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    Originally posted by Seidmadr View Post
    First off, I like her! A lot, actually. I generally don't have so "human" spirits as the Norse Gods, but that's a matter of taste.
    Idea is based on general trend of Spirits to 'dress up' as local mortal gods. In this instance, long ago, she was only ( mid-level ) local Lakes Water Elemental spirit. Then Norse people come, with their faith, saying that Lake was created and under auspice of Gefjun - so our Water Elemental, sustained more by the mortal worship as Gefjun, become more like a being from myths. Getting Influences of Blessing and Earth, she evolved more and more in to mortal goddess-like spirit. Now she even have Ban and Bane based on mortal myths.

    Originally posted by Seidmadr View Post
    Gefjun is a goddess of the land, not the water. The lake was a by-product of her plowing.
    By myths - in Hisil, it was other way around. Spirit was Water Elemental first, added Influance Earth as hailing from myths. Important is mental seperating Spirits being from the mortal myths, even when Spirit is sustained and model it self on myths.

    Originally posted by Seidmadr View Post
    Also, a god as a rank 4 creature? That's a bit stingy, isn't it?
    Predators book points Rank 4 as Spirits of Rivers. I assumed the same here. Can easily evolve Spirit Gefjun to Rank 5 being, if it sounds more plausible.

    Originally posted by Seidmadr View Post
    I strongly recommend you to keep Gefjun though, just... drop her in as something else. If you want a lake spirit named for one of the old deities, how about Kolga? She's one of the nine daughters of Rán and Aegir, and she represents cool sea water.
    Kolga seems more like Spirit of Sea Shore or something... Good to know it, but I still stay with Gefjun.

    Originally posted by Seidmadr View Post
    "But that doesn't fit, Mälaren is a lake." you say? Well, Mälaren also wasn't a lake in the Viking Age, it was just a deep bay of the Baltic Sea. The terrain has shifted slightly, with the land rising, so nowadays it's a lake. (Which might be an interesting story point if you jump back and forth in time!)
    It's not important if Mälaren was lake, deep bay or just hole in the land with water for Hisil - spirit of this area would still start as Water Elemental. And so is out 'Gefjun', how started as local Water Elemental.

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      I mean, the Goddess Gefjun, she's a goddess of virgins and the harvest. That she created a lake was secondary to her plowing.

      And I agree that the god of Mälaren should be Rank 4. I just disagree that one of the gods should be rank 4.

      Kolga is one of the nine waves. Rán and Aegir had nine daughters, each representing one way waves can look on the sea. Mälaren has always had dark waters, thanks to the runoff of the forests around it, so I thought Kolga might be a decent name for that spirit. ESPECIALLY if you are just having spirits dressing up as the gods. A water spirit manifesting as a goddess of plowing, metaphorical and literal? It doesn't fit.

      Look, in Norse culture, the sea, while life-giving, isn't a NICE thing. Rán is the goddess of the sea, and her name literally means robber. She also happens to be one of the many death-gods of the mythology. The sea is something you fight for food, it's something you traverse to wage war. It's not somewhere you WANT to be.

      A Norse-era spirit of the sea should represent that.