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[2E] Bale Hounds and Wounds

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    Originally posted by nofather View Post
    Yes, but just turning a locus of Devotion to a locus of Violence isn't enough to make it a Wound. There are Pride, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Violence and Deceit spirits that are completely normal, not-Wounded spirits.
    Sin spirits are, as you say, normal. Wounded spirits are the same devotion spirits, tainted (wounded) by Pride, or Wrath, etc.

    wyrdhamster I think you got Shoals confused with Barrens;

    With the merit, manipulating 30 people into killing themselves does in fact, qualify to wound the locus;

    Insular: Being uninterested in things outside of your area of influence. Packs have enough to deal with with their own territories, and barring protectorates, won't go looking for a fight in someone else's turf, unless they smell weakness there.

    Once shaped, the damage is done, Wounds are scars, scars aren't easy to remove. Wounded spirits stay wounded, even if you reshape their environs, and then they'll resist the new attempt to reshape the place's resonance.

    Does your setting feature rival packs vying for the same resources? (it should). Does your setting features packs confronted over ideology or style? (it should). Anything to complicate the matters of investigating the coming and goings of the Asah Gadar.