
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  • wyrdhamster
    So I read more on the topic in both WtF 2E and CoD Rulebook - here is my take on the matter. Notice, if not stated otherwise, use rules from Chase in CoD Rulebook, p. 84.

    Set the Terms: Terms are calculated based on Hishu form traits.

    Teamwork: Packs often Chase together. Each participant in Chase choose side they help. Highest Dicepool in each turn for the side is Primary Actor in Chase rolls treated as Teamwork action. Chases with your Pack are much easier. 😊

    Edge: Resolve Edge normally – unless the pursuer or prey is in Urhan – if in it look for the rules for this form below.

    Form: Each werewolf can declare free shifting his form for this Chase turn and use it’s traits, as they take from half to one minute anyway. It does not change the Terms calculated on start of Chase.

    Dicepool: Uratha and Wolf-Blooded can always use their chosen Form Speed trait as Dicepool in each Chase turn, but they suffer cumulative penalty for changing dicepool, if side with Edge did not choose it ( -1 cumulative to rolls and no 10 again ) – unless they are in Urhan form, see rules below.

    Forms Chase rules

    Those are special rules for varies form in Chase scenes.

    Hishu: Following general Hishu power Sheep Clothing ( WtF 2E, p. 96 ) any Chase that is in the pursue character through crowd or populated areas suffer her Primal Urge as a penalty in turn she is in Hishu.

    Dalu: Following general Dalu power Badass Motherfucker ( WtF 2E, p. 96 ), when Chase his prey in crowd, werewolf in Dalu can use Presence + Primal Urge dicepool instead of normal one for Chase, without cumulative penalty.

    Gauru: Uratha cannot assume Gauru in Chase as it would instantly change it to combat. If character is still doing this, Gauru needs to roll his last time Chase Dicepool and get all the needed success. Otherwise, prey run out and need to be looked for by Tracking rules. Only Gauru is risking Basu-Im because of not satisfying Hunt and must roll Resolve + Composure – on failure Gauru enters Basu-Im, with all the consequences.

    Urshul: Following general Urshul power Weaken the Prey ( WtF 2E, p. 97 ), once per scene, when Urshul side get’s more successes than enemy – it can give Arm Wrack, Leg Wrack, or Knocked Down Tilts to his enemy.

    Urhan: This form is perfect for foot chases. Following general Urhan power Chase Down ( WtF 2E, p. 98 ), werewolf in it can freely use their Speed as Dicepool, even if side with Edge choose other Dicepool. If being in previous Chase turn in Urhan, werewolf can get Edge by paying 1 Essence. If two or more werewolves are taking this Edge by Essence, resolve by Clash of Wills rolled on their Speed dicepool.
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  • 21C Hermit
    Gonna have to re-read the Chase rules and Form rules, but I think there was something about Urhan in Chases way back in the forum. They can substitute Speed for the usual dice pool in a foot chase (forgot the exact Attribute + Skill combo). The idea was that, instead of changing the Chase rules, players should interpret this as that they should strive to gain the Edge and manipulate the Chase scene into becoming a foot chase scene, where they can pretty much insta-end the Chase with their superior dice.

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  • Heavy Arms
    I think the most direct factor for standard chases is using the altered form's Speed and applying it to the extant rules for how Speed interacts with a chase.

    Lunacy should also probably come into play as well. An exceptional success wouldn't change anything mechanically (but it's a nice boost for the poor soul being chased). A normal success likewise doesn't need alteration. Failing in either way gets difficult because which Lunacy Condition gets put on the target will have vastly different impacts. Atavism will end the chase for a fight. Delusion would probably force any attempt to seize the Edge cost a WP to attempt, but as long as it stays a physical change wouldn't do much (they're already running away and all). Reception wouldn't have any direct impact on a Chase right up until the target dramatically fails into the Hisil; ending the chase unless the werewolves can follow immediately.

    Hishu wouldn't have any distinct impact.
    Dalu's Badass Motherfucker ability should remove any advantage the prey they're chasing is getting from being in a crowd or trying to use beings around them against the werewolf. This would likely be either a change in the target number of allow taking the Edge.
    Gauru should probably be considered useless for Chases due to the short duration unless Kuruth kicks in.
    Urshul probably doesn't gain much else as Weaken the Prey means getting close enough to perform attacks.
    Urhan's Chase Down ability is going to be pretty damned useful. They should be able to spend 1 Essence to automatically seize the Edge (unless they're facing supernaturals with access to the same sort of thing like Celerity), and they should retain the option to roll their Speed as their dice-pool.

    Taking forms really shouldn't be an issue, since they either take an instant action or are reflexive. However a character should only be allowed to benefit from one form per interval given the level of abstraction involved.

    Auspice use of Hunter's Aspect should also get some mention in consideration here (esp. because it's more functional in less 'foot chase' style chases). It's an instant action to activate, but it's entirely meant to be activated while chasing someone down. Most of the Conditions generated don't need much extra consideration. Swaggering might, but mostly because it might negate the Chase like Atavaism.

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