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    Topic for compilation of my 2E Lodges write ups or those I helped with. Feel free to look other those and comment them all. This post will be edited with my new additions.

    Official Lodges updates:
    Lodge of Roman Ritual 2E
    - Catholic Storm Lords only group that is all about Exorcising Spirit-Claimed - from 2E corebook
    Lodge of Shield 2E - Iron Masters and Blood Talons in police force Hunting for perpetrators of crimes - from Tribes of Moon and 2E corebook
    Valkyrie Mot 2E- female Bone Shadows and Storm Lords sisterhood that looks for most Renowned dying warriors to send them to Odin's army, prepearing to final battle - from Blasphemies book

    WtA Tribes as WtF Lodges:
    Introduction topic to the project
    - And basic ideas on translated Tribes
    Get of Fenris + Eiwaz Mot 2E - Two related Lodges based on WtA Get of Fenris, one for Blood Talons and Storm Lords, second for Predator Kings - Eiwaz is from Blasphemies book

    Created Lodges:
    Lodge of Curse 2E
    - Ghost Wolves Lodge that looks for 'cure' on being werewolf, all the time decieved by their Totem
    Lodge of Moon Hounds 2E - Pure Lodge that Hunts Lunes, based on Norse legend.
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