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[2E] Wolf-Blooded and Tribes

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  • [2E] Wolf-Blooded and Tribes

    Analyzing Roman Dark EraForsaken by Rome – I uncovered now that introducing Wolf-Blooded to the families Tribe is canon. How can you see those relations? How differ Wolf-Blooded working for each one of Tribes of Moon? How they are working with Pure as ancestral legacy?

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    It's been a thing.

    Basically some families and lineages of werewolves have a tendency to stick to the same tribe. Their extended wolf-blooded do as well. The core book has six Tribal Affiliate Merits to help represent their strong connection to one tribal totem or another, or in the case of the Ghost Child Merit, their inability to bind with a Firstborn.


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      It's been a thing since 2nd ed was published. p. 304.

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